Women Wearing Men’s Clothes: What Do You Think?

There is no denying that women have come a long way in the past few centuries. This is especially true for black women. Not only did these women overcome slavery, but they also overcame the traditional hardships that the average woman faces in the workplace and household. Even though women have come a long way and sexual orientation is viewed in a different light these days there are still some taboos out there surrounding the modern woman. One such taboo is that of wearing men’s clothes. Women do it all the time in the comfort of their own homes, but is this an acceptable practice for the public and the workplace?

The Button-Down Shirt

If there is one piece of clothing that has become almost a necessity for the average women it is the men’s button-down shirt. And, this is completely understandable. Sure, this product is also offered in a similar fashion in the ladies’department, but there is one major difference. And, that difference is the very reason that women opt for the men’s style button-down shirt. Women’s button-down shirt comes with those pesky hems that make the garment look more fitted. You know the pesky liner that is always getting into your rib cage. The men’s version of this shirt does not include these seams and also provides a much slouchier look.

The Tuxedo Blazer

It doesn’t matter if you are headed out for a night on the town or you are headed for a weekend getaway to play poker on the stop, any woman cannot go wrong with the tuxedo blazer. There is just something about a woman in an oversized tuxedo blazer that screams chic. And, the best part is that this piece of clothing will go with just about everything from a pair of jeans to a formal gown. Just remember if the arms turn out to be a little bigger than imagined, you can always have them taken in professionally.

Boyfriend Jeans

What women doesn’t love throwing on her boyfriend’s jeans when she is lounging around the home or working in the garden? Well, what if you could turn these jeans into a real style that could be worn every day? That is exactly what women from all around the globe did last year. It seemed like more and more women went to the men’s department, bought a pair of men’s jeans, cut them off at the legs, and made them their own. That being said, if the jeans are a little oversized it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need a cut. If you are the type of woman that can embrace the oversized look then, by all means, go for it.

Oversized Coats

Speaking of oversized clothes, the oversized coat is another perfect example of a piece of attire that will suit any woman. The cocoon coat is especially popular and will probably continue to be so for the following coming seasons. These coats are also growing in popularity because they only cost a fraction of what one would pay for a traditional woman’s coat today.




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