Truck Accidents Are Trending Upwards – How Can Truckers Stay Safe?

Trucking is one of the more dangerous professional driving occupations out there. Figures compiled by the FMCSA indicate a 2% rise year-on-year in truck accidents across America, clearly showing the danger of being out on the road. This risk is only increasing with the shifted focus from maritime to domestic delivery schedules creating yet more traffic. Staying safe as a trucker in the modern day is something to be considered in a little more depth than in the past, and it starts with knowing your rights.

Legal rights

As a trucker your vehicle can have a disproportionate amount of power on the road. This is why private litigation has become important in the world of trucking; the use of a truck accident law firm either by yourself or another party in a crash can ensure that justice is found. However, it’s also important to note that, in some states, the law can be regressive. ABC News highlighted the case of one Colorado trucker who, despite being responsible for a crash, was sentenced to 110 years in prison due to the nature of the road law there – something which many commentators have found unfair. Be aware of the laws and regulations in the state you’re in as that can help you if the worst case does happen.

Use technology

As Consumer Reports highlights, vehicle safety systems have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The broad availability of data means that vehicles, trucks included, can now make informed decisions on the fly. Being able to see danger signs, like ice or wet roads, ahead of time, is key. Sensors, too, are more advanced, and can help vehicles to break long before danger rears its head.

Bringing automation

Automated trucks are on the horizon – but not fully automated vehicles. In the meanwhile, drivers will be expected to come in and act as a ‘supervisor’ for the vehicle, ensuring that any issues in their operation are smoothed out. This offers another opportunity for drivers to be safer on the road; and a long-term future in which trucking can be safe, and managed by advanced AI-led automation.

Trucker safety is an imperative for a country increasingly reliant on road-based shipping. Technology is leading the way; data shows how to remain safe in difficult conditions. With a long-term view of automation, the future is bright, and the trucker safety trend can be reversed.




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