15 Tricks Every Man Can Use to Hack His Brain

One of the more interesting discoveries of modern science is that the brain has the ability to rewire itself. And even more impressive, we have the ability to control how it rewires and how we feel. Brain hacks are tricks we can use to pursue the life we want.

We’ve put together 15 of the best brain hacks for modern men. We’ve divided these into five sections: Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition. Put together, these brain hacks will give you the tools you need to be a better, more satisfied man.


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1. Change your self-talk: By being more mindful of the way that you think and speak about yourself, you can transform your confidence; this will help you lead a lifestyle with less stress and more productivity. Encourage yourself. Motivate yourself. Pump yourself up. Don’t drag yourself down.

2. Create your Miracle Morning: You can use this unique method of habit stacking to create a morning routine that includes reading, exercise meditation, and more; this will help you face every day as your best self so you can make your life happen. Starting your morning off on the right foot creates momentum that will last throughout the day.

3. Grow your confidence: It has been said before that confidence is like a muscle, and that couldn’t be truer; if you actively work on exercising your confidence and helping it grow (a mix of overconfidence and earned confidence goes a long way), this is going to pay great dividends for you. From business to women, confidence is the first step to success.

4. Meditate regularly: Spending a few minutes in intentional silence each day can help your body and your mind in many ways; you can reduce stress and get focused for the day by just spending five minutes meditating. Meditation also helps put you into a zone where you are in tune with nature, and empowered by reality.

5. Use a Gorilla Mindset: You can take control of every aspect of your life, you can decide how you see the world, and you can control your emotional responses to any situation — this book will teach you how.


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6. Deadlift for endorphins: Endorphins are responsible for naturally reducing pain in the body, and a surplus of them in the body creates an incredible euphoria and sense of positivity (that’s what causes a ‘Runners High’); just one high weight rep will create the same endorphin release as running in exponentially less time. Plus deadlifting is the fastest way to gain strength (and strength produces confidence)

7. Do heavier squats: Low testosterone is the leading cause of depression in men and can lead to other uncomfortable symptoms like mood swings and fatigue; lifting heavy will help your body create more of this much-needed hormone and keep your mind sharp. As one of the key well-being hormones in men, it’s critical that you manage your testosterone levels.

8. Start a yoga practice: Yoga can be traced back over 5,000 years, it has stood the test of time as an excellent way to keep your body flexible and healthy and your mind calm; it also helps improve your joints and skeletal structure which leads to better fitness overall. Plus it’s a great way to meet fit women.

9. Try a float tank: Floating has become popular among celebrities such as Joe Rogan. It creates an environment where your brain can rest and explore new ideas. Perfect for entrepreneurs seeking an edge. The mental benefits of sensory deprivation tanks abound, but few people consider the physical benefits such as increased circulation, and the relaxed state the body achieves can accelerate recovery times.

10. Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Body awareness is essential for a healthy brain. BJJ gives you body awareness, sharpen your mind and give you critical self-defense skills. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great tool for increasing your body awareness because it forces you to pay attention to subtle differences in leverage and strength.


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11. CBD Oil (Cannabidiol): Many men live a relatively high-stress life between work, family, and other obligations and these things can lead to anxiety; research shows that CBD Oil is effective in decreasing anxiety and creating a healthy stress response in the body. Joy Organics is one of the higher quality brands.

12. Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting increases your body’s ability to repair DNA, and because your body isn’t digesting food it can allocate all of that energy to focusing on the task at hand; the most common way to fast is to consume all of your daily calories in a particular eight-hour window.

13. Low Carb Diet: Carbohydrates do a myriad of things in your body, but one of the most notable is that carbs create insulin spikes which A) acts as a fat storage mechanism and B) creates depressive lows (crashes). A low carb diet creates more mood stability, energy consistency and an increased ability to focus.

14. Nootropics: These are sometimes referred to as ‘smart drugs, ‘ and they can help you with creativity, energy and focus; these are compounds that increase communication between the neurons in your brain, or by altering the production of neurotransmitters that are responsible for things like mental clarity and motivation.

15. Supplements: It is a widely accepted truth that we just don’t get all the nutrients we need from food, and supplements are a great way to bridge the gap; having proper nutrients can stop you from having impulsive cravings for snacks, and basic supplements like Magnesium,Vitamin D, Fish Oil and Zinc can increase your testosterone levels while lowering anxiety (caused by nutritional deficiency).



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