What Happens When You Combine Faces of Hot Celebrities?


I’m not one to follow celebrity gossip – I’m too busy obsessing over video games – but I can definitely appreciate the result of a little creativity and technology. You see, artist Pedro Berg Johnsen – known as ThatNordicGuy on deviantArt – has taken celebrity photos and merged them to create beautiful hybrid people. Using […]

Have You Seen This Awesome Viral Marketing for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Deus Ex games. I’ve been playing them since the very beginning, and I’m excited at the direction that Eidos Montreal is taking the series. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks excellent, and my hype meter is off the charts with these new viral posters they’re plastering […]

Nico Wingtip Sneakers by Wolf vs Goat


As you might have noticed, I’m very picky about the fashion advice and garment suggestions I cover here on Unfinished Man. I try and provide advice that’s useful, and only cover garments and fashion accessories that I believe are stylish, durable, and of excellent value. Wolf vs Goat is one of those brands, and their […]

Rise of the Tomb Raider — How to Stealth ‘Advancing Storms’


When I was younger, my gaming play style often involved shooting everything that moved. It wasn’t such a bad strategy in an era of games like Doom and Wolfenstein; after all, the games weren’t especially complicated and really, there wasn’t much else you could do. But times have changed. These days, most games offer a […]

The VIZIO SB-3821 Made Me Love Soundbars…

vizio soundbar review

One of the biggest problems with immersive sound systems is that they take up a lot of room. You have the front speakers, the rears, and a sub-woofer, and they’re often large, unwieldy, and free standing. They can sound fantastic, but the cost – both in terms of space requirements and price – is high. […]

MSI Says There’s a Gamer in Everyone…


Did you know that even a woman can be a gamer? It’s true! In fact, even a female flight attendant can be a hardcore gamer, and with a handle like “XxXHardc0r3NOObxXx” none the less. Times are changing. So here’s the thing: I know you think I’m kidding, and you’re partially right. I’m poking fun at […]