10 Richest Areas in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, often celebrated for its majestic mountains and serene lakes, also boasts some of the country’s most prosperous towns. When it comes to the richest towns in NH, prominence is given to areas like Bedford, with its upscale neighborhoods; Windham, known for its high-quality education system; and Rye, with its sprawling oceanfront properties. But as more professionals, retirees, and families eye these localities for their next home, there’s an escalating need for a smooth transition.

This growing influx into the richest towns in NH has sparked a surge in the moving industry. Individuals relocating seek services that handle their prized possessions with care, understanding the value and significance behind each item. 

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So, whether you’re charmed by the cultural hub of Hanover or the vibrant community of Londonderry, it’s pivotal to start your journey in these wealthy towns with the backing of experienced movers.

Understanding New Hampshire’s Economy

The first thing you’ll notice about the richest towns in NH is their robust economy. Over the years, New Hampshire has cultivated a diverse economic landscape. From technology to manufacturing, the state boasts a range of sectors that provide ample job opportunities and elevate its median income. 

This diversified economy sets the perfect backdrop for towns like Bedford and Windham to thrive. New Hampshire’s tax system further solidifies its place as one of the top destinations for professionals and entrepreneurs. Imagine living in a state where you’re not required to pay personal state income tax or general sales tax. Yes, that’s New Hampshire for you!

Criteria for Determining Wealth

Determining the richest town in New Hampshire requires more than just a look at bank account statements. It’s about understanding the lifestyle, the amenities, and the opportunities it offers to its residents. Our criteria involve evaluating median household incomes, property values, educational opportunities, and overall quality of life.

Top 10 Wealthy Areas

  1. Bedford: Often topping the charts among the richest towns in NH, Bedford exudes an upscale suburban charm. Located conveniently near Manchester, it offers a serene environment and access to urban amenities. Bedford’s real estate is marked by elegant homes, sprawling lawns, and architecturally significant buildings. The town’s school district is renowned for its excellence, drawing many families seeking top-tier education for their children.
  2. Windham: As one of the premier destinations for professionals and entrepreneurs, Windham seamlessly marries natural beauty with modern living. Lakes, parks, and open spaces dot the town, offering ample recreational activities. The town center boasts trendy boutiques, cafes, and a thriving arts scene, making it a magnet for those seeking a balanced life.
  3. Rye: With its captivating coastal allure, Rye stands as a gem among the richest towns in NH. Oceanfront properties in Rye are especially coveted, with panoramic views of the Atlantic. The town’s commitment to preserving its marine heritage, combined with its upscale dining and shopping options, makes it a sought-after destination for both residents and tourists.
  4. Hollis: Characterized by its vast farmlands and historical sites, Hollis offers a taste of classic New England living. The town’s farmer markets, seasonal fests, and commitment to the arts make it uniquely attractive. With a keen focus on community welfare and sustainability, Hollis has cultivated a reputation as a nurturing, growth-oriented town.
  5. Amherst: Nestled amidst lush greenery, Amherst is the epitome of tranquility and luxury. The town’s rich history, exemplified by its colonial-era architecture and museums, is a significant draw. Additionally, Amherst’s schools, libraries, and cultural centers signify a deep commitment to education and growth.
  6. Londonderry: Known for its apple orchards and scenic beauty, Londonderry offers a harmonious blend of nature and development. The town’s infrastructure, marked by modern amenities and businesses, alongside its community events, makes it one of the richest towns in NH in more ways than one.
  7. Hanover: Home to Dartmouth College, Hanover is an academic and cultural hub. The youthful vibrancy brought by students, combined with the town’s sophisticated art scene, unique boutiques, and gourmet dining, creates an atmosphere of energy and elegance.
  8. Exeter: Steeped in history and charm, Exeter is a celebration of New Hampshire’s rich past. The town’s riverfront, historic sites, and bustling downtown area, filled with independent shops and eateries, encapsulate its spirit of unity and progress.
  9. Portsmouth: A coastal city known for its maritime history, Portsmouth brims with character. Its cobbled streets, historic homes, and waterfront create a picturesque setting. The city’s theaters, galleries, and festivals are testaments to its thriving arts and culture scene.
  10. Salem: As a commercial hub, Salem is a melting pot of business opportunities and leisure activities. The presence of shopping centers, parks, and entertainment venues makes it a vibrant and dynamic town. Its strategic location, connecting it to major cities, further cements its position among the richest towns in NH.

Factors Attributing to Their Wealth

If you’re wondering what makes these the wealthiest towns in NH, it’s a mix of their economic prowess, educational institutions, cultural richness, and geographical advantages. Additionally, the state’s tax benefits and entrepreneurial ecosystem contribute significantly to the affluence of these towns.


New Hampshire, often termed the “Granite State,” is not just a collection of picturesque landscapes but also a mosaic of affluence, culture, and unparalleled quality of life. As we’ve journeyed through the richest towns in NH, it’s evident that their richness isn’t solely monetary. Beyond the high median incomes and expensive real estate, there lies a wealth of history, community spirit, and a commitment to progress and sustainability.

Each town, whether it’s the academic haven of Hanover or the coastal paradise of Rye, adds a unique flavor to New Hampshire’s overall profile. Their blend of natural beauty, architectural marvels, educational institutions, and cultural hubs makes them more than just places to live; they are destinations to experience and cherish. 

This eclectic mix draws people from all walks of life, from retirees seeking a peaceful abode to professionals looking for dynamic environments to families wanting the best for their children.



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