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We all enjoy the finer things in life every now and again. A glass of red wine with dinner... a massage on an exotic beach, maybe a new gadget you've had your eyes on. We cover it all, from the most exotic travel locations, to the best recipes to impress your girlfriend. Oh, and we're huge nerds, so expect an unhealthy amount of gadget reviews.

The Apple Watch Smartwatch


Smartwatches have become quite popular over the last few years, with every major electronics manufacturer offering at least one smart watch. I believe the whole “smart watch” trend started when either Apple announced they’ll be making a smart watch, or it was a rumor started by someone that Apple will make a smart watch… that […]

Cliff House Concept by Modscape

five-storey cliff house

Everybody wants an ocean view home but the problem with many of them is the fact that parts of the view are generally obstructed by something. That “something” can be another home, trees, or even utility poles. The Cliff House is a pretty unique and awesome concept created by an Australian based company called Modscape. […]

These Galaxy Beddings Are Truly Stellar


I’ve seen a lot of “galaxy” related products over the last year, and for good reason: space is pretty incredible. It’s full of stars, tachyons, and probably a lot of sexy aliens that we just haven’t found yet. If you’ve seen the overpriced galaxy leggings from Black Milk and the millions of knock-offs that they […]

Coffee On The Go – GSI Outdoors Javamill And Java Press

coffee press for camping

GSI Outdoors is a company devoted to improving the outdoor experience. Although I’m decidedly not the outdoors type, like many of you reading this, I can’t start my day without a solid cup of coffee… or several! GSI Outdoors was kind enough to provide us with a combination Javamill and Javapress for testing. The GSI […]

Noke – World’s First Bluetooth Padlock

bluetooth lock

If you’re the type to always lose your keys and have a terrible memory when it comes to memorizing a combinations for your locks, then the Noke padlock just might be the thing you are looking for. The Noke padlock is the world’s first bluetooth enabled padlock and is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Letting […]

Traveling to Virginia Beach? Here’s How to Have an Amazing Time

Photo by M01299

Virginia Beach is a summer hot spot for vacationers who enjoy sun, surf, and sand. Make the most of a vacation to this East Coast destination with these handy vacation planning tips for an affordable trip, even during the peak tourist season. Hit the Summer Festivals Though Virginia Beach sees bigger tourist crowds in summer, […]