5 Useful Tips for Lawn Care in Summer

Summer has arrived, and it’s the best period to spend your time outdoors. The base of enjoying your outdoor is a beautiful, healthy lawn. Summer lawn care requires more than just mowing and watering and planting flowers. To maintain your lawn in its best condition, you’ll need to feed the grass with nutrients and get rid of pests. To guide you in this regard, I am presenting some useful tips for summer lawn care.

1 – Water Intelligently:

Your lawn doesn’t need water every day, so avoid setting up an automatic water sprinkler system. Set up your watering schedule wisely. Keep checking the weather forecast and only water your lawn when rain is not in the cards. Select the appropriate time of the day for watering. The ideal time is typically between 4 am to 10 am. Avoid watering between 12 pm to 6 pm because it is the warmest time of the day. The water will not be able to replenish the lawn during this time because it will evaporate quickly. Consider watering only two to three times a week and do it deeply. Your lawn needs approximately an inch of water per week. You will not be able to relish your lawn if you water it too much, as there will be pools of standing water. You can also collect rainwater to use on your lawn. A lawn moisture meter can also help to check if you are overwatering.

2 – Mow Regularly:

Mow your lawn only once a week and keep the grass height to about 1 inch. Allowing the grass to develop too high will not only affect your lawn’s appearance but also encourage the growth of annoying weeds. Use a push mower to trim your grass. It’s not harmful to the environment and also gives you good work out However, in extremely hot days, avoid mowing your lawn too often and allow the grass to grow a bit longer. Taller blades of the grass provide shade for the surrounding soil to retain moisture during the dry heat of summer. For lawn mowing, I prefer to invest in lawn care services near me.

3 – Skip the Leaf Blowing and Raking:

When the leaves fall in your law, you may find them irritating to look. Keep in mind that grass clippings and shredded leaves serve as natural fertilizers for your lawn. If you don’t like to see them, grind them into pieces by a lawnmower. If it’s still an eyesore, rake the shredded leaves and clippings and collect them to use for the compost pile.

4 – Fertilize Organically and Sparingly:

Keeping your lawn healthy is all about maintaining balance. Warm weather will encourage rapid growth of plants that consume nutrients of the soil. While fertilizing is an efficient way to boost your soil with nutrients, over fertilizing in summer can burn your yard. Your lawn doesn’t need any extra fertilization in most cases. A soil PH test can show if your soil is fertile enough or not. If it is not, fertilize with organic alternatives such as shredded leaves, grass clippings, and animal manure. Organic fertilization will also prevent the contamination of local waterways. Wait for the dormant lawns to green up in the fall before you fertilize them.

5 – Accessorize your Lawn:

Lawn ornaments can make your lawn look more appealing but, bear in mind that anything you place on the grass can damage it. That means you shouldn’t park your car in the lawn and shouldn’t leave anything lying on the grass for longer time periods. Consider investing in permanent fixtures that are eco-friendly and also accessorize your lawn.

By following these natural and simple tips, you can maintain an attractive lawn in summer and make your lawn look greenest among the neighborhood.    



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  1. Wow! Wonderful tips about the lawn care. Reading through this post, I realized that to maintain your lawn in its best condition, you’ll need to feed the grass with nutrients and get rid of pests. Thanks for the post ????

  2. Spot on…I really find this piece useful. I used to lean towards the belief that lawns should be watered everyday. I didn’t know it can be overdone. Thanks for this big piece of information

  3. I’m thankful that my lawn is low maintenance, and with the coming of the rainy season, I don’t really need to water it often. But I’d keep these tips in mind – who wouldn’t want an even more gorgeous lawn?

  4. I couldn’t really get why people use leaf blowers. It just makes the mess even messier for me. During this time of the year we gather leaves every week and make a compost out of it.

  5. I always admire a well maintained and nurtured lawn. I really love nature through it. Accessorizing the lawn is very important to help beautify it.

  6. Keeping your lawn healthy especially during summer is a must. Tips are very effective. Thank you for writing this article.

  7. A beautiful lawn adds to any environment and as such it should be well taken care of. Watering intelligently is a must to avoid over watering.

  8. Thank you for the useful tips! Having a lawn is such a hassle, but I find it quite fun to maintain it. Hope you share more tips in the future.

  9. Thanks for the advice for taking care of your lawn. I didn’t know that you should try to mow the lawn once a week to keep the grass at 1 inch. I’m interested to learn if you could mow less often if your grass doesn’t grow that much in a week.


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