4 Skills You Need In The New Economy

Things have changed drastically in the economy over the past several decades and things aren’t the same as when you were starting in the workforce. You’re going to need very different skills to succeed in this new economy than you did when you were starting out. It’s important to teach yourself these skills or hone them further to help prepare yourself for the ever changing and exponentially growing economic landscape.

Tech Savvy
Although this might seem obvious and you probably needed it to a certain extent, many entry-level jobs nowadays expect employees to be able to do relatively complex computer skills. You may need to know how to use HTML, manage email marketing services, be able to use a variety of different programs and be able to learn them quickly if you don’t already.

You can no longer avoid technology if it isn’t your thing. In these evolving jobs it’s a necessary skill you need to stay employable.

Of course teamwork was needed back in the day too, but today more than ever almost all jobs require some form of teamwork. It’s more popular than ever to tackle company problems in teams and if you aren’t prepared for that you’re really going to struggle to succeed in this new economy. By 2020, experts expect teamwork to be the fifth most sought-after skill for new employees.

Things are changing more quickly than ever and the most important skill you’re going to need in this new economy is adaptation. You will need to expand your mind and learn new things every day and become an expert on a wide variety of things. You need to be able to push boundaries, work with and without leadership, alone and in teams, quickly and slowly and be able to turn information into things people will want to look at like videos rather than text.

The world is only becoming smaller and smaller with technology. Now, it can cost you nothing to call China from the US, you can video chat at any time of day, your phone is basically a mini computer in your pocket and new cultures are being adapted into our own every day. To succeed in this new economy, you are going to have to be worldly, there’s no other way around it. You need to understand other cultures, other countries and know what else is going on in the world because understanding our own country is no longer enough.

The economy is changing, and that’s exciting, but it also means we need to prepare ourselves for this in the best way possible. By implementing these 4 skills into your daily life, you can ensure that you’re ready to tackle any problems you may face in the future and keep yourself employable and a valuable employee.



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