Why Sectional is the Best Couch for Single Housemates

The single life is a fun time for everyone, but living alone as a bachelor is often lonely and simply unappealing. When you share a house with other single friends, you can have fun every day enjoying your favorite activities from gaming to streaming and beyond. And when you have a lot of roommates or a big group of friends, extra seating is a must.

A sectional is the best way to meet that need. There are so many different types of sectionals available that you are sure to find one that meets your needs. Here are some