How To Join Valorant Esports: Unlock Your Pro Path in 5 Steps

You want to turn your Valorant game time into a pro career. Good news: Riot Games just rolled out Premier, the new competitive mode in Valorant, paving your path to esports fame. This blog will guide you through five essential steps to leap from playing at home to competing on the pro stage.

Ready? Let’s start your journey.

Key Takeaways

To become a Pro Valorant player, play the game daily, focusing on improving aim, strategy, and teamwork. Use tools like Twitch for feedback on your gameplay.

Networking is crucial in Valorant esports. Join Discord servers related to Valorant and participate in forums and social media discussions to connect with other players.

Enter amateur tournaments by finding ones that match your schedule and skill level. After gaining confidence, try for Premier Contender Play-Offs between February and April.

Build a strong player profile by highlighting top achievements and skills on a gaming CV, alongside maintaining an engaging online presence through social media and content creation.

Qualify for Valorant Challengers by achieving Immortal 3 rank or higher, being at least 16 years old, keeping your account clean, forming a skilled team over 16 years of age, and shining in the Premier League before entering Challenger Open Qualifiers in January.

Pathway to Become a Valorant Pro Player

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So, you want to be a Valorant pro? It’s like climbing a mountain – first, you have to tie your shoes.

Skill Development

To become a pro Valorant player, grinding is key. Play the game every day. Focus on improving your aim, strategy, and teamwork. Watch tutorials from top esports coaches online. They share tips that can sharpen your skills faster.

Also, play against opponents better than you. This pushes you to up your game.

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Next step: analyze your gameplay. Use tools like Twitch to watch back your matches or stream live for feedback; it’s a goldmine of insights! See where you messed up and where you rocked it.

Keep notes on mistakes and victories alike. Practice makes perfect, but smart practice makes a pro gamer faster.


Networking is your golden ticket in the Valorant esports world. Think of it as making friends, but these pals can shoot virtual guns really well and know their way around a map better than anyone else.

You need to chat with other players, join forums, and maybe even slide into some DMs on social media. It’s all about who you know. So, grab your headset, join Discord servers related to Valorant, and start talking.

Share tips, celebrate wins together, and yes, sympathize over those heartbreaking losses.

By connecting with others, you’re not just building friendships; you’re crafting a network that can help propel you into tournaments where scouts might spot you. Remember Premier? That’s where networking pays off big time! Scouts are always on the lookout for fresh talent there.

Make sure they hear about you from multiple sources within the community – it could lead straight to recruitment opportunities or invites to participate in exclusive matches that aren’t open to just anyone.

After polishing those people skills, get ready to step up your game by entering amateur tournaments.

Participation in Amateur Tournaments

Jumping into amateur tournaments is like stepping onto the first rung of a ladder leading to your dreams in Valorant esports. It’s where skills meet opportunity and gamers forge their path to greatness. Here’s how you can make your mark:

  1. Find Tournaments That Fit: Start with local or online competitions. Websites like DraftKings often list esports contests, including those for beginners. Look for matches that align with your schedule and skill level.
  2. Bet on Your Success: As you dive into the world of Valorant esports, take a moment to acknowledge the broader ecosystem you’re stepping into. Beyond the battlegrounds, a vibrant community of fans engages with the game in various ways, including Valorant betting on match outcomes.
  3. Gear Up for Competition: Before you enter, check your equipment. A smooth-running computer and reliable internet mean fewer hiccups during play. In Valorant, every second counts.
  4. Study the Game: Know Valorant inside and out. Master different agents and their roles in combat. Understanding maps and strategies will give you an edge over opponents.
  5. Team Up: Valorant is a team game where teamwork triumphs. Find players who complement your style. Together, create strategies that synergize well on the battlefield.
  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Join scrimmages to hone your skills against other squads. Use these as a trial ground for new tactics without the pressure of official scores looming overhead.
  7. Analyze Your Play: After each tournament, review your gameplay. Identify strengths to build on and weaknesses to address before the next match.
  8. Stay Updated: New patches bring changes—new heroes, weapons, or maps adjustments can shake up strategies; stay informed not to get caught off guard.
  9. Get involved in Premier Contender Play – Offs between February and April if you’re ready to take a step further after gaining confidence from amateur tournaments—this could be your ticket into the professional scene via the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

Stepping onto this pathway requires focus, discipline, and an unyielding drive to improve after each match — traits that all great esports athletes share.

Now that you’ve got a grip on how amateur tournaments work, let’s see how to build a strong player profile that attracts attention.

Building a Strong Player Profile

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To stand out in the Valorant scene, you need more than just sharp shooting skills; your player portfolio should shine too. Think of it as your gaming resume – this is where you’ll showcase not only your wins, but also how well you play with others.

Creating a Gaming CV

Crafting a gaming CV is like building your own personal legend in the world of Valorant Esports. Start with highlighting your top achievements. Did you lead your team to victory in amateur esports tournaments? Or maybe you nailed a high rank like Immortal 3 or above.

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Put that front and center! Don’t forget to add any skills that make you stand out, like expert aim, strategic thinking, or being able to synergize well with any team.

If it’s badass and involves gaming, it goes on the CV.

Next up, add some personality to that resume. Teams are not just looking for skill; they want players who fit their vibe. Talk about times you’ve worked well under pressure or led a comeback from certain defeat.

Mention your favorite roles and how you’ve adapted to different game updates or challenges. This isn’t just another document; it’s the key unlocking doors in Valorant Esports—make sure it shows who you truly are as a player.

Building a Strong Online Presence

After putting together a gaming CV, it’s time to shine online. Start by making profiles on popular social media and streaming platforms. Use these spaces to share your game highlights, strategies, and achievements.

