Jackie Evancho – America’s Got Talent Semi-Final Performance

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our post on Jackie Evancho’s first AGT performance, we have decided to follow her appearances on America’s Got Talent.  Below is her second performance, in the semi final round, on the hit reality show, once again, she sounds amazing.


In our last post there was a heated debate on whether Jackie Evancho’s singing was fake or real.  I think the answer to that is that she is indeed a real singer and a great one at that, the real question is/was, whether her singing was enhanced to sound better on TV?  Simon Cowell’s other show, X Factor, was recently accused of auto-tuning contestants’ voices to make them sound better on TV but they “promised” to never do that again.  I know Simon Cowell is a smart businessman and wouldn’t dare messing around with the singing on his American show, he’ll lose all credibility and it wouldn’t be so good for his upcoming show, X Factor USA.

Watch Jackie Evancho’s semi-final video and judge for yourself and let the debate begin.


    • Theone says

      Has the world really become jaded that they would think a 10 year old little girl would fake her performance? The thing that amazes me the most is that there are still some out there that think she is lip syncing, or is using AutoTune.

      I know this is an old blog, but I couldn’t resist chiming in. I’ve heard her sing many times now since her first appearance on AGT. She should have been the winner, but las Vegas provided the Million Dollar prize. They didn’t want her, so Michael Grimm won. He’s not a hack, but you can find any number of blues singers on any street corner of most cities across the nation that are as good or better than Micheal Grimm! I heard her sing live at the National Christmas Tree lighting and it was her best performance yet!

      You are 100% correct, Babsie527. She sings like an angel! She makes mistakes, but she is quick to learn from them, like with her last note singing “Time to Say Goodbye”. She ran out of breath and screeched at the end of the last note! You are correct, she really sings like an angel!

  1. Andie says

    I think her nervousness and the final note show that’s she’s not perfect, it’s not pre- recorded and she’s simply wonderful.

  2. Grover says

    Can anyone explain why the ‘singing’ never once wavers,
    what I mean is, it sounds like a studio recording, it sounds exactly the same when she’s got the mike one inch from her face as it does when she holds it almost a foot away…
    it’s so fake it’s alarming it’s got this far….this was straight up lip synching

    • Catharticus says


      As far as “straight up lip synching” as a singer myself who watched closely (wondering if), you’re wrong. People who challenge the credibility of a ten year old girl ought to put videos of themselves singing on television so we get a better idea what sort of talent and expertise you have. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Grover says

        Well, she didn’t win the contest so that tells you that they knew this little girl would not (to their satisfaction) stand up to the obvious scrutiny her ‘performances’ would invite…
        They were probably worried that if she won, eventually it would be admitted by her or her ‘people’ that this was a ratings stunt..I mean come on now, if that WAS her voice, how can you explain why she didn’t win??

        secondly, why must I have to be a ‘singer’ to have an opinion on her performance? (or lack thereof)
        You shouldn’t take my criticism of her as being an attack on YOU, so what’s your problem?

        I’m not ashamed of myself and have no reason to be..
        just disagreeing with you means I should be ashamed? Are you for real?

        What I’m thinking is, you may think of yourself as a singer, but that doesn’t mean you are one…could it be my (and thousands of others who watched this phoney performance) hit too close to home and you’re upset because you’re questioning your own talent?
        (or lack thereof) …

        btw, you didn’t answer my question about the microphone, just riffed on me, so you really sound a bit insecure..
        Anyways, hope to see you on America’s Got Talent next season :o)

        • mochimama says

          Why are you such a negative person?
          Must be a left wing liberal too. They are usually such haters.

    • UncleMike Davis says

      That is because Jackie has perfect pitch and tonal control with a 3.5 octave range, and one live performance is much like another because yes, she really is that good. How come she can sing just as good when asked spontaneously by a interviewer, acapella (without any musical accompaniment) and still in perfect pitch?
      I doubt that Jackie would have a clue if asked to lipsynch, because she always sings live. Lipsynching successfully with closeup live videocamera would not be easy. It is obvious you have not followed her very closely and not seen her many backstage videos, or you would not be making such a silly statement.

    • Catharticus says

      Yep. I’m waiting for one of these so-called “experts” to demonstrate their own musical prowess. As my bass player likes to say, you gotta hang your balls out there onstage. It’s easy to criticize.

