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We all enjoy the finer things in life every now and again. A glass of red wine with dinner... a massage on an exotic beach, maybe a new gadget you've had your eyes on. We cover it all, from the most exotic travel locations, to the best recipes to impress your girlfriend. Oh, and we're huge nerds, so expect an unhealthy amount of gadget reviews.

Open Sesame: Sesame The Smart Lock


As a fan of technology, I’m loving all the latest gadgets being pumped out of factories in China. I’m also a car lover and I enjoy the gadgets available in the latest automobiles, I’m a big fan of stuff like voice command (which a lot of old people hate), Bluetooth connectivity, and proximity keys. I […]

Luna – The World’s Most Intelligent Mattress Cover


Sleep is a wonderful state after a long day of adventuring, going to work, or really… just about anything. The trouble is that it’s often tough to fall asleep, especially when you’re sharing a bed with someone else. In my case, I happen to be that someone else. The person that tosses and turns and […]

Open Carry T-Shirts – Only In ‘Merica

open carry t-shirt

The American police departments across the country are under some pretty heavy scrutiny these days for using excessive force on civilians and in some cases, lethal force. I don’t know what’s running through the mind of a police officers but I sure as hell would not want wear one of these Open Carry T-Shirts when […]

Luxury Four Poster Beds by TurnPost


One of the wonderful things about being an adult is that I can choose my own furniture. I greatly appreciate that my parents were generous enough to give me a bed to rest my weary head after a long day of playing with friends, and a dresser to keep my clothes, but… I can do […]

Colorful Ferrofluid In A Bottle – Ultimate Office Toy

ferrofluid magnet

Here’s a pretty cool gadget that will keep you entertained for short periods of time when you don’t really feel like doing anything productive. Perfect for your desk at work or perhaps keeping the kids out of hair at home. It goes by the name of Colorful Ferrofluid in a Bottle because the previous version […]

Travelling to Chicago? Here are the 4 Best Blues Bars in the City

Blue Chicago lounge

The perfect storm of events helped to make Chicago one of the blues capitals of the world. In the 1920s there was an increase in musical recording and live performances. Combine that with the Great Migration from the South to the Midwest, and the location of Chicago on the train just after Memphis, and it’s […]

The Hottest Nightlife Spots in Orlando

Photo by Zachary Long

When it comes to nightlife, Orlando is a great spot for all types of evening entertainment. If you are looking for a laid-back place to enjoy a beer with friends, you can find it in Orlando. There are also neighborhood pubs, dinner shows, live music, comedy shows, and dance clubs, so there is truly something […]