3 Things To Cook On Your New Traeger

Have you been waiting for months to purchase a Traeger grill? In the meantime, you’ve probably been thinking about all the things you want to grill and smoke when it gets here. So, now that you’ve finally secured your very own Traeger, you can start making a lot of delicious meats and meals.

There’s a reason that Traeger grills are all the rage and have an excellent reputation. It comes down to the fact that these grills are ideal for making flavorful, tender meat. But, if you own a Traeger, you may need some recipe ideas, especially if you’re just starting out.

You’d be surprised at everything you can make on your Traeger grill. Even if you already have some ideas, you will find even more excellent recipes in this guide. 

Resources For Grill Recipes

This list serves as a jump-off point for grilling on your Traeger, but you don’t have to stop there. If there’s a type of food you love that’s not on this list, you’ll find many resources out there for Traeger-grill-specific recipes.

First of all, you can use the official Traeger website itself. They have dozens of recipes that are separated by type of meat. They even have vegetable-based ideas. So, it’s easy to find the kind of meals you’ll enjoy.

From there, you can look for other recipe sites for Traeger recipes or general grill recipes. 

Recipe Idea 1: A Slow-Smoked Roast

Traegers are surprisingly versatile; you can even make desserts and meat-free dishes. However, if you’re like most users, you definitely want to use this appliance to grill a lot of meat-heavy dishes.

So, why not have one of your recipes be a slow-smoked rib eye roast? This recipe, which comes from Traeger, involves Hickory pellets and just a few seasonings and spices. Prep time is quick; soon, you’ll be enjoying a tender, smokey roast. 

Recipe Idea 2: Cheesecake

While you may have heard you can create sweet treats on the pellet grill, you may still be skeptical. While these grills are excellent for creating flavorful meat using wood pellet smoking techniques, you can also create some one-of-a-kind desserts.

This smoked cheesecake recipe utilizes caramel and sea salt for depth of flavor. It may require a few more steps than grilling meat, but it’s not too hard to assemble.  

Recipe Idea 3: Carrot Salad With Pickled Beets

Now that you’ve got your main course and a dessert ready, consider cooking a side for the meal or trying it out next time.

This carrot salad with smoked beets is a great way to showcase the flavors a pellet grill brings out. The salad includes many seasonings and spices, so it’s a burst of freshness. 

The prep time is short, and the cooking time is only two hours. Traeger recommends using cherry pellets for this recipe, so you can enjoy testing out some different options as you get familiar with your new grill. 

More Ways To Customize Your Traeger Recipes 

The recipes on this list give you a taste of what you can create with your Traeger. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you try out various recipes, don’t be afraid to experiment and customize things to your taste.

If you’re already an expert at using your wood pellet grill, what are your favorite things you’ve made so far? 

Share your tips and tricks for grilling in the comments below.



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