8 Best Things to Do at New York New York Las Vegas

Experience fun and exciting NYC-inspired activities at the New York-New York Hotel.

The New York-New York Hotel is a New York City-themed hotel in Las Vegas. It is a perfect representation of the Big Apple because it is right next to the busy streets of the Las Vegas Strip and features recreated NYC landmarks and buildings.

The most notable recreated NYC structures include the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Ziggurat Building, and the Century Building. Of course, you cannot miss the New York-New York Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip because you can see all these structures outside the hotel.

Do you want to learn why you should visit the New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas? Here are the top eight things to do at the New York-New York Hotel.

1) Cirque du Soleil’s “Mad Apple” Show

Mad Apple is the newest show from the legendary entertainment production company Cirque du Soleil. It is an exaggerated tribute to New York City nightlife featuring street performers, acrobatics, music, comedy, dancing, and other great surprises. Since Cirque du Soleil produces some of the best Las Vegas shows, you can expect top-quality performances at the Mad Apple show.

2) Big Apple Coaster

Outside the New York-New York Hotel building is the Big Apple Coaster. It is a roller coaster standing approximately 230 feet tall and gets up to speeds of 67 mph. If you like roller coasters that go upside down, you will love the Big Apple Coaster because it has numerous loops throughout the ride. Sometimes it’ll drop you 144 feet once you get high enough.

The roller coaster cars resemble traditional yellow NYC taxicabs. They will take you high and across the various NYC replica buildings and landmarks, making you feel like you’re flying through the city. But the most exciting thing is how couples can choose to get married on the Big Apple Coaster during either a morning or evening ceremony. Of course, those arrangements have to be made in advance, but it is worth it for the most adventurous wedding imaginable.

3) Big Apple Arcade

Bingo Arcade

The Big Apple Arcade is a gamer’s paradise at the New York-New York Hotel. Kids and adults can have a lot of fun playing a variety of video games and classic games like Air Hockey, NBA Fever, and Skee-Ball. The video game titles are a mixture of new and classic games, which may interest the adults who grew up playing those games when they were kids.

There are more than 200 video games to play at the Big Apple Arcade. You can also find some entertaining redemption games to win tickets for prizes. It is an excellent way for families and children to have fun together. The experience will be new for children and nostalgic for adults.

4) Terry Fator

Terry Fator is a comedian, singer, impersonator, and ventriloquist performing a 70-minute show at the Liberty Loft Theater of the New York-New York Hotel. He uses a cast of creative-looking puppets and talented performers to entertain audiences with family-friendly humor and fun. His range of impersonations includes David Bowie, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Donald Trump, and many others. Some lucky audience members will also be able to participate in the show.

New discounts are often available for shows like Terry Fator at the New York-New York Hotel. Vegaslens.com is one website with exclusive promo codes and discount packages for Terry Fator. The deals usually last about 24 hours, so you must act fast.

5) Explore Greenwich Village

The New York-New York Hotel has recreated the famous Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. You can find it right behind the recreated Time Square inside the building. Once you reach the Greenwich Village section, the design themes on the walls and shops will resemble Greenwich Village well. You’ll even see manhole covers on the floors with steam coming out.

As you stroll through Greenwich Village, you’ll find a fantastic coffee shop and several actual restaurants. But it is free to stroll through Greenwich Village without stopping and buying anything. So if you’re on a strict budget, you can browse the village and have a good time.

6) Sirrico’s Pizza

Sirrico’s Pizza is an authentic New York-style pizzeria. It offers the most delicious and mouthwatering pizzas that taste like New York City pizza. You can choose to purchase an entire pizza or large slices of pizza, depending on your appetite. But the average person could probably fill themselves up on a single pizza slice.

7) Live Music on the Brooklyn Bridge

Would you like to see a free live music performance at the New York-New York Hotel? If so, you can visit the replica of the Brooklyn Bridge between 8 PM and midnight on the weekends to see live performances there.

There is always a diverse lineup of singers and musicians performing at the Brooklyn Bridge of the New York-New York Hotel. Check the calendar dates of the various performances at the hotel and arrange your schedule accordingly. Then you can see the singers you may be interested in the most.

8) Breakfast at the Restaurant “America”

spices on fried eggs
Photo by James Sarkar

America is the name of a restaurant at the New York-New York Hotel that serves delicious breakfast meals. The food choices include eggs benedict, pancakes, fried eggs, steak & eggs, omelets, corned beef hash & eggs, chicken fried steak & eggs, English muffins, breakfast sausage, smoothies, fruit plates, and more.


The New York-New York Hotel is an accurate depiction of New York City. Everything from the architecture to the recreated structures and landmarks will make you feel like you’re in New York City. But what’s even better are the rides, games, pizza, and shows at the hotel. You’ll see how fun and memorable these experiences are at the New York-New York Hotel as soon as you arrive.




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