      And, FWIW, I have recorded four records, been a rock singer and guitar player for fifteen years, I have videos on YouTube that fans posted, and I won’t share them because after hearing her sing, I’d be embarrassed. My voice doesn’t matter. As a musician myself I had my doubts at first, and I totally understand why this little girl is beyond belief.

      Also, as a musician, I have to say the guy that won–while he’s no J.E.—is no hack either.

      There’s plenty of other video out there demonstrating that she’s not a fake, but, it’s clearly too difficult for her critics to do three minutes of research before posting such shameful allegations and idiocy.

  3. Serena says

    I think the volume of her voice is amplified a lot in AGT. That is why her breathing can be heard so loud while she is singing. When she’s finished, the volume is pushed down, her breathing cannot be heard enymore even though she stands by the microphone and is out of breath.

  4. Jonsemper says

    If you listen to her performances on Youtube, you’ll hear that she doesn’t sing as well in her videos as what we hear in AGT. The volume of her voice is much weaker anywhere else than AGT.

    • Jackieconvert says

      I’m sorry, but your observation is just not true. I’ve seen a lot of performances by her–not just from America’s Got Talent, and she has a power house voice.

      What’s funny is how selective people are when they desperately want to prove that this talented kid is a fake. They show weak past performances as “evidence” that she’s not a great singer because these past videos aren’t as strong–neglecting to mention that such videos were made literally when she was like 7 or 8 years old, YEARS before she truly started developing her voice.

      Or they’ll say that she’s obviously faking because she never makes a mistake. Which simply isn’t true. Her semi-final performance of “Time to Say Goodbye” had a number of faults and wavers, the most obvious being when her voice cracked (complete with a chagrinned look) on the very last note when she held it too long. You’d think that alone would stand as proof that she was the real deal, but apparently it’s not.

      I also love all these “professionals in the music industry” who claim that you can simply add bass to a microphone to make a small child have the timbre of a full-grown adult opera singer. The very idea would be hilarious, if it weren’t for the fact that so many pathetic people clinging to such ideas.

  5. TheRealThing says

    if she was a fake, the would have caught her in the auditions for the show. you might be able to pull it off once, but there is no way she could be a fake and perform over and over again in rehearsals, auditions and on the live stage without someone catching her. the girl can sing.

  6. Wonafew says

    america wanted jackie to go back to school, play with her pet ducks and see her friends again like a 10 year old child should be doing… not to become a las vegas (sin city) performer. if her voice improves and doesn’t change with puberty, throat infection or whatever, she has plenty of time to become a great opera singer – but only one chance to be an innocent happy child.

  7. Kenny says

    I definitely think something odd is going on here. Audios prior to AGT,not very good at all. They hardly could sell her CD You can not even hear any of her words because there is a strange echo at the end of her notes.Almost to extend them.I would say with certainty she was highly amplified.You can tell this when she sang her duet with Sara Brightman. Sara was trying so hard to suppress her strong vocals. It would have gave whatever they were doing for Jackie away.

    • JB says

      I just saw Jackie perform, studdied her breathing technique, watched very closely to her every move, and she is a really talented young lady. It is shameful that “critics” such as many of you here take a positive thing and turn it into a “scam” or “fake” issue. Look at how many “professionals” out there are “faking” it, using electronic manipulation to change or improve the final sound of their voice and no one bothers to complain while spending millions of dollars buying their crap. Give a little credit to this young girl for using her talent for a good cause.

  8. Clarita Crabtree says

    It is July 15, 2011. I wonder if any of these people who posted that Jackie was faking have what it takes (humility) enough to return here and mention that THEY WERE WRONG!! Having a platinum record O HOLY NIGHT, and now a top selling CD DREAM WITH ME, and having appeared on everything from the tree lighting with the President, to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to TheToday Show, to 20-20, to Britian’s Got Talent, as the guest singer, to having her own PBS special, etc., etc. You would think people would be respectful enough to return and say, I guess I misjudged her.

    She is an EXTREMELY talented, sweet, carefree child who has been blessed with a magnificent voice. Her joy is found in sharing that voice with others….and finding sand dollars on the beach!

  9. UncleMike Davis says

    Come on, those of you who have made false statements about Jackie Evancho’s ‘ live’ singing, and admit you were wrong. She has proven herself again and again and likely doesn’t even know how to lipsynch. She has repeatly sang well acapello when asked to by interviewers. Besides it would be extremely difficult to lipsynch an entire album of 14 or 18 songs in a recording studio. Don’t you think?

