5 National Boss Day Gift Ideas for Him

In the United States, National Boss Day has become an unofficial holiday of sorts in which employees get together to celebrate the bosses who guide and support them throughout the year. All businesses don’t recognize this day, but you can still give your boss an extra special gift this year if you know where to look. Use these five National Boss Day gift ideas for him, and show your appreciation in the best way possible!

An audible subscription

For those that love to listen to audiobooks or podcasts, you might be familiar with Audible. Audible is the original audio e-commerce company, so it’s cool that they just recently merged with Amazon. If your boss isn’t an audible subscriber yet and loves to read, it’s a perfect chance to introduce them to the many benefits of Audible. Plus, they can enjoy any book they want at any time with unlimited downloads!

A sweater

Here are five styles of men’s sweaters any man would love on boss day. These sweaters offer a selection of colors, styles, and patterns that can suit any guy. Whether you’re buying your boss or someone who’s a boss to you in some capacity, these options will be sure to please:

  • Soft blended crewneck sweater
  • Contrast yoke detail crew neck sweater
  • Classic cable knit cardigan
  • Oversized all-over striped sweater
  • Chunky cable knit crewneck pullover sweater

A favorite sport accessory

If you’re looking for a gift that’s both useful and entertaining, consider giving your boss a sporty accessory he can use on his next outing. If you know which sports he enjoys, it will be easier to narrow down options. Hiking backpacks are specifically designed to keep all your essential items close at hand while out in nature, so there’s no need to remove your hands from the straps. A rope belt from Lizard Tail Belts is another great accessory for hiking as it will help keep them comfortable throughout their time on the trail. If you know your boss plays sports such as baseball, something as small as Lizard Skins bat grip can help him improve his swing. For a tennis-playing boss, a new case of tennis balls is also budget-friendly.

An experience

Give your boss the gift of a night out to show appreciation and thank them for all they do. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or movie theatre is a great way to give him a break from the hustle at work. If you notice that your boss walks around with a warm cup of joe in hand, you may want to gift him a coffee-themed gift basket or a gift card to a local coffee shop for him to stop by on his way to work.

Personalized Gifts

Are you running out of ideas for what to get your boss this year? Present them with a new personalized daily planner to help them stay on top of deadlines, and make sure they’re never at risk of forgetting what they need from the store or on other important occasions. You can also give them a custom mouse pad. Or a personalized tie for work with their face on it, and even a personalized mug for him to enjoy a cup of coffee at work.

Your boss is important to you, so it’s important to keep him in mind when giving gifts. Knowing his interests, personality, and personal style will make the task a little easier.



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