Top Shot Prize Giveaway and Facebook App

Top Shot dvd set, t-shirt, and iPhone case prize giveaway

If you’re a fan of the reality show Top Shot on the History Channel, then you will enjoy the interview we recently did with . If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps a prize giveaway from Top Shot will. Here is your chance to win Top Shot Season 1 DVD Set, a Top Shot […]

Interview: Dustin Ellermann of Top Shot on The History Channel

Dustin Ellermann using a sniper rifle

There are plenty of reality TV shows out right now, so many that I have my PVR working overtime. There are shows about storage auctions, cakes, cookies, hunting alligators, talent shows, real estate, driving trucks, and the list goes on and on. But one show that I recently started to watch really stands out when […]

Mozilla Firefox 4 – A Leaner, Faster Fox?


The much delayed version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is now available to everyone as a free download on the official . Firefox 4 features a brand new interface and a number of improvements to overall browser speed, reliability, memory usage, and perhaps most exciting, html5 standards compatibility. All those fancy features that Apple is better big […]

Ambam, The Gorilla That Walks Like A Human


I have at least a few friends who take great pleasure in watching videos of cats singing, and dogs using skateboards. They spent hours and hours on YouTube watching the ocean of videos that feature this very thing. I’m not one to get excited over footage of animals (unless they’re Howler Monkeys) but I do […]

An Octopus That Mimics 15 Different Animals


Watch this short video and you’re likely to say what I said, “What the f*ck!”.  The video is about an octopus species that was spotted near Indonesia in the 1990s.  The octopus is pretty awesome; it can mimic 15 different species to protect itself from predators.  I’m surprised “Paul the Octopus” from Germany got all […]

Raw Power – Manly Battle Tanks Of The World

Russian T-90 Tank catches air

There is more horsepower here than “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” could ever want. Battle tanks have played a vital role in many of the wars that have taken place and were first introduced into battle in limited numbers during The Great War (WWI). Just as fighter jets are the backbone of an air force, […]