Basement Jaxx — Never Say Never Featuring… Tw3rkbot 1.0

basement jaxx never say never

There are many things I love about the Internet, but one of my absolute favorites is just how much it has exposed me to new music. When I was a teenager, I mostly listened to dolphin sounds and movie soundtracks. No, I’m not even joking… believe me, I wish I were. The Internet – and […]

Giveaway — Win a ‘Huntsman Henley’ from Triple Aught Design


Perhaps you’ve noticed, things look a little different around here. Last week we launched a brand new design, and we’re happy to say that we’ve gotten a great reception to the new changes. We’ve worked out most of the showstopper bugs, and we’ll continue to roll out fixes and improvements over the coming weeks. But […]

How to Bake Bacon – Can Bacon Really Be More Delicious?

baking bacon

You know what the problem with bacon is? Absolutely nothing. It’s a delicious, highly nutritious addition to any man’s breakfast. There’s truly nothing finer than the taste of thinly sliced dead pig. But you know what? Cooking bacon is kind of annoying. If you want it to taste good, you need to just stand there […]

Create a Thunderstorm in Your Home With a Cloud Lamp

thunder lightning cloud lamp

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you would pull your teddy close and cower under your blanket as thunder roared in the distance? No? Me neither. Anyone scared of thunderstorms is a big baby or a dog, and the dog is the only one that has a legitimate excuse. Me? I loved […]

Everyone Can Have Freedome – F-Secure’s VPN Review

f-secure freedom android app

Everyone wants to be free… free to communicate privately with friends and family… free to take photos of their hard, chiseled chest without someone peeking over their digital shoulder, marveling at a photo they were never meant to see. Freedom and privacy go hand in hand, and now – perhaps more than ever – we […]

The Abyss Table – When You Gaze Into An Abyss…

abyss table

“And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche It’s not often that I write about furniture, but I think it’s immediately obvious that The Abyss Table isn’t just any old coffee table… it’s an incredible piece of art. Created by Christopher Duffy and his design team in […]

Let’s Cut Open Fireworks… Because That Seems Safe!


Remember that video I posted showing a drone flying through a fireworks show? Pretty cool, right? It gave us a unique view of something that just about everyone loves, colorful explosions. Fireworks are beautiful, but have you ever seen what they look like from the inside? No, of course you haven’t; chances are good that […]