No Face Mask? The Top Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask

Masks are a controversial topic. While many people do not have a problem wearing them, many people still decide to leave the home with no face mask. It isn’t always convenient to wear masks. However, there are several benefits that you can reap from wearing one.

Masks Protect Other People

It is important for everyone to look out for each other. That is why you don’t want to leave your home with no face mask. One of the main ways that the coronavirus spreads is through droplets. These droplets easily spread when someone talks, coughs or sneezes. The face masks act as a barrier. They will help reduce the spread of droplets. If you can prevent the droplets from spreading, then you can stop yourself from infecting other people.

There was a study done by Florida Atlantic University that illustrated how effective face masks were for preventing droplets from spreading. If the subjects were not wearing a masks, then the droplets could travel as far as eight feet. A face mask helped reduce the spread of droplets to three feet.

You May Have Covid 19 And Not Know It

In the past, the only people who were told that they only had to wear a mask if they were sick. However, it is possible for you to have Covid 19 and not know it. Before you leave the home with no face mask, it is important to remember that you can make someone sick without even knowing it.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that Covid 19 can be transmitted by people who are pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic. If you are pre-symptomatic, then this means you have been exposed to a virus but you don’t have any symptoms yet. Asymptomatic means that you have the illness, but you don’t have any symptoms of it. Forty percent of the people who have Covid 19 never have any symptoms from it.

Wearing a face mask can prevent you from unintentionally spreading Covid 19. There are some people who will become seriously ill if they are exposed to Covid 19. You will be doing your part to help save lives.

Masks Help Protect You Too

Many people who leave the house with no face mask do not realize that they can protect themselves if they wear one. The primary reason that people have been told that they should wear masks over the past couple of months is because they need to protect other people. However, studies have also shown that you can also protect yourself if you wear a mask.

The masks can prevent you from inhaling droplets that can make you sick. The masks also work best when everyone is wearing them. The more people wear face coverings, the less of the virus will circulate around.

There have been studies done to confirm that face masks can help decrease Covid 19 cases. In fact, studies have shown that Covid 19 cases went down after places introduced mandatory mask mandates. Researchers believe that face masks have prevented as many as 450,000 Covid 19 cases.

A study done by the Health Metrics And Evaluation at the University of Washington showed that face masks can save as many as 34,000 lives over the next few months.

Masks Help the Economy Recovery

If you want to help the economy, then you definitely don’t want to leave your home with no face mask. There may not be a need for another lockdown if more people wore face masks. Recent spikes in Covid 19 have caused many places to delay their reopening. In fact, many people are talking about going back to the restrictions that were put in place during March and April.

Lockdowns have been devastating for the economy. Forty-four million people in America have been forced to file for unemployment because their jobs shut down. Another lockdown can be a major blow to the economy.

The good news is that you can prevent Covid 19 from spreading by wearing a mask. If more people wear masks, then there will be fewer cases. Face masks not only prevent Covid 19, but they can also help save the economy.

It is important to note that lockdowns can have devastating effects on people. Suicide, drug overdoses, depression and anxiety have been on the rise since the pandemic began. That is why wearing face masks can help save lives in other ways.

There Aren’t Many Alternatives Available

There aren’t a lot of treatment options available for Covid 19. Antiviral medications can be used, but they may not work for everybody. Vaccines are currently being developed, but no one knows when they will be available.

That is why one of the best things that you can do to prevent Covid 19 from spreading is to wear a face mask. In addition to wearing a face mask, you will need to make sure that you wash your hands on a regular basis. When you wash your hands, you will prevent the germs from spreading. You will also need to stay six feet away from other people.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Face Mask

In order for you to get the most out of your face mask, you will need to make sure that you wear it properly. You should wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. It will also need to fit properly. Avoid wearing masks with filters because they have been shown to be ineffective.

halomask is safer than no face mask
The inside of the Halomask. The fabric feels excellent against my skin, the the nose pad fits me better than any other mask I’ve tried.

If you have a reusable mask, then it is important for you to wash your face masks after every use. You can wear a single use for up to four hours at one time. If you have a single use mask, then you will need to throw it away after you use it. Wash your hands before and after putting on a mask.

If you have no face mask, consider picking up a HALOmask. There are different face masks to choose from, so you are sure to find one that you like.



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