6 Phenomenal Ways To Be A Biblical And Trustworthy Man While Dating

The first step to spending your life in marriage to someone you love is through dating. However, dating can get tricky as trials and tribulations would come. This is why you must prepare to be a biblical and trustworthy man. One that your partner and God would be proud of.

So, let’s get into six ways you can be a trustworthy and biblical man while dating.

1. Follow Jesus

Psalm 37: 28 talks about how delighted God is when the divine establishes the steps of a man. 

First, trust in Jesus alone for your salvation. Allow the work of Christ to compel you to live for Him. As a man who is a Christian, you should look towards Jesus and ask yourself what He (Jesus) would have done. If you focus on following the teachings of Jesus in your relationship, you will find yourself embodying the positive attributes that Jesus displayed when on earth. These attributes are love, trust, generosity, wisdom, tolerance, and faith. All of which are important in a relationship. Learn more about this with sites such as Biblereasons.com.

2. Read the Bible and obey it daily

To follow the steps of Jesus, you need to understand how Jesus acted, and you can only do that by reading your Bible judiciously. Somedays, it would be more challenging, but you must remain steadfast.

The Bible gives you a deeper understanding of how to overcome problems and how to act right. However, it’s not enough to just read; you must obey.

3. Be a hardworking man

As men, we work hard. It’s embarrassing to be considered a lazy man. Laziness leads to a lot of other issues in life. Don’t sit around and waste your life. Get up and work hard. Also, not just in your place of work so you can provide but also in your relationship. It isn’t enough to say, ” love you”; show that love through your actions.  The truth is that relationships are hard work, so you ought to ensure you are up to the task.

4. Put the childish things away

As a man grows older, he needs to put away acts that would deter his relationship from succeeding. This includes bad habits, bad friends, bad company, and bad character. Even perceptions of evil can impede a relationship from working. So it would be best if you communicate like an adult, open up to your partner, and not run from problems you are having.

5. Strive to be honest and live with integrity

Your partner trusting you is one of the crucial aspects of your relationship. Trust would save you from many unnecessary issues and allow you to enjoy your relationship. However, trust is not just given; you have to earn it.

You earn your partner’s trust by being honest with them and showing that you have integrity. Do not leave any room for distrust in your dealings.

6. Don’t give up

Don’t give up on your love easily. Situations would always get complicated, but how we deal with them matters. You should be ready to take the first step to fix whatever the problem is. Finally, be prepared to cast all your issues on God when that time comes.


Dating can be a wonderful and exciting experience. But you should do your part by walking in the steps of Jesus and being a man of integrity.




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