143 Visa-Free Countries for Traveling and More: Quick Check of Dominica CBI Program

Not everyone can move freely outside their country; in most cases, it is necessary to undergo lengthy verification procedures. Preparing documents to visit modern cities with a developed business environment requires a lot of time, and there are few ways to save it.

However, it is possible to obtain this opportunity and enjoy the privilege. It is enough to evaluate the benefits of investment programs offered by the governments of many countries. Given that Dominica citizenship by investment is a profitable offer, it is worth learning more. For this, check out our simple guide or evaluate the advice of experienced experts.

Overview of Dominica CBI Program

The first version of the program appeared in 1993. The offer still stands out among other options, and several reasons exist. Interest in the Dominica CBI program is maintained due to the following factors: 

  1. Unique cost of participation. The lowest price of a strong passport attracts numerous migrants. Additional charges are modest, as the fees barely reach 25 thousand dollars. The total amount of capital depends on the number of applicants and the option chosen.
  2. High processing speed. The process of verifying and granting resident (citizen) status does not take much time. On average, an investor spends up to 6 months. There is no need to learn the language or reside in the country during the specified period.  
  3. Dual citizenship. Foreigners who have received a passport can quickly leave the previous one. The government authorizes multiple citizenship if the local population so desires. Thanks to this, migrants retain their original privileges and receive new ones.

Accredited agents help you prepare documents and take advantage of this unique opportunity. The advantage of such cooperation is the availability of advice from experienced lawyers and financial experts. They create favorable conditions for relocation and communicate with consulates without the clients’ participation.

Visa-Free Travel Benefits

This option received particular attention among the proposed pros of second citizenship on the Caribbean island. Foreigners who have passed the verification process and received a residence permit in the country have the right to use the terms of the visa-free regime. It means that for traveling

  • no need to apply for a visa in advance;
  • it is enough to complete the preliminary registration;
  • register upon arrival.

This advantage is crucial for those who intend to expand their business boundaries and cooperate with foreign partners. According to expert Vladlena Baranova (Immigrant Invest agency), the visa-free regime already introduced by other European countries brings additional benefits (time savings, the ability to travel after the borders are closed, etc.) 

Application Process and Timeline

You can apply for participation at the consulate without visiting the island. You can also involve an accredited agent with his team of specialists in the procedure. To process the request quickly, you need to:

  • select the invest option based on the number of applicants;
  • choose an option from the list of projects approved by the government;
  • prepare a package of documents for yourself and the added applicants;
  • pass a preliminary check;
  • contribute capital in the total amount by the specified method;
  • receive a decision in the chosen way.

The chosen investment option does not affect the Dominica passport visa-free countries list. In addition, the participation cost does not include additional processing fees. After the preliminary approval, you can proceed to the registration of the property or payment of fees. 

Comparison with Other Caribbean CBI Programs

Offers to exchange capital for citizenship (residency) are common, so you should compare the main options. For this, we advise you to temporarily forget about visa-free countries for Dominican passport holders and pay more attention to other program features. 

The country has been able to raise the level of demand for supply for 30 years. It didn’t take much effort, as the ratings have repeatedly confirmed the program’s profitability:

  • 2016 – the best offer for migration to the Caribbean islands;
  • 2017 – the top offer for investors according to the Financial Times magazine;
  • 2018 – first place in the rating of Professional Wealth Management Magazine.

A preliminary review of the criteria of living standards, benefits of living, and freedom of movement makes it possible to conclude that the ranking is justified 

The Bottom Line

It is easy to evaluate the program for investment in the Caribbean. The popularity of the Dominica passport by investment offer makes it easy to get rid of problems. Due to increased demand, numerous reviews emphasizing the features from different sides have been created. With this in mind, it becomes clear that such attention and the availability of actual privileges for program participants is understandable. 




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