5 Ways to Turn Your Pickup into the Ultimate Party Machine

That pickup truck can be so much more than a utility vehicle, offroad truck, and family transporter. It can be the ultimate party machine with just a few quick and easy adjustments or additions. Here are a few of the easiest ways to make your truck the life of the party, wherever the road leads you.

1. Pool in the bed

The bed of your truck can be anything but boring this summer when you turn it into a portable soaking pool. Just get some tarp material, secure it to the sides, fill it with water, and you’re good to go! Find DIY tips and tricks online if you want some extra help getting your pool set up, or go straight to the pros and order an ultra-affordable truck bed pool kit from Pick-up Pools. Sure, you won’t be able to swim laps, but when you want to cool off and lounge in the sun, there’s no better way than with a pool in the bed of your truck.

2. Awning off the side for instant tailgating fun

Take tailgating to a whole new level by using your truck as a base to build off of. Attach a truck shade or awning to your pickup to create an instant party spot with shade, cover from the rain, and just a fun place to hang out with your friends, wherever the road leads you. Just park, set it up, and get your party on! You can get awnings and tents specific for any pickup you have, to universal set-ups that will work on anything, from a 2017 Honda Ridgeline to an old vintage Ford.

3. In-floor coolers

If you have a Dodge that has built-in in-floor storage, you basically already have potential coolers built into your truck. If not, you can always buy a 12-volt truck cooler to fill with your favorite party beverage of choice. You can even put some snacks and other items you’d put in a mini-fridge in your cooler. Nothing kills a party faster than running out of drinks and snacks.

4. External speakers

A good sound system is important for any truck, and for any party. When partying with your pickup, a good external audio setup can transform any parking lot or field into a dance party. If you’re good with wiring, you can do this yourself super easily. Or, take it to the pros to get it done right. Loud in-door speakers can add a boost as well if you turn them up and then open your cab doors. Just make sure you consider weatherproof needs if you’re doing anything electronic on the outside of your truck.

5. Mattress/Tent in the bed

After a long day of dancing, drinking, tailgating, and swimming with your truck, keep the party going with a mattress or tent in the bed. An air mattress and a ton of blankets and pillows will instantly transform your truck bed into a dream bed on the go. Park under the stars and sleep safely off the ground for a unique and fun experience. Or, get a special truck tent that will keep the bed covered and give you just the right amount of privacy and protection from the elements.

Other ways you can transform your truck into a party machine include adding lots of colorful lights that you can switch on and off as you want, and decking out the interior with custom, personalized accessories that will turn your truck into a one of a kind ride. What are your ideas for turning a truck into a party machine? Add them in the comments below!




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