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Ah, the category of sadness and broken dreams. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. In truth, this is where we put all the posts that don’t quite fit into the other categories. It’s the wild card, the crazy place. Stay a while and you may just come to like it.

SoundToys Plugin – Get the Little Radiator Plugin for the price of FREE! Thumbnail

I remember the days when I had a pair of Altec 1566a pres and 1567a mixer. Those units have that nostalgic green faceplate and for a time were a budget way to get some useful tube tone for not a lot of dough. Those times have come and gone for me, we moved on to [...]

Resume to Interviews Review

If you're one of the millions of people in the unfortunate position of having to find a new job right now, you probably already know how much it sucks. As the global economy continues to unravel, it's becoming increasingly difficult to secure a new job, even with the "right" credentials. Employers are fussier than ever, [...]

‘Dizolve Detergent’ and ‘Just a Drop’ a Must Have for the Smart Man Thumbnail

Some of you guys including my friends will be wondering why I am writing about laundry detergent on a mens’ website. Well, the last time I checked most guys do not enjoy doing laundry. And when they do laundry, they want the whole process to be an easy task without the need to cleanup a [...]

A Night with Chuck Palahniuk – Damned, Candy, Inflatable Brains, and ‘Guts’ Thumbnail

Every time the name Chuck Palahniuk arrives in conversation, I can't help smiling from ear to ear, eyes glowing with excitement like a sycophantic teenage groupie ranting about their favorite rock star. Most people recognize the author's name behind the David Fincher masterpiece, Fight Club. Others, well, they are the work of the mischievous few [...]

Capuchin Monkey enjoying bubbles

I've talked about wanting a monkey for years now, and every time I brought it up, my friends and family would simply tell me how it was a stupid idea, and that I only wanted my own monkey slave. Is training a monkey to get me beer from the fridge, or to help me put [...]

Top Shot dvd set, t-shirt, and iPhone case prize giveaway

If you’re a fan of the reality show Top Shot on the History Channel, then you will enjoy the interview we recently did with Dustin Ellermann. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps a prize giveaway from Top Shot will. Here is your chance to win Top Shot Season 1 DVD Set, a Top [...]

Dustin Ellermann using a sniper rifle

There are plenty of reality TV shows out right now, so many that I have my PVR working overtime. There are shows about storage auctions, cakes, cookies, hunting alligators, talent shows, real estate, driving trucks, and the list goes on and on. But one show that I recently started to watch really stands out when [...]

Bike frame painted with woodgrain paint

Wood has been used in bicycle construction since the early 19th century when this mode of transportation was invented. As the decades went by, construction materials for bikes changed from wood to various metals and alloys. But wooden-frame bikes are now making a come back and becoming more and more popular. But unfortunately for most [...]

Swiss “Jetman” Flies Solo Over The Grand Canyon Thumbnail

You may have heard about Yves “Jetman” Rossy (or Fusion Man) of Switzerland who is known for doing things which most people would consider to be insane. He has 15 years of experience flying Mirage Fighter Jets and over 10 years in the Commercial Airlines industry. Some of his favorite hobbies include parachuting, hang gliding, [...]

Just A Drop poop smell elminator

You know, I eat a lot of flavorful and spicy food. The food is great going down but it’s a completely different story when it’s time for the food to come out the other end. I feel sorry for the poor schmuck that has to use the bathroom after I have destroyed it whether it [...]