How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive: 16 Easy Chic Upgrades

Want to make your apartment scream “expensive” without breaking the bank? You’re not alone. This guide offers 16 upgrades that can transform any space into a luxe haven, even on a tight budget.

Time to upgrade your pad!

Key Takeaways

Swap old light fixtures for modern lamps and dimmer switches to create mood lighting.

Add plants like succulents and ferns to bring life and a luxe feel into your space.

Place a large mirror opposite a window to make rooms look bigger and brighter.

Choose antique wood furniture pieces that add elegance and tell stories.

Keep living spaces clutter-free by using storage furniture, making the apartment look chic.

Blueprint for an Elegant Apartment Transformation

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Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into transforming your space. A sleek apartment is all about smart choices, like using space-saving furniture that hides clutter. Think coffee tables with drawers or ottomans with storage inside.

This move not only tidies up but also makes your place look sharp. And lighting? It’s a game-changer. Swap out old fixtures for modern lamps or install dimmer switches to instantly create mood lighting.

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For walls, a fresh coat of paint in light shades can make rooms appear bigger and brighter, while bold accent colors add character without overwhelming the space. Don’t forget the power of window treatments; they’re like the apartment’s suit and tie, adding finesse while providing much-needed privacy.

A man’s home should be his palace – effortlessly chic and always inviting.

Key Elements for a Luxe Apartment Look

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To nail a luxe apartment look, focus on key elements like bold paint and smart lighting. It’s about mixing classic pieces with modern vibes for that wow factor.

Choice of Paint and Wallpaper

Pick a deep, rich paint shade or high-quality wall covering to make your pad scream luxury. These choices add a touch of opulence to any room, making the space look more expensive than it is.

Go for textured finishes on walls, or use metallic hints in your wallpaper to bring sophistication and depth. This isn’t just about looks; selecting durable materials means your stylish backdrop will last longer.

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Sprinkle in some elegance with wallpapers that have subtle, classy patterns. A little metallic paint here and there also does wonders by injecting a luxurious vibe without overdoing it.

This approach ensures your apartment stands out with an upscale feel, even if you’re working with a tight budget. It’s all about creating an environment that feels both lavish and homely without breaking the bank.

Lighting Upgrades

Switch out old bulbs for modern ones to brighten up your space. According to Manhattan Neons, adding a neon sign can turn a dull room into a lively area. Think about installing dimmer switches too.

They let you adjust the light for reading or creating a chill vibe. Consider getting a custom neon sign that shows off your style or adds humor.

Next, go for elegant window treatments to control natural light and add privacy.

Elegant Window Treatments

Just like the right lighting can transform a room, so can elegant window treatments. They add texture, color, and privacy. Choose curtains that reflect the room’s use and meet your need for seclusion.

Proper fit is crucial; make sure they’re long enough to touch the floor and wide enough to cover the window fully.

The right curtain lifts a room from simple to chic.

Curtains that hang from ceiling to floor don’t just look luxurious; they make your space seem taller, too. For an instant apartment upgrade, go for roman shades or custom drapes that match your style.

This move alone can shift a bachelor pad into something out of a design magazine.

Incorporation of Greenery

Plants make your apartment look rich without emptying your wallet. Choose easy-care greens like succulents, cacti, air ferns, and ferns to bring life into any room. These plants don’t ask for much but give back a lot in style and freshness.

Toss in some white flowers or house shrubs for that extra touch of luxe.

How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive

Keeping indoor foliage healthy shines a light on the care you put into your space. Fresh blossoms are like the cherry on top; they instantly spice up a bachelor pad with color and scent.

Moving onto how mirrors can change the game is next. They’re not just for checking out your reflection; placed right, they double down on making spaces feel larger and more open.

Mirror Placement Strategies

After adding some greenery, let’s shift focus to mirrors. They do more than just show how sharp you look today. Mirrors can be your secret weapon for making rooms feel bigger and brighter.

Place a large mirror on the wall opposite a window. This trick bounces light around, filling the room with sunshine even on cloudy days. It’s like magic but simpler.

You can also use mirrors to break up a plain room without knocking down walls. Try hanging several smaller mirrors in a pattern. This creates an interesting focal point and adds character without cluttering up space with more stuff.

And for an instant touch of class, lean an oversized mirror against a bedroom or living room wall. It gives off that chic, expensive vibe we’re all aiming for without breaking the bank.

Antique Wood Furniture Selection

Antique wood furniture adds a splash of elegance to any room. Pick pieces that tell a story and bring character. These old treasures can transform your space into a place of luxury and warmth.

Think big, like an oak dining table or a walnut chest for the living room.

A piece of antique wood furniture in the room is like having a wise old storyteller; it brings depth and tales of yesteryear.

Choose wisely, focusing on quality and history. Don’t just grab any old chair or table. Look for items that mix well with modern comfort, but still show their age gracefully. This blend will make your apartment not just look expensive but feel rich with stories too.

