You are not Alone: Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and Timur Tillyaev’s Foundation for Children in Need

Timur Tillyaev is a businessman in the transportation industry and husband of well-known Uzbek diplomat and philanthropist Lola Karimova-TillyaevaLola Tillyaeva served as Uzbektistan’s premanent representative to UNESCO for ten years and and is now known for the charitable organizations and not-for-profit projects she runs. Together with spouse Timur Tillyaev, Lola has been tireless in promoting the rich cultural heritage of her native land as well as championing the cause for some of Uzbekistan’s poorest families.

Timur and Lola Tillyaeva’s work

Timur Tillyaev and his wife Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva are both big advocates for helping disadvantaged children and furthering cultural understanding. That is why over the last two decades the couple have been actively involved with charitable organizations that have made a difference to the lives of hundreds of children in Uzbekistan.

Together, Timur and Lola Tillyaeva founded both the You Are Not Alone foundation and the National Center for the Social Adaptation of Children. Both of these organizations are aimed at supporting children with special needs and have to date helped thousands of children from Uzbekistan.

A firm believer in the powerful role sport can play in bridging cultures, in 2005 Lola founded the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan (GFU), a national sports that works to raise the profile of Uzbek gymnastics internationally and promote gender equality in sports. During her 13-year Presidency of the Federation, several gymnastic centres were opened in more remote regions of Uzbekistan. In 2016 Mrs Karimova-Tillyaeva was awarded the International Olympic Committee’s “Women and Sport” diploma in recognition of her contribution to promoting gender equality in sport.

Aside from her charitable work, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva is also the visionary behind The Harmonist, a perfume house inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. The brand pioneers the empowerment of the inner self and seeks to engender ultimate harmony through the subtle power of scent. The company is also involved with many philanthropic causes, including the acclaimed Droplet presented by The Harmonist. The Droplet is a multisensory art installation project that highlights the importance of water and the urgency of issues relating to global warming. 

You Are Not Alone Foundation

Founded in 2002 by Timur Tillyaev and Lola Karimova, the You Are Not Alone foundation is committed to helping improve the lives of children in need. Over the years, the charitable organization has provided orphaned and abandoned children with the highest standards of care through psychological support, medical care, education and skills training that will give them opportunities for a brighter future. 

The Foundation has renovated and refurbshed a number of Mercy Homes (orphanages) all across Uzbekistan. These comfortable homes have been kitted out with well-equipped classrooms, modern furniture and recreation areas as well as medical bays. Some have been specially tailored to meet the needs of special needs children

One of the most important areas of the Foundation’s work is supporting children’s education and so in 2004 Timur Tillyaev and Lola Tillyaeva went on to found an Education Center. This center helps children develop some valuable skills for their future, including critical thinking and public speaking. They also provide facilities to assist children learn creative skills, such as dancing, singing and painting. The Education Centre is open to residents at the Mercy Homes and any children from low-income families, as well as those with disabilities. 

You Are Not Alone Foundation provides children with legal, social and psychological support even after they have spread their wings and left the Mercy Homes. Once the young adults graduate from the Mercy Homes, they are helped with finding new accommodation or getting jobs. To date, the foundation has successfully motivated and helped over 240 of its graduates to apply for universities and colleges in Uzbekistan. Overall, the charity has helped over 8,000 children with special needs and is continuing to grow.




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