The Pursuit Half-Zip by Triple Aught Design


I’ve written about Triple Aught Design many times over the years. Simply put, they’re one of my favorite clothing brands. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit their clothes make me feel a little like Jason Bourne. I tend to gravitate towards “tactical clothes” because they’re often really well made, but they’re also also often quite… utilitarian. […]

Learn How to Break Down a Door

judge dredd kicking down a door

Ever wanted to learn how to kick down a door like Judge Dredd or Jason Bourne? Maybe you just lost your keys, or maybe you want to impress a friend by senselessly destroying your own door. Whatever your reason, there are always better ways to get that door open. Before Jason Bourne would even consider […]

Makr Shakr — Robot Bartenders Are Here… and They’re Amazing

makr shakr robot bartender

Do you know what I love about the future? Robots. The future is going to be absolutely riddled with robots. Robots to take care of our annoying children, robots we can ride into battle like super fast, super awesome cheetah like horses, and of course, robots to make us fancy drinks to help us forget […]

These Galaxy Beddings Are Truly Stellar


I’ve seen a lot of “galaxy” related products over the last year, and for good reason: space is pretty incredible. It’s full of stars, tachyons, and probably a lot of sexy aliens that we just haven’t found yet. If you’ve seen the overpriced galaxy leggings from Black Milk and the millions of knock-offs that they […]