    The family produced her 1st album Prelude To A Dream (Not Sony or Columbia or some other big professional producer) and did quite well for a small private enterprise. They decided to cease sales of the album as Jackie vastly improved in her talent and vocal abilities. Incidentally, copies of Prelude To A Dream are selling for up to $1500.00 on the Ebay auctions.

    Her 2nd album O Holy Night has gone platinum and her 3rd album, Dream With Me, should go platinum in about three months. Obviously her early songs before AGT were done with tape recorded music and poor sound equipment. As Jackie has progressed, her recording equipment and musical backgrounds have vastly improved, from full orchestras and chorus groups to fine pianists and violinists. So we would really appreciate some apologies. If it was just jealousy driving you, then maybe apologies would be just too difficult. What say you?

  10. Bandit Queen says

    If she is not faking then she does have an incredible and beautiful voice and I do not doubt that she is talented and has a lovely voice. But can her voice really be that mature and not aided? She is a lovely sweet girl, but she is obviously not from the streets of down town New York or Queens, she is from a well to do, upper middle class family and she has backing. She already has made two albums and she has had a season at Carnagie Hall, and did not need to go onto Y Tube or America’s Got Talent as she already had been discovered. She may be in danger of being pushed too far too soon, and that may be a motive for making her sound older than she is. It does not mean that she does not genuinely have a good voice or a well developed voice or a strong rich sound. I believe she has genuine talent; I do not believe she has the mature voice that she seems to have and extra tone and volume is being added somehow to make her sound older. I suspect her parents are making money out of this young girl and I would have rather heard how she really sounds, without the effects.

  11. Maritsa says

    This child is small for her age and hasn’t even reached puberty, to look at her. She does not have the area inside her tiny chest to produce this volume of sound. Her voice is obviously being enhanced by engineers so that the sound itself is rounder and deeper than she can produce and the sustain and volume are also enhanced beyond her capacity. This is a common practice with professional singers, who use it to only to record, but also at live performances. Jackie sings into a mic which has very low volume when she performs, and we hear the enhanced version instead. She is being exploited by her greedy and unethical parents, and apparently likes the attention herself. Shame on everybody involved with this scam! This little girl has talent, but she does not sound like a thirty-year-old opera singer in the prime of her career.

    • Jackieconvert says

      This is idiotic. What’s funny is people that somehow want to downgrade her abilities never seem to be able to agree on how to do it. Some claim “fake!” While professional opera singers–who apparently really resent this girl–have no qualms about admitting it’s all real. However they say that she is forcing her own voice to achieve the adult effect and that it could be harmful to her.

      BTW, you cannot simply add echo and base to give a small child the timbre of a full-grown adult without it sounding ludicrous. (Think of when Galadriel had that ridiculous voice chance in Fellowship of the Ring.)

      Shame on you people for throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the situation in order to avoid the obvious fact, which is that this kid is a prodigy. The parents are greeder abusers! She’s lip-synching! Legendary record producer David Foster is in on the conspiracy, along with every sound engineer, backup musician, and everyone who has ever heard this kid sing live! They’re all in on it!

      I can understand (but still be annoyed) by all the internet trolls screaming “fake!” when the kid first came on the scene. But to see it now at this late date only marks such people as imbeciles.

  12. Paul says

    It is hard for her to be a fake. She song like this before AGT. Also if she was a fake she would have been caught cuz she has peformed many places. Also if she was amplified in one place that wouldnt happen everywhere.

  13. Brooklen says

    I worked for AGT while this little girl was performing. I am one of the people who helped set up the fraudulent set up. Jackie and her parents have completely duped America to make a few bucks. What they have done is to pay a professional opera singer (I will not reveal who) to record the song and we then dubbed it into the sound system, changed the sound of the opera singers voice and tone and then had Jackie act like she is singing into the microphone. She has been highly trained by her father in how to lip synch and time the songs with her hand and arm movements. This is a technique that is often used when lip synching to maintain the proper time of the song. If you watch her closely her throat never flex’s or shakes nor has any movements that a singer would make while singing and breathing. Jackie is nothing more than a reality TV fake no different than the balloon boy! I hate to destroy the hopes of all of you who actually bought into this scam, but thats all she is she is just another con artist (that is her, her parents and her management). Her parents should be brought up on child abuse charges for teaching this little girl how to be a con-artist and please be assured that little snotty brat knows exactly what she is doing and actually jokes around about it and makes fun of how stupid and easy it is to pull this scam off!! The judges from the show actually found out about her soon after her second performance. Jackie and her father were talking about it in the dressing room and some of the judges over heard their conversation and Sharon especially was disgusted and enraged.. The judges then demanded that she leave the show but in the interest of not destroying this little girl they decided to let her go in the finals (which America actually had givin her the highest votes and she would have won). Now I am just disgusted to see that she is selling albums and thriving off of this lie!! Also after her first performance and people started to question her validity the camera men were ordered to stop showing close up’s of her while she was singing because it was so evident that she was not singing. Jackie is nothing more than a fraud, a con-artist and her and her parents are disgusting human beings!!!

