What Is Emotional Intelligence?

There is a belief held by some employers that there is a direct correlation between a person’s emotional intelligence and their job performance. These businesses would go as far as formulating a test that they could administer to its employees in hopes to determine the level of each of their current employees.

When it comes to emotional intelligence there is much disagreement among those in the psychiatric community as to what constitutes intelligence. However, it is commonly believed that there are three specific skills that are related to emotional intelligence; emotional awareness, the ability to harness those emotions, and the ability to manage emotions.

3 skills associated with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Awareness – Means that a person has the ability to be able to recognize one’s own emotions and those emotions of others that are around them. For someone who possesses a high level of awareness, it is thought they use what they learned from their feeling rapidly. This ability makes it possible for a person to make decisions based on their emotional state.

Ability To Harness Those Emotions – The ability to harness one’s emotions or those emotions of others, such as co-workers can be extremely important. By knowing how a person’s specific emotion that they are feeling effects how they are able to perform the tasks that they are assigned. Being able to differentiate between each emotion is equally important.

Ability to manage emotions – Self-managing one’s emotions or the ability to manage the emotions of others is a very crucial skill. Along with managing emotions, it is also important to realize that self-control of one’s emotions is equally important to be truly in control.

There currently is no actual recognized tests to determine that a person’s actual emotional intelligence, however, that does not mean that the ability does not truly exist. A person still can use this ability for a number of different purposes.



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