Budget-Friendly Tips for a High-End Apartment Vibe

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Making your apartment scream “expensive” doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Small changes can lead to big impact, like switching out couch cushions for king-size ones or hanging curtains closer to the ceiling to make rooms feel taller.

Finding deals on second-hand statement pieces or adding a splash of paint can also work wonders. Check out more tricks that keep both style and budget in mind.

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Upsizing Pillows: King for a Queen Bed

Switch out your regular pillows for king-size on that queen bed. It’s a game changer. This simple move adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to any bedroom. Think about it, larger pillows look more luxurious and inviting.

Plus, going for down pillows that you can fluff up or “chop” adds another layer of polish. No need for fancy tricks or big spending.

Adding silk pillowcases to those bigger pillows ups the ante even more. Silk screams luxury and doesn’t have to break the bank. Your bedroom instantly feels like a high-end hotel room.

And here’s a bonus: silk is great for your skin and hair while you sleep – talk about killing two birds with one stone!

High-Hanging Curtains for an Elevated Look

After boosting your bed’s appeal with king-sized pillows, take the style to your windows. Hanging curtains high and letting them brush the floor can make any room look more polished.

This simple trick fools the eye into seeing taller ceilings and bigger windows. It’s like wearing a well-tailored suit; everything looks sharper.

For an instant feeling of luxury, choose custom drapes that reach from top to bottom. They not only hide less attractive parts of your windows but also add an air of sophistication.

Think of it as giving your apartment a pair of elegant shoes that match perfectly with every outfit—those high-hanging curtains will elevate every glance towards your windows, making the entire space seem grander.

Proper Rug Sizing for Your Space

Getting the right rug size can make or break your room’s look. For a living room, stick to standard sizes like 8×10, 9×12, or 10×14 feet. Make sure the front legs of your couch and chairs are on the rug.

This trick ties everything together. Leave about 6 inches of space on each side of your furniture for perfect balance.

In the bedroom, especially if you have a queen-size bed, go for an 8×10 foot rug. It’s big enough to step onto when you roll out of bed but won’t swallow the whole floor. This sizing detail adds that touch of comfort without losing style points.

Next up: making a statement with art and mirrors in your stylish pad

Statement Art and Mirrors

After picking the perfect rug for your space, it’s time to focus on walls. Adding big art pieces and mirrors can turn a plain room into a showcase. Think of your wall as a blank canvas.

You wouldn’t leave it empty, right? Large paintings or photographs instantly grab attention and speak volumes about your style without saying a word.

Mirrors are not just for checking your look. They make rooms feel bigger and brighter by bouncing light around. Place a large mirror opposite a window to double the natural light in your bachelor bedroom or living area.

Also, arranging attractive decanters near these statement pieces adds an extra layer of chicness without breaking the bank. This trick is simple but effective in jazzing up any apartment decorating ideas you have in mind.

Metallic Accents for Luxury

Toss in some gold and silver touches, and watch your apartment shine with elegance. It’s not rocket science. Swap out dull hardware on furniture or kitchen cabinets for shiny metallic finishes.

A small change, yet it packs a punch. Think about adding some sparkle too. Crystals and gold items aren’t just for kings anymore.

Gold is the new black.

Create scenes in your living space with metallic trinkets to catch the eye. These vignettes act like visual stories that make guests go, “wow.” And don’t worry about spending big bucks; these glamorous upgrades are friendly on the wallet but still scream luxury.

Elevating Apartment Aesthetics on a Budget

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Turning your apartment into a posh space doesn’t have to drain your pockets. With creativity, you can make big changes without spending much. Think DIY decor projects where your hands do the magic, or hunt for lavish deals at bargain prices.

Even those high-quality second-hand finds can add a dash of luxury. It’s all about making smart choices that elevate every corner of your home without breaking the bank. So, roll up your sleeves and start transforming your space on a budget! Keep reading to discover how simple it is to live in elegance without spending a fortune.

DIY Decor Projects

Upgrading your apartment doesn’t have to drain your wallet. With a few DIY decor projects, you can add elegance and style without spending a lot.

  1. Frame your memories: Pick up some frames from thrift stores and add photo mats for an instant luxe feel. This trick makes your walls look more polished and personal.
  2. Pillow talkSwap out those flat, lifeless pillows for choppable down ones. It’s a small change with big comfort that also makes your sofa look more inviting.
  3. Create a mirrored masterpiece: Grab an inexpensive mirror and add a custom wooden frame around it. It’s not just for checking out how good you look; it makes the room feel bigger too.
  4. Bottle beautyGather interesting bottles or jars, clean them with Method brand dish soap for that sparkle, then use them as vases or decorative pieces. Matching sets create harmony in the room.
  5. Custom curtain call: Instead of buying curtains off the shelf, make yours from fabric that matches your style. You get exactly what you want and save money in the process.
  6. Light it upReplace dull light switches with elegant ones to instantly elevate the room’s ambiance.
  7. Rug revamp: A well-placed living room rug can tie the space together. Try stitching smaller rugs into one large area rug for an exclusive touch that costs less.
  8. Bookcase overhaul: Paint or wallpaper the back of a bookshelf for an eye-catching pop of color or texture.
  9. Shower powerUpgrade your shower head to a luxurious model for better pressure and aesthetics—it feels like a spa experience every time.
  10. Green thumb gallery: Plant indoor greenery in unique containers like baby changing tables turned nightstands or old books hollowed out as planters—green is always chic.

