3 Red Flags For Those Just Trying Out Online Dating

There’s a first time for everything, whether skydiving or online dating. People have various reasons to seek out datable ladies on the internet. Some people want a relationship. Some people want to hook up. But for everyone who has never navigated these waters before, it can be intimidating and fraught with mild perils. This stuff isn’t (usually) life or death, but sometimes it can feel like it. With awkward interactions and less than-stable individuals as possibilities for a ruined evening, it’s important to know in advance some of the warning signs of a date that shouldn’t be made.

Here are three of the best, though these aren’t always the most obvious to beginners.

1) She Follows You on Social Media Before You Meet. This one’s weird, folks. But it’s forgivable if you don’t know that it’s usually a sign of bad things to come. She who friends you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter before you’ve even had the chance to meet is someone who is not thinking straight. Honestly, if you’ve just met someone, it puts you in an awkward position if you’re being asked to accept or reject an extended friendship request. This is even weirder if you HAVEN’T met the person. So steer clear of potential dates that make you feel uncomfortable for reasons of poor online etiquette. You’ll have to play this one by ear, and everyone will have different values. But watch out for this behavior specifically and for similar behaviors that could be a sign of weird things.

2) The Profile Reads Like a Dramatic, Bad Xanga Rant. Remember Xanga? If your friends were like mine, some of them would write the most emotionally draining drivel that could ever be conceived. That was fine when I was 15, but today I expect a higher level of emotional maturity from people I may soon have intimate contact with. Some dating site profiles will include awkward mentions of “lots of bad dates” or how the person can be “a little crazy sometimes.” If you see a hot person who writes as if they might be some kind of basket case, you might be dealing with a basket case. Interact at your own risk.

3) Their Profile is All Pictures. This one pisses off a lot of long-time internet dating folk. For those not experienced in this arena, there are some hot people who think they can get by posting pictures of their hot selves without giving any time to fill out the text portion of their profile. This is an attitude problem, and many experienced people think it’s a sign of a bad date to come. Connect with people who apply effort to their profiles. They’ll be more interesting in person.

Internet dating is great and has changed how people find love and hook up. But there are things to learn before jumping in full bore. Think carefully about your experiences before you even meet someone in person. Cultivating healthy caution could save you a bad time later.




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