Lonely Island is Back… and They Just Had Sex


Andy Samberg and his band of SNL stooges The Lonely Island are back with their second album, and they have an important message for you. This one’s dedicated to all the women that let the boys flop around on top of them: they had sex. With their penises.

This video just goes to show you still earn bragging rights for sleeping with Jessica Alba, even if she thinks you’re terrible. Take notes fellas, because Akon knows all about lovin’. She put a bag on your head? Still counts.

I Just Had Sex

If you’re the only person on earth who hasn’t had a taste of The Lonely Island’s musical genius yet, do yourself a favor and spend the night in catching up on such quality tunes as ‘Like A Boss’, ‘I’m on a Boat’, ‘Mother Lover’, and the holiday favorite ‘Dick in a Box’. Just in time for Christmas!

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