10 Best Feature Phones in UK 2020

So, you have been looking for the best feature phone in the UK for a long time now. You have come across so many of them, and making the right choice seems to be a difficult task. Well, going through all the possible options will help you make the right choice. Now, if you reside in the UK and are looking for the best item in town, then be sure to keep a close watch below for some details.


Next vision display and 64mp quad camera, TCL 10 Pro is the first name that comes to your mind while looking for a feature phone in the UK. The display comprises unparalleled visual power, Thanks to its FHD+ curved AMOLED display, you get the chance to capture moments, any time of the day, with the best system. The NXTVISION technology will bring in every nuance of life for elevated view and creation experience.

Samsung Galaxy S20+:

Of all the 5G phones available these days, Samsung Galaxy S20+ is one leading at the top. With its solid camera and attractive design, you can’t seem to get enough of it. Yes, it is true that this phone is expensive, but the amazing features make them worth it. So, if you are looking for a solid investment in 5G future, then this smartphone from Samsung is your call.

Apple iPhone SE 2020:

The best choice apart from TCL Pro at this stage is iPhone SE. It is not that expensive, like the other recent models from Apple but will have all the features that a user can look for. It is one affordable choice for that fast performance and one-hand friendly form. The only difference is that it does not have night mode for the camera section. To top it all, let’s just say Apple iPhone SE is a small powerhouse with no-compromising performance.

Alcatel Go Flip 3:

Known for presenting some of the best smartphone features in flip foam, this Alcatel Go Flip 3 is known for its great reception and perfect HD calling. You can always dictate words in place of triple-tapping to type, which is a good sign, of course. It has enough smart features for its convenient use.

Google Pixel 3a:

If you are looking for a fully-featured camera phone with amazing picture quality, then Google Pixel 3a is the choice that you might need to focus on. Let’s talk about the amazing OLED display for a second, known for its quality pictures. You can always expect solid performance with great battery life from this product. It is quite simply the best ever Android phone that you can purchase at cost-effective rates. So, look for it now.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro:

For better flexibility, Apple iPhone 11 Pro now houses three cameras. There you have new night mode too, designed for low-light photos. IT is known for its promising LTE options, along with dual SIM services. If you are looking for an Apple phone with longer battery life, this one’s for you to choose. 

Google Pixel 4:

There are some major characteristics, which differentiate Google Pixel 4 from other models. Not just known for its attractive design, but this item has 90Hz display and class-leading cameras. To top it all, you can enjoy live caption and the recorder with amazing accessibility additions. Yes, battery life can be a bit better, but the innovative software makes your life a lot easier.

Moto G Power:

For solid performance with excellent battery life, Moto G Power is one for you. It comes with a better call and audio quality. All network bands can cover this phone, making it globally promising to use.

OnePlus 8:

If you are looking for the most affordable 5G phone, then OnePlus 8 is your call. It comes with an amazing screen and fast performing processor. You can’t ignore its promising software too.

Samsung Galaxy S10e:

If you are looking for industry-specific clarity and amazing screen colour in a phone, then Samsung Galaxy S10e is one to look for. With its wide-angle camera and perfect headphone jack, you can always expect the best from this phone. It is perfect for all hand sizes and known for its great overall prince. It is one flagship smartphone to watch out for.

So, without wasting time, go through these ten options and make a choice. Be sure to check the features before the final call. 



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