6 Essential Items Every Beginner Drummer Needs

Drumming is a great skill to learn, either as a professional drummer or as a hobby. It’s also one musical skill one can learn at any age. All you need is the right tools, and you’re ready to start drumming.

Most beginner drummers assume that all they need are drum sticks and a set of drums. While those two are a great place to start, you’ll eventually need other essential tools of the trade to keep honing your drumming skills.

Here’s a list of six essentials for every beginner drummer aside from drumsticks:

#1. Ear Defenders

Drumming can be a rather loud hobby or profession. If you plan to play the drum for a long time, then you need to protect your ears from the adverse effects of consistent loud sounds.

You could start to experience ringing in your ears (also called tinnitus) without an appropriate ear defender. In extreme cases, it could lead to permanent hearing loss.

#2. Bass Pedals

If you love playing the bass drum, then you have to get bass pedals. Playing with a double bass pedal enables you to double up your bass tones. If you love to drum to the alternative genres such as grunge, post-grunge, or indie rock, you have to ensure you get one of the best double bass pedals out there.

Double bass pedals enable beginner drummers’ practice and hone their heel-toe technique. Experienced drummers also love the double bass pedal because it allows them to increase their bass drum speed.

#3. A Drumstick Bag

A drumstick bag is a must-have if you plan to keep your drum sticks in excellent condition for a long while. A stick bag not only helps protect your drumsticks; it also means you can lug your drum sticks around conveniently. You can also keep any associated gear in the bag.

#4. Drum Throne

As you progress and get better at drumming, you’ll be putting in long hours of practice and playing. Without the right seat or drum throne, you can risk suffering from lower back pain. At this point, you should get a drum throne.

You must get a top-quality drum throne. These sorts of seats are not only comfortable, but they are designed for marathon drumming sessions. It’s better to prevent lower back pain than treating it; any drummer who has experienced back pain can attest to this fact.

#5. Drumstick Practice Tips

Practice tips mean you can turn almost any item into a drum. All you need to do is slip them onto your drumsticks, and you can practice drumming on the coffee table, upturned bucket, wooden chair, or the edge of your bathtub. That way, you don’t have to get a practice pad or wait till you get to your drum set to start practicing.

#6. Drum Damper Pads

If you live in a neighborhood where your drum practice might cause issues or are looking to control your drum’s sound, you should consider getting a damper pad. Damper pads help reduce your drum’s overtones, volume, ringing, and the high-pitched frequencies we have come to associate with drumming.

Some drummers call this item drum mute pads. However, they both do the same thing – control the amount of ringing or sounds your drums make.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t an extensive list; we could go on and on. However, these six items are a great place to start for every beginner drummer. You can then consider drum keys, sound-isolating headphones, drum heads, and a music stand as your skill level increases.

Happy drumming!




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