Keep everything updated. Engage with followers by responding to comments and joining game-related discussions. This interaction shows you’re active and approachable in the gaming community.

Next step: dive into content creation. Start a blog or YouTube channel focused on Valorant tactics, updates, or personal progress stories. Share these across your networks to draw more eyes to your skills.

Remember Premier as a chance to showcase talent? Use your online presence as a portfolio for that competition. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – you improve visibility while gearing up for bigger leagues.

How to Qualify for Valorant Challengers

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So you want to jump into the big leagues of Valorant esports? You’re aiming for the stars, and that’s exactly where you should set your sights. Here’s how to qualify for Valorant Challengers, step by step.

  1. Get really good at Valorant. Sounds obvious, right? But we’re talking top-notch skills here. To even think about Challengers, you need to reach Immortal 3 or higher in your rankings with fresh matches under your belt.
  2. Age matters in this game. You must be at least 16 years old if you’re eyeing the promotion tournament coming up in May.
  3. Keep your account clean and only yours. Don’t share it and don’t even think about smurfing—breaking these rules can get you kicked out before you even start.
  4. Team up smartly. Your squad needs to tick all the boxes: over 16, high-ranked, and ready to register in the Premier League as a unit.
  5. Dive into the Premier League first if you haven’t yet. This is where future stars get noticed, so make sure you shine bright here.
  6. Before January 10, 2024, ensure your competitive ranking is still Immortal 3 or loftier.
  7. Once your team is all set, sign up for those Challenger Open Qualifiers happening throughout January.
  8. Survive and thrive in Premier Contender Play – Offs from February to April because winners here get a golden ticket to the Challengers Promotion.
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Becoming a household name in Valorant esports is no small feat—it’s a challenging yet thrilling journey that demands dedication, skill, and teamwork above all else.

Advancing in Valorant Esports

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Climbing the ladder in Valorant Esports is like running up a down escalator; it’s tough, but oh so rewarding. Grab your gear and get ready to show the world what you’ve got!

Attending Open Tryouts

Open tryouts are your golden ticket into the big leagues of Valorant esports. Think of them as the music auditions but for gaming—show up, play your heart out, and impress the scouts watching.

Premier mode is where these tryouts shine, scouting new talent eager to make their mark. It’s like stepping onto a grand stage with all eyes on you, ready to showcase your skills.

If you want to turn heads at these tryouts, remember: it’s not just about how well you shoot or dodge; it’s about proving you’re a team player who can synergize under pressure.

Now get ready for scrimmages and pick-up games (PUGs) because that’s where you fine-tune your teamwork and game sense even further.

Participating in Scrimmages and PUGs

After trying out for teams, the next step is jumping into scrimmages and Pick Up Games (PUGs). This part is like the gym for gamers, where skills meet sweat.

Step onto the scrimmage field. Here, practice isn’t just a routine; it’s your battlefield. You’ll face players with different tactics, pushing you to adapt. Every match is a new lesson in strategy and teamwork.

Dive into PUGs next. Unlike scrims, these are less formal. Think of them as pickup basketball games, but for Valorant players. They’re great for testing out roles without the pressure.

Keep track of your progress. Just like a coach with a clipboard, use tools like match replays to see where you shine and where you need work. Did you nail that strategy? Great! Missed that shot? Time to hit the drawing board again.

Learn from every game. Each scrimmage or PUG is chock-full of insights on how top players move and make decisions. It’s like having front-row tickets to a master class every time you play.

Work on team dynamics. Valorant isn’t a solo trip; it’s about how well you dance with others. Scrimmages offer a safe space to learn this dance, teaching you when to lead and when to follow.

Stay consistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are pro Valorant skills. Regular participation in scrims and PUGs keeps your game sharp and your mind ready for anything.

Embrace feedback with open arms. After matches, chat with teammates or opponents about what went down. This feedback is gold dust for growing as a player.

Lastly, remember those Premier opportunities? They often start noticing players who stand out in scrims and PUGs. Keep grinding, and one of those spots could be yours.

Staying Informed and Adapting to New Challenges

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Valorant esports keeps changing, just like the seasons. Don’t let yourself get left behind in the dust! Keep an eye on the Premier League’s updates, since that’s where you need to shine if you’re dreaming of going pro.

The grass ain’t always greener on your side unless you water it with the latest news and strategies. Soak up all you can about changes in game mechanics or new ways to synergize with teammates.

Facing new challenges is part of the game, from dodging counter-strike tactics to mastering microtransactions without busting your bank. With every update, there’s a chance to leap ahead of others or slip if you’re not careful.

Stay sharp, read up and connect with other players who aim high too. Adaptation isn’t just reacting; it’s foreseeing changes before they happen and having a trick up your sleeve for every move your opponent makes.

FAQs About How To Join Valorant Esports

What’s the first step to diving into Valorant Esports?

Kick off your journey by mastering the basics of Valorant. Think of it as learning to walk before you run in a marathon. Just like how Dota 2 and Counter-Strike players train, you’ve got to synergize your skills with strategy.

How do I find a team that doesn’t think I’m just another newbie?

Showcase your skills and make some noise on social media or gaming forums! It’s like finding the perfect dance partner; sometimes, you have to twirl around a bit before you click with the right squad.

Is there more to joining Valorant Esports than just being good at the game?

Absolutely! Imagine if all it took was being fast on your feet – even my grandma would be an esports star then! You need to understand team dynamics, analyze games like a pro, and always stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Do I really stand a chance against those big-shot players in Valorant Esports?

Why not? Every giant tree started as a little seedling. With dedication, practice, and maybe sneaking in some secret moves from DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike for that extra edge – who says you can’t be the next big thing?




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