With these simple projects, you turn basic into brilliant without breaking bank accounts open wide!

Bargain Hunting for Luxury Deals

After rolling up your sleeves for some DIY decor projects, the next step is sniffing out those luxury deals without emptying your wallet. Hit up local flea markets, thrift stores, and even online marketplaces for high-quality second-hand finds that scream elegance but whisper the price.

You’ll be surprised at what treasures you can unearth with a bit of patience and a keen eye – think vintage lamps that add character to your living room or an ornate mirror that makes your hallway look grand.

Scour sales events and clearance sections for brand-new items at a fraction of the cost, too. Opt for end-of-season sales where shops are eager to offload last season’s stock. Here’s where you might find that perfect bedroom rug or those custom curtains you’ve dreamed about, all within budget.

Remember, making your apartment radiate luxury isn’t about how much you spend, but how smartly you source pieces that elevate its aesthetics without breaking the bank.

High-Quality Second-Hand Finds

Thrifting isn’t just about saving a dime; it’s like treasure hunting for your pad. Imagine finding a vintage coffee table or an old-school bookshelf that adds character to your place without breaking the bank.

These pieces often come with their own stories, making your apartment look rich in history and style.

For those wanting to cleverly hide clutter, opt for second-hand storage units like antique chests or repurposed baby changing tables that double as nightstands. These finds are not only practical but add a layer of sophistication to any room.

By choosing wisely, you create a space that looks curated and expensive – all while sticking to your budget. So go ahead, make those smart picks at thrift stores or flea markets, and watch as your apartment transforms into an elegant home.

Upkeep of Your Chic Apartment

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Keeping your chic apartment looking sharp is easier than you think. It’s all about staying clean and giving your space little refreshes now and then.

Clutter-Free Living Spaces

Keeping your living area free of clutter makes a big difference. It’s like magic for making your space look expensive and welcoming. Use furniture that hides stuff you don’t need out all the time.

This could be couches with storage or coffee tables that double as chests. It’s smart and doesn’t cost much.

A neat trick is setting up small displays in different parts of your apartment. Group a few interesting items on a shelf or desk to catch the eye. This adds style without overcrowding the room with too many things.

Keep it simple for the best effect.

Decor Refresh Strategies

After tackling clutter, think about giving your space a new vibe. Start by swapping out heavy drapes for blinds that let the light pour in, making your place look airy and more spacious.

This simple trick changes the feel of any room without denting your wallet.

Next up, throw in some green buddies – indoor plants not only boost your mood but also add a dash of elegance to any corner they grace. A tall fern or a small succulent can make all the difference.

Don’t overlook the power of illumination, either; changing old bulbs to brighter LED options can transform dim rooms into welcoming spaces that scream luxury. And here’s a pro tip: moving furniture around costs nothing but can dramatically refresh how your apartment looks and feels.

So go ahead, give these strategies a shot and watch your apartment come alive with minimal effort and maximum impact.

FAQs About How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive

How can I make my apartment look more expensive on a tight budget?

Start by swapping out the basics for chic upgrades like plush, choppable pillows on your couch or using baby changing tables as sleek nightstands. It’s all about finding those clever interior design hacks that turn what you have into gold without breaking the bank.

What are some quick changes to lower my heating expenses while upgrading my apartment’s style?

Consider adding thick, woven nook curtains to keep the warmth in and give your space a cozy vibe. Also, replacing old shower heads with new, efficient ones can save on heating costs and add a touch of luxury to your bathrooms.

Can simple decor really transform my living space?

Absolutely! Lighting candles or drawing attention with illuminating décor pieces can change the feel of any room from “meh” to “wow.” It’s like giving your apartment a mini facelift without needing an interior designer.

Are there any quirky tips for making my bedroom furniture look high-end?

Yes! Try matching pillows or throws for a cohesive look, and don’t shy away from using unconventional items like baby changing tables as unique nightstands. Sometimes it’s the unexpected touches that make all the difference.

How do I start over decorating in a new city without spending too much?

First off, take it one step at a time – Rome wasn’t built in a day! Hunt down local thrift shops or online marketplaces for one-of-a-kind finds that won’t cost an arm and leg but will still scream chic and expensive. Remember, starting over means you get to reinvent your style piece by piece.



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