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Video games… the bane of Jack Thompson’s existence, and concerned parents everywhere. Fortunately we know better and absolutely love games. Here at Unfinished Man, you’ll find the latest videos, previews, reviews, and anything else even vaguely related to games, the gaming industry, and the rock-star game developers that create said games.

partying in boston

You’ve probably heard that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Las Vegas Tourism encourages visitors to live it up, let go, and just have fun. As much as I’d really like to visit because it seems like a fantastic place to people-watch, it’s not possible for me to take more than a few days off [...]

dark clouds ebook

I like to think of myself as a voracious reader, but I'm very particular about what I read. I spend a lot of time researching authors and books before diving in, and though this may not be the best way to go about it, this system has worked pretty well for me so far. So [...]

civilization beyond earth

Have you ever played any of Sid Meire's Civilization games? They've been around for ages, and though they always seemed like something I would enjoy, I just never got around to playing any of them. I think that's a shame, and this fall I'm going to give this franchise the attention it deserves. You see, [...]

watch dogs technology nvidia

Have you ever noticed how games seem to become uglier as they get closer to release? Strictly speaking, this isn't actually true. What's really happening is that the marketing departments of game studios think it's brilliant to only show the high resolution PC version of the game for most of the marketing material. This makes [...]

hotline miami 2 violence

Hotline Miami was one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable games I've ever played. When I finally gave it a try about a year ago, I did so with complete reluctance. For one thing, I was beyond drunk and didn't feel like doing much of anything, and secondly, I looked down on indie games. Most of [...]

alien isolation release date

It's been decades since Ridley Scott's Alien first hit the silver screen and wowed moviegoers the world over. I wasn't even born when it debuted. Since then we've seen a handful of Alien and Aliens inspired games and movies. Some have been good, some have been... not so good. But in my opinion, none of [...]

crappy old slot machine

Here at Unfinished Man, we believe a bit of gaming is good for one's health. I mean, we write about games so often that we have to find a way to justify it. As an example... MIT Associate Professor Natasha Schüll says that playing slots can actually cause some players to enter a creative flow state. [...]

watch dogs aiden walking

I'm feeling more reluctant to wantonly praise games with every passing day. The more I play, the more I'm disappointed... at least when it comes to AAA titles. Hitman: Absolution, THIEF, and so many others, all terrible... all virtually forgotten. It's a testament to the laziness of the AAA games industry, and I hope that [...]

occulus rift gaming

The future of virtual reality looks bright. If you haven't heard the news, Facebook just bought Oculus for approximately $2 billion dollars. Yes, you heard me right, Facebook. That's an interesting purchase for such a "risky new technology", don't you think? What prompted Facebook, a social media company, to spend all that money on a [...]

deus ex live action fan film

It wasn't so very long ago that I was completely obsessed with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Like... really obsessed. It was the long awaited sequel to one of my favorite games of all times, and I'm happy to say that it was every bit as enjoyable as I expected it to be. Unfortunately I couldn't [...]