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We all enjoy the finer things in life every now and again. A glass of red wine with dinner... a massage on an exotic beach, maybe a new gadget you've had your eyes on. We cover it all, from the most exotic travel locations, to the best recipes to impress your girlfriend. Oh, and we're huge nerds, so expect an unhealthy amount of gadget reviews.

Collapsible Belt Scooter – Wearable Transportation

scooter belt

Our modes of transportation are ever changing and we continue to see new innovations year after year. The Belt Scooter is a unique take on portable transportation. As part of a graduation degree project in industrial design, Adam Torok of Hungary, came up with a unique concept of a belt that turns into a scooter […]

The Most Astounding Beaches in Britain

Photo by Dachalan

For most people, one of life’s greatest passions is to travel and see the wonderful places our beautiful world has to offer. As you travel, it is important to make your journey a pleasurable part of your holiday, and stopping only at service stations when you need fuel means missing the full spectrum of what […]

J-deite Quarter – Transformer Robot By Brave Robotics

j-deite humanoid

During my childhood and teen years, the idea of giant robots appealed to me but I was never a huge fan of Transformers or the Gundam series. I was much more interested in imagining what it would be like and less into watching it on cartoons on television. Heck, I still sometimes day dream about […]

Welcome To The Vape Club – Gourmet E Liquids

vaping kit and e juice

We’ve written about a number of smoking utensils including the Argile and a number of electronic cigarette brands. Of course smoking should be avoided but if you are someone who has no plans on quitting then perhaps making the switch to an electronic cigarette might be an idea to give your body a bit of […]

Avo: The Self-Cleaning Fish Tank


Since early childhood, I’ve always wanted a fish tank but never got around to it and I didn’t really want to deal with cleaning and maintaining the tank. I was told Beta fish (Siamese fighting fish) were one of the easiest fish to take care of, in terms of tank maintenance etc. So I got […]

The Best of Social Life in Barcelona

Photo by Martinez Codina

The Spanish city of Barcelona has one of the best social scenes in the whole of Europe. Whether you’re interested in live music, dancing, or simply enjoying a drink in the company of good friends, Barcelona has something for everyone. If you’re already in the process of planning your visit to this beautiful city, we […]

Zap&Go Charger – The 5 Minute Charger

Zap&Go 5 Minute Charger

Smart devices have changed our day to day life whether we like it or not and the things that bother us seem to be silly issues like the drained battery on our phones and tablets. Seems like the smarter the device, the faster the battery drains although things are starting to change. While we wait […]