My Attempt at Slowing Hair Loss With Good Guy Wellness

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There are two “conditions” that a lot of men inevitably suffer through as they age, one is hair loss and the other is a topic better left to another post (hint, it has to do with pills that are blue). Fortunately for me, I don’t have issues with the later “condition” … so far.

However, hair loss has slowly crept in. A few years ago, I noticed the top of my forehead where the hairline starts, was feeling very smooth, so I investigated and ended up looking at older pictures and to my horror I saw a receding hairline and the smoothness was the result of hair that wasn’t there anymore. I also feel the hair on top of my head is not as dense anymore. Yes, I have started to lose hair but at a very slow pace.

Hair Loss 2
Hair Loss 1

To slow down the process, I started to skip shampooing my hair every other day, I don’t know if that has had any effect on slowing down my hair loss. Regular shampoos do have a lot of chemicals in them and using them less should have some benefit, because I can’t imagine myself without hair, I used to tell people my hair was my best feature. So, if I do lose most/all of my hair, I think I’m going to look very weird and it’s going to be very sad for me to say goodbye to my beautiful soft hair.

But thankfully there are products available in the marketplace that help slow down hair loss, some even helping with regrowing hair. One of the products we’re talking about today is produced by Good Guy Wellness, their products consist of Premium Men’s Hair Regrowth kits, which come with hair regrowth shampoos, conditioners, hair growth supplements, and minoxidil, depending on which kit you get. The biggest kit, “The Mane Attraction”, consists of all the items listed above and will cost you a one-time fee of $64.99, for a two-month supply, or a subscription price of $51.99. The smallest kit, “Think Ahead”, consists of a shampoo and gummy supplements, priced at $34.99 or subscription price of $27.99. There are other kits that fall between these two prices.

All of these things sound promising, so I’m going to take one for the team. For the next couple of months, I will be using Good Guy Premium Men’s Hair Regrowth products, the kit I received is the Mane Attraction. Not only am I hoping to slow down my hair loss, I’m also hoping the product stimulates some of the places where the hair is not growing so well, and who knows, by the end of two months, I might have beautiful long hair like Fabio. I will be writing another post with my results from about two months of use of Good Guy hair regrowth products, so stay tuned.



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13 comments on “My Attempt at Slowing Hair Loss With Good Guy Wellness”

  1. Hair loss is one problem most male face when they age.. Finding something that could slow down hair loss could give people a new kind of hope.. I think the product is worth a try

  2. Will definitely share this to my partner. Thanks for sharing your story about man’s hair loss. This is my bf’s problem too.

  3. To be honest, I always find hair problems as a women’s forte. I know that people consider hair as a crowing glory and there is nothing wrong if a guy feels that way particularly if the job calls for it like being on TV but I guess what I am trying to say is why do people are so fixated with this.? I can give leway to girls but not men after all it is just hair. Just saying!!! I will buy this though maybe in a few years,

  4. I don’t have this problem of hair loss, maybe I will buy this for my granny. She sure will love it. I’m just knowing about this product. I hope it will be effective for buyer’s

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this! I need to share this with my dad. He’s been having hair loss for so long and this is the perfect solution for his problem.

  6. Good guy products seem to be pocket-friendly because the prices are just okay for hair products. I don’t hair loss problem but from this post, it a product that is commendable.

  7. There are many hair growing products available in the market. One just have to find what’s suitable for them, and the journey of finding the right one that works might be stressful.

  8. Hair loss is something that a lot of men go through. My dad kinda is going through that phase, always obsessing over his hair and always asking me to take pictures of the top of his head to see if it’s starting to fall off. I’ll wait for your review so I can tell my dad to get a kit as well.

  9. It’s amazing to read this post, because you have highlighted a problem that many men suffer, but also provided a wonderful solution. Great article.

  10. I really love this post. Based on my experiences as a hair stylist, hair loss has been the troubles most men face most times. Permanent solution to hair loss will be the best to this issues. All thanks to Good Guy Wellness and #MenWhoBlog for thus post.

  11. Good luck with the hair treament, I Heard good reviews about minoxidil and my cousin was abble to full some áreas where he had lost hair. Tell us more in 2 months when you get more results.


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