3 Reasons To Move To The Country

Whenever we think of country living somehow we picture older couples in retirement living a boring life! This is disappointing because there are so many benefits to living in the country side for people of all ages.

1) Outdoor Activities
I love outdoor activities! but living in the hustle and bustle of the city its sometimes difficult to find space for the outdoor activities you love. There are so many cars on the roads now that even just riding your bicycle can be a challenge or just simply dangerous.

You don’t need to be a hardcore outdoors man for this to be appealing, even going for a simple walk is so much more enjoyable without thousands of other people rushing about around you.

If doing activity outdoors is what really makes you happy, then country life just might be for you!.

2) Silence Is Golden
When you live in the city and even in the suburbs, you are constantly surrounded by the biggest nuisance of all…..NOISE!. In the more populated areas it can sometimes be difficult to find a secluded area for some alone time and this is where life in the country-side truly shines!

I don’t know about you but the idea of going for a stroll with only the birds chirping in the background sounds massively appealing!. Into meditation? why not do it outside among nature and a picturesque backdrop of hills and trees?

Its not even just the outdoor noise that is annoying, living on top of each other in apartments and townhouses means you can’t escape your neighbors sounds even while trying to sleep!

3) Low Crime
There is no denying that countryside residents experience way less crime than in the cities.Leaving your car door or even your house door unlocked is not such a big deal when you live in such an intimate close knit town, the same definitely cannot be said for city living.

If you have kids then a low crime rate would put you at ease when the kids are not with you so if you are a particularly anxious person the country side could do your nerves good!.

The only people I would NOT encourage to move to the country would be party animals! You wont find too many clubs in the country side that’s for sure! Otherwise I would suggest do your research and see if country side living is for you.



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