10 Ways You Can Compliment An Attractive Guy

Though people don’t really think about compliments for men all too much, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t tell him his shirt looks great and give him a confidence boost. In fact, a simple, “Hey, you look great today!” is enough to make someone’s day.

Moreover, the fact that men don’t get too many compliments makes it all the more special when they actually get some. The only problem is, you need to make sure that the praises you go with are the best ones since making him happy is the goal here.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things you could say, to the point where he blushes and struggles to come up with a reply. Adorable, no?

10 Great Ways To Compliment An Attractive Guy

So, you’ve got an attractive guy on your hands and you want to make sure you bring a smile to that gorgeous face of his with a few compliments. Take a look at 10 of the best ways to do so, and thank us later when he’s all gaga over you.

1. Have you been working out?

If he has been working out, or even if he has just started, telling him you see a difference is probably the best confidence booster that a man can ever ask for. However, make sure there’s some substance behind this compliment since he’s definitely going to ask you where the difference is and how you could spot it.

2. “You’re hilarious”

The compliments for men don’t get any better than this. If he has been trying to make you laugh or is generally funny, make sure you let him know that. Getting validation for his humor is going to make him feel great about himself, as well as encourage him to continue to try and be a lot funnier with you.

Don’t be surprised if he completely blushes up with this one and starts trying harder to make you laugh. Do him a favor and laugh at a few bad jokes, it’s going to make his day.

3. “You make me feel safe”

We get that he’s attractive, but all your compliments don’t have to be about how he looks. Let him know that you feel really safe in his presence, and a sense of pride is going to take over him and make him feel appreciated.

Let him know that you feel like nothing can go wrong when he’s around you and that he offers you a place of comfort and safety, where your troubles seemingly melt away. It doesn’t get more dreamy than that. So go right ahead and say this to him!

4. “You have the best smile I’ve ever seen”

With this compliment, not only are you praising his facial features, but you’re also letting him know that you think he’s one of the best-looking people you know. That’s bound to make someone smile from ear to ear. When he does, go ahead and say, “There’s that gorgeous smile!” and watch him go red.

5. “I love hanging out with you”

This compliment works because it establishes a closer connection with this person and makes them feel special. You’re telling them you love being with them because you both have a lot of fun together. As a result of this, they believe the fact that you really like them and feel like they’re important in your life.

6. “You take great care of yourself, it’s admirable”

If he puts in work to make sure that he’s well-groomed or well-dressed, let him know that his efforts pay dividends. It’s going to make the man feel like he’s a cut above the rest, and that you truly admire everything he does for himself. Not only will you make him feel proud, but he’ll also appreciate how much attention you pay him.

7. “I can tell you anything, you’re a great listener”

It’s another one of those compliments for men that make them feel special. By telling him this, you’re letting him know how much you value him and how close you feel to him. It’s going to make him believe that the connection you two have got going is special and that you both value each other.

8. “I think you’re very intelligent”

Complimenting someone on their intelligence is always a good idea. Whether they’re intelligent when it comes to finances or their own emotions, let them know that you’ve picked up on it and why you think so. He’s going to absolutely love this one.

9. “You’re a great kisser/ You’re so good in bed”

Of course, it’s what every man wants to hear. If you’ve had sexual experiences with him, let him know that he hits all the checkboxes. Men are often anxious about performance, even when it comes to kissing. When you tell him that he has nothing to worry about, it’ll leave him ecstatic.

10. “You have real character”

We’ve all got something that sets us apart, and being complimented for our own unique traits is one of the best things you can hear. Tell him you admire what sets him apart from the rest, and you won’t ever need to find any other compliments for him.

The great ways to compliment an attractive guy all depend on how much you mean to them. If you earnestly tell him that you love his smile, that can honestly be all you need. Now go out there and send out those compliments!



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