5 Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Adult Sex Toys

Around 78% of Americans ages 14 and up masturbate at some point during their lives. Learning how to clean adult sex toys like a pro is a part of having a safe and healthy sex life.

93.4% of men in their thirties and 80.3% of women in their thirties have masturbated alone before. Thankfully, sex toys empower individuals and couples to explore their sexuality further.

You deserve to enjoy your sex toys. Enjoying your sex toys to the fullest extent means cleaning them often.

Here are 5 expert tips for cleaning sex toys:

1. Porous vs. Nonporous Adult Sex Toys

Toys made from nonporous materials such as silicone are less likely to hold onto bacteria. Porous ones like plastic, jelly rubber, or elastomer are more likely to retain bacteria.

After you’ve cleaned a nonporous toy, it’s safe to use on yourself or another person. Pandoras Box of Love carries silicone dildos and female sex toys along with a variety of other products.

It’s safe to use porous toys on yourself once you’ve washed them. Nonetheless, always wear a condom over a porous toy if you’re using it on someone else, even after you’ve washed it. The condom prevents spreading bacteria and triggering infections.

2. Invest in a Toy Cleaner

Washing nonporous, non-motorized sex toys like silicone ones involves either soap and water or boiling them for three to five minutes. Nonetheless, the most convenient option is to use a cleaner on a toy right after you’ve used it, especially for electric toys.

Make sure your cleaner is free of alcohol and parabens. Both have the potential to irritate the sensitive, absorptive skin on/around your genitals.

3. Clean After Every Use

Always give your sex toy a thorough cleaning after using it. This includes male sex toys such as fleshlights, anal plugs, and vibrating bullets or rings.

Cleaning a toy after each use not only keeps it clean, but it prevents the spread of bacteria. Using dirty toys causes yeast infections, UTIs, and more, so always keep them clean.

4. Don’t Use a Dishwasher

There’s a rumor going around that it’s safe to clean sex toys in the dishwasher. Please don’t do this! It could ruin your sex toys or dishwasher, including glass toys.

Instead, read the cleaning instructions that come with a sex toy. If there aren’t any, ask the seller how to clean it.

5. Safe Storage

Sex toy storage makes or breaks the cleaning process. After you’ve thoroughly dried your luxury sex toys, designate a clean, sealable place for them. 

Have a designated bag or box for your nonporous sex toys. Make sure there’s a zipper or lid that closes tightly. It’s okay to keep them in the same place but in separate containers, because they don’t hold onto bacteria that easily.

Keep each porous sex toy in an isolated spot away from other sex toys. This prevents the spread of bacteria that could be harmful to your body.

Start Prioritizing Your Pleasure Now

About 70% of Americans own dildos. Owning adult sex toys is more common than you think, so it’s important to know about cleaning them.

If a toy ever changes color or starts smelling, throw it out immediately. You’re better off investing in a new one.

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