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Fine Living

Most people enjoy the finer things in life, such as a pint of beer on a hot summer day, or an attractive, scantily clad woman bending over to retrieve her car keys. However, some people crave fine things of another type; gadgets, gear, travel, and even the occasional cooking recipe are all topics you’ll find under our fine living category. Chances are you’ll see a picture of the occasional scantily clad woman as well.

glamping time

Life is all about experiences, and it's too short to waste on less than great ones during precious vacations or holidays. And, when planning an extra special, once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding, choosing the perfect venue is possibly the most important decision. But what's the perfect venue for a rugged, outdoors individualist whose special someone [...]

la art district man cave

I've written about a metric shit-ton of man caves and bachelor pads in my day. Many of our readers just so happen to be men trying to improve their bachelor pads, so it makes sense. But I'm not going to lie... it gets a little old sometimes. That's why it's so nice to finally cover [...]

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite Smartphone with Infinite Power Thumbnail

Not only is TAG Heuer producing some stunning timepieces lately, the company has also ventured into the world of smartphones. Their latest phone (they’ve had other phones before) is the Meridiist Infinite smartphone with “infinite” power, the battery never needs to be charged… Or so the name would suggest, it’s actually a marketing gimmick, the [...]

lawn mower hybrid

Just yesterday, I wrote about the Honda 'Mean Mower' which set a Guinness speed record for the fastest lawn mower. Today I'll talk about another lawn mover, Raven MPV7100S, which may not be the fastest but definitely one of the most versatile lawn mowers around. What makes the Raven 7100S is that it can cut [...]

creative tourism in spain

Creative tourism is all about creativity, interconnectedness, and joyous, mindful living. Here are a few thoughts about personal, community, city, and industry-wide aspects of creative tourism and how it’s changing the world, now. Develop Career Creativity On a personal level, creative people should learn to use creativity to make a life. Unlike earlier generations, today’s [...]

penguins in antarctica

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, here's an idea: Antarctica. Anyone can get on a plane and visit a city. Many people seek outdoor adventures or go white-water rafting in various parts of the world... but think of it! The South Pole! Santa aka St. Nicholas or Kris Kringle, for interested parties, hails from the [...]

Starfleet Machine Black

Regular readers of Unfinished Man know my love affair with MB&F watches, and I’m a huge fan of Max Busser, the man behind the company. Not only does MB&F create some of the most outrageously awesome watches, they’ve also started to create other “things”, like the Music Machine. The watchmaker has teamed up with Swiss [...]

romantic breakfast in bed

Romantic getaways can make some men feel queasy. They make fun of the idea, saying it's one of those things that a man just has to do to get brownie points. But, really, planning a romantic weekend or few days away shouldn't be something just done for brownie points. If it is, you're my nightmare. [...]

georgian style home

If you're wondering how to increase the resale value of your home in the UK, here’s news you can use. A real estate research firm evaluated the appreciation potential between period properties, i.e. Georgian construction, vs. newbuild residences, based on prior performance of a large sample of residential properties. The research shows supply vs. demand [...]

dumpy bachelor pad

When I ask "what does your ultimate bachelor pad look like?" What do you see? Some of my friends laughed at the question. My language seemed retro double-oh-seven-ish. Bachelor pad, you say? City flat, perhaps? Although everyone's response was different, everyone summed up with "It's got to be comfortable." This is Home, Baby Unlike Austin Powers’ gadget-y space [...]