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Fine Living

Most people enjoy the finer things in life, such as a pint of beer on a hot summer day, or an attractive, scantily clad woman bending over to retrieve her car keys. However, some people crave fine things of another type; gadgets, gear, travel, and even the occasional cooking recipe are all topics you’ll find under our fine living category. Chances are you’ll see a picture of the occasional scantily clad woman as well.

Non-traditional Easter Celebration in Malta: Party is the Word Thumbnail

Easter Sunday on the island of Malta is not the traditional conservative family celebration you may be used to with egg hunts and baskets.  It is an island-wide party in every sense - from classy wine bars packed with families to historical buildings turned to daytime clubs, with party-goers overflowing into Malta's historic streets. That [...]

las vegas strip at night

According to Las Vegas Tourism, more than 40 million people from everywhere visit Las Vegas every year. This makes “Vegas” in the top three or four most popular destinations in the world. (Note: Las Vegas draws even more people to visit than Disney World, so there’s lots to do here.) Though most people visit Vegas [...]

Germany’s Hidden Gem: Exploring Hamburg by Bike Thumbnail

Imagine the setting. You have just ridden across Germany on the Bahn (not to be mistaken with the autobahn) watching the countryside pass you by. You arrive in a city often mistaken for the origin of the hamburger (it's not), overlooked in favor of other German destinations like Berlin, and are not sure what to [...]

rio from the air

With the world’s grandest football event rolling into the Brazilian sun this summer, flocks of eager fans are set to descend on the samba nation. While your thirst for sport is set to be satisfied, the sizzling settings and electrifying atmosphere are sure to get you fired up too. After all, this is a country [...]

pocket printer

How many times have you been out and about and wished that you had access to a printer? I don't know about you guys but there have been many occasions where I was in need of a printer but had no choice but to delay what I was doing until I was able to get [...]

Life in the Fast Lane: The Porsche Experience Thumbnail

There's no need to pretend- it's definitely been on mine. Now imagine my excitement when I entered the Porsche factory in Leipzig, Germany, to witness the vehicle's production and experience several lightning-fast laps around their test track. Let's skip straight to part you care about most. How did it feel to drift, break, and accelerate in a Porsche [...]

Conair portable jacuzzi

I live in a one-bedroom apartment and don't have the luxury of a hot tub or jacuzzi. But if you have a bathtub in your place and $69 to spare, then you can have your own jacuzzi-like action without having to go all out. I'm referring to the Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa which is [...]

celebrities using ecigs

Electronic cigarettes are fashion accessories to celebrities and the rich and famous. Rather than the tobacco cigarettes that are socially taboo in so many ways, e-cigs are stylish, fun, and in visible use all over the world. There’s also reason to believe that e-cigs can help those seeking to quit smoking look fashionable as they [...]

Caravan Holidays: The Call of the Wild Thumbnail

People who own caravans know that they're an iconic symbol of freedom. Like caravanners from thousands of years ago, traveling from Western Europe to the Orient, today's hardy sort relish the idea of taking to the road and exploring new and uncharted territories--even if these are close to home! There's an entertaining sub-culture, including books, [...]

ResQ Pro Plus

About a month ago I wrote about the PowerAll Power Bank which is a device that will not only give your vehicle battery a boost but also your portable devices as well as a flashlight feature. A tool like that is very useful but another very common and annoying incident it can not fix is [...]