7 Best Table Tennis Gifts To Buy Your Man He’ll Actually Use

When it comes to the holidays, as joyful as these weeks are every year, it always feels like a race to get the perfect gift. It won’t matter how much or how little time you put into it; it is the thought that counts. Those are the gifts with the biggest wow factors every holiday season, and we all spend a lot of time in thought worrying about this. If you have a man who loves ping pong in your life, why not get him a great table tennis-themed gift?

What can you do for a ping pong player that feels awesome during the festive holiday season? We made a list. Use this guide of our top seven picks when shopping for the best table tennis gifts for your favorite guy.

Make Ping Pong a Portable Lifestyle

When he isn’t playing on his mother of all ping pong tables or slamming in a tournament, he will want the ping pong net that can go anywhere. He may even be already eying it and hasn’t told you yet. The instant net is a portable one that you can pack, go, and play anywhere.

He won’t need a fancy table to play ping pong; he’ll need a fun place with a flat surface. Pair it with a stocked bag with bats and balls ready to go, and he’ll never worry about being unprepared when he takes his game out of the house.

The Bot Opponent That Will Never Complain

This one is for all those times you said you weren’t in the mood to play with him. This is the opponent that will never complain. Bot players have revolutionized today’s world of ping pong. 

Google makes one that is an arm that attaches to the end of the table and swings back and forth. But you can also get more reasonable bot ping-pong helpers for him.

The bot opponent or ping pong table robot player can help anybody’s game without complaint. It gives him something to work with when he is practicing for his next tournament or just something to play with when he needs to blow off some steam with his favorite home sport. This is a great gift for any guy that takes this game seriously.

Slam It With Custom-Made Ping Pong Bats

Every sport has that one piece of equipment that the player wants to make their own. For ping pong, cue the custom-made ping pong bat or the slamming bat he has been coveting all year. A custom bat is a ping pong gift that will show him you appreciate his love for this game and want him to feel special when playing it.

Customize his bat with takes off of his favorite sports team, winning quotes or images, or family emblems that will make his heart sing every time he plays. Or, get a little sly and find out what ping pong bat out there is the one he has been eying. Don’t go gift card on this one at his favorite sports store. Invest in the ping pong bat that will make his eyes gleam as you want them to.

Convert His Table Whenever He Wants

The ping pong bats and tables are the two key things every man that loves ping pong wants to invest in. If he hasn’t decided on a granddaddy of all table tennis tables yet, consider making this the year his dream comes true. One favorite ping pong table gift is the convertible ping pong table. This makes everybody happy and gives him a few gifts in one.

A convertible ping pong table is a table that can be used for multiple games and purposes. It is both practical and fun, and he will love having other games that feed his competitive genes in his spare time.

The Convertible Ping Pong Table Take Two

This gift is a marriage between the convertible ping pong table and the portable ping pong table. This table is just a flat tap that can be placed on any flat surface with a net so that your man can play ping pong on any surface without a full-sized table in the house that is taking up room.

If he already has a wood bench, garden table, or flat table at home that doesn’t have a purpose, you can give him a ping pong table that doesn’t break the bank. The ping pong tabletop is the next best thing and a delightful thought for any guy that wants to play more in his spare time.

Score Big With a Scoreboard That Can Go Anywhere

The point of ping pong is to make points. So he needs something to keep track of them. There’s something about an impromptu game without a scoreboard that doesn’t feel the same as one that has one. 

This is for the serious player that isn’t letting anyone slam one in his direction without getting away with it. There are all sizes of ping pong scoreboards available today. Why not get him one for his home games and one for his away games?

Customize Ping Pong Table Balls With Love

Nothing says love like a table tennis gift that has had thought poured into it. This one will take some time to prepare, but you can still get them in time if you do your research right. Customized table tennis balls send the message that he is a serious player. In most cases, a customized ball won’t cost more than a dollar or two. This is an affordable gift with a big wow factor.

Shop Ping Pong Gifts For Your Man Today

When you are wondering what to get your favorite ping pong player for the holidays, customize it. Or, think about what he worries about or complains about, and then find the item on this list that will make that stop. Get one or two items on this list; you will have every corner of his sport covered for the holidays.



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