3 reasons why attending university is overrated

Education today seems like a standard practice. With so many people attending colleges and universities across the world, it seems as though a large number of even entry-level positions now seem to require the use of a bachelors degree.

A somewhat emerging trend in the education industry involves many people that are starting to forgo the university experience. Some students that have successfully attended University have learned that it does have some drawbacks and that you may end up on the job market with a great position even without finishing a degree.

Here are the top three reasons why attending university is overrated if you are considering avoiding post secondary education:

It can put you deep in debt
If you are not particularly passionate about going to university or a specific university program, you can end up on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. There’s no guarantee that you can find a great job after you leave university and in some cases taking on all this debt can be a big gamble. With the average annual tuition over $40,000 per year in the United States, the cost of your education could easily reach six figures.

Work experience or college programs are often required
There are many companies today that often value work experience or applied college programs in order to complete their hiring process. A university degree does not always deliver the support that’s necessary for hiring.

Entrepreneurship could be a better strategy
Investing in your own business or idea could be a far better strategy to start your career much faster. Working at something that you love for a much longer period of time can often lead to creating a rewarding career for yourself as well as an eventual living. Although entrepreneurship can be risky, it often produces greater rewards without the debt of university.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for why attending university could be considered overrated. Remember that you’ve got options especially when it comes to your experience with higher education.



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