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We all enjoy the finer things in life every now and again. A glass of red wine with dinner... a massage on an exotic beach, maybe a new gadget you've had your eyes on. We cover it all, from the most exotic travel locations, to the best recipes to impress your girlfriend. Oh, and we're huge nerds, so expect an unhealthy amount of gadget reviews.

British Homes Through the Ages

Photo by Sarah Joy

Since Plumbs opened for business over 50 years ago, there have been dramatic changes in home decor choices and trends, influenced by cultural changes in the world beyond interiors. We wanted to create a visual representation of this; reflecting on the trends that have passed through our homes within the last half century… 1950s: Over […]

The Businessman’s Guide To Creating The Perfect Lad Pad


A home is a man’s castle, and it deserves the attention needed to make it the perfect place to live. However, it can be hard for career focused individuals to build a happy home life. If time is limited, the key is to have a suitable plan of action. Here are four tips to help […]

Here’s How I Built Myself The Ultimate Man Cave!

Photo by Tony Alter

Sometimes in life you just need to have a small bubble to escape to when you feel like steering clear of the world. You might think that your home is such a “bubble” but what happens if you share it with other people? As you can imagine, it feels like sometimes there isn’t anywhere to […]

The VIZIO SB-3821 Made Me Love Soundbars…

vizio soundbar review

One of the biggest problems with immersive sound systems is that they take up a lot of room. You have the front speakers, the rears, and a sub-woofer, and they’re often large, unwieldy, and free standing. They can sound fantastic, but the cost – both in terms of space requirements and price – is high. […]

How To Design The Perfect Bachelor Pad


Whether on your own or living with a mate, the bachelor pad is a true blessing for any lad. However, it’s imperative that you make the most of this glorious opportunity. Kitting it out with the right stuff will turn your guys apartment into the ultimate lad pad. This makes it perfect for nights in […]

Is It Possible to Look Cool While Smoking an E-Cig?


In recent episodes of ‘True Detective’, writers have made the interesting choice to give Rachel McAdams’ Ani Bezzerides an e-cigarette habit. This has gotten a lot of people talking about the way that e-cigarettes are being marketed and whether or not they will ever be “cool” the way smoking has, for a long time, been […]

Bucardo Apple Pocket Watch


Taking the old and combining it with the new, that’s the idea behind the “Pendulum Collection by Bucardo”. The Bucardo collection of accessories take the new Apple Watch and turn into the old pocket watch for men or a pendent from women. The line consists of both men’s and women’s accessories that come in a […]