    • Jackieconvert says

      You are an idiot. Unforutnately, the internet often seems to be made up largely of idiots, so you’ll get the attention you’re so obviously craving.

      I have to ask you–and I REALLY want you to respond to this… when her voice cracks or wavers in live performances–and those flaws are in perfect syncronization to her facial expression, how did they achieve that? When every single breath is in synch with her live performance, how is that achieved?

      You claim that we never see her moving her vocal chords or breathing. What’s hilarious is I have read multiple complaints with snobby professional opera singers who criticize this girl’s technique, saying it’s unseemly how much she breathes and how they feel she’s probably straining herself to hit all the notes.

      If the judges were in on this, how has she managed to pull of live performances in multiple countries, for President Obama, for news programs, Japanese Royalty, legendary record producer David Foster …. are they all in on it too? Is every producer on every news program (including the hosts and anyone sitting in the front rows of all the performances) in on the hoax?

      Have you seen recent performances of her? There are official clips of her now, along with bootlegs of her concerts. Do you notice how her voice is slightly older sounding, but obviously still from the same person? So how did they achieve that? Did they originally hire a prodigy kid who could miraculously sound like an adult to sing the pre-recordings for her on America’s Got Talent? If so, that’s ingenious! That way the secret source of the real voice would age alongside Jackie so as to convincingly change in timbre just enough to complete the illusion!

      When she gives a mediocre live performance (and I’ve seen some) did they just throw that in to make it seem “realistic?”

      Brooklyn, I really want you to respond to this. There are so many trolls like you on the internet, and they never seem to be able to back up their claims and lies. In fact, they generally act like cowards and after getting the attention they seek (such as you are attempting to do), they slink away never to actually explain themselves. So how about breaking away from the standard mold and trying to address all the questions your ludicrous claim brought up.

      BTW, I’ve never read the unfinishedman site before. I just found it on a Google search just now. The claims in your post is so obviously fraudulent, that I can tell you–the fact that the site owner didn’t delete it has pretty much assured me that this is not a site worth visiting.

    • Jackieconvert says

      And one more thing. If Sharon Osbourne was “disgusted and enraged,” according to your preposterous story–why has this girl appeared on Sharon’s talk show “The Talk” multiple times since then (giving knockout performances), with Sharon showing obvious affection for her? (I urge people to check out the appearance when “Nella Fantasia” is sung.)

      If cameramen were ordered to stop showing closeups of her singing, why has every performance she’s given since then (including her own PBS special) been full of closeups of her face? (Oh, I guess those guys didn’t get the memo.)

      BTW, you people that grasp at straws trying to discredit this kid; do you see the kind of people (such as Brooklen) whose team you’re on? Doesn’t that kind of make you feel embarassed?

  14. Paul says

    So then wjo song for her before AGT? She has been singing before AGT. she has been on a lot of news stuff and sounds the same when she song on agt as she sings on that and I dont think the same opera person would be able to do that without getting caught and the truth coming out. Also if she.was fake then y was she singing on agt another uear as a gest star?

  15. John Swain says

    I truly thought I was reading a parody of lip sync nonsense. I was expecting you to come clean in the last sentence. It never happened. Are you expecting the readers of your comment to believe you were really backstage and you were employed by AGT? You are the fraud my friend. I have been to 2 live sellout concerts and I have personally met Jackie and her very kind and caring mother. Jackie is one of a kind. If the vocalist you are referring to was somewhere backstage, why didn’t the producers sign what I would call the true Phantom of the Opera. You are either the worlds greatest nut case, or you just feel as if need to provoke ill will.

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