Drinkmate Review: Ultimate Carbonated Drink Maker

Carbonate everything

What makes the Drinkmate special is that it allows you to carbonate almost any beverage imaginable. That includes water into sparkling or carbonated water, but also most other beverages such as tea, juice, wine, or even a soda that has gone flat. Drinkmate brings the fizz to your drink, no matter what.

drinkmate review

There are other great options such as the Sodastream for sure – which can actually use Drinkmate’s CO2 cylinders, and vice versa. Although it’s worth noting that the Sodastream bottles are not compatible with Drinkmate. On the other hand, the Drinkmate carbonated drink maker doesn’t only work on water. The more options, the better, and this will give you a huge range of which. Homemade soda? No problem. Need some extra energy in your coffee? Try carbonating it with this machine and see how you like it.

Isn’t carbonated water bad for your health?

Before we go into some of the more excellent features of Drinkmate, it’s probably best to cover this one before you spend your money on it. Contrary to popular belief, by carbonating water, the absolute worst it could do is to change the pH to something slightly more acidic; though it’ll still be less acidic than your stomach, so it’s perfectly harmless! On top of that, patients of functional dyspepsia and constipation found that carbonated water decreases satiety and improves their dyspepsia, constipation and gallbladder emptying. This is actually a good thing.

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Also here’s a fun fact: chickens recover from heat stress better when drinking carbonated water, than when they drink regular water. So for all of the farmers out there thinking about getting your chicken a Drinkmate, well, it’s not technically a bad idea.

Anyway, artificial sweeteners and the like can be bad for your health if it’s not consumed in moderation. However, the process of carbonation is harmless, and carbonated water itself is just about as healthy as normal water. If anything, carbonated water may even enhance digestion by improving your swallowing ability, and reducing constipation. All the more reason to get a Drinkmate carbonated drink maker.

Neat features

Besides being able to make your own sparkling wine, the Drinkmate has some extra handy features that might make it even more worth a look. This thing works for all occasions, parties, barbecues, and every event you could think of – or no event at all. It’s lightweight, rather small, and completely portable. You won’t need to charge the Drinkmate, and you certainly won’t need to plug it in anywhere. Whether you want to keep it in a cupboard, on your kitchen worktop, or out and about with you, it will carbonate drinks wherever you want it to.

Each CO2 cylinder will last you a long time, up to even being able to fill 3-4 litres of carbonated water per day, for almost a year with a 60 litre cylinder. There are different options to suit different people’s needs and budgets, too. It all adds up and can get quite steep if you’re doing a lot of carbonating. That’s why Drinkmate makes it really easy to purchase new cylinders through whichever retailer of your choice, and you can return your empty cylinders afterwards. Once they receive your empty cylinders, you’ll receive a gift card rebate for your next purchase, which saves a lot of money in the long run.

Don’t know what to do with your Drinkmate? Beyond the initial instructions, issues with the product may arise, or perhaps you just don’t know what to make with it. Well, as it happens, on Drinkmate’s website, there are a multitude of different recipes to follow, which tell you just how much of each fizzle and pop you need to make the perfect cocktail, mocktail, or flavor infused drink. Ranging from diet fizzy grapefruit juice, to a Canadian cream soda that’s going to make you feel like you’re putting on a few pounds, even though the most it’ll do is force out a few more belches. But that’s how you know the flavor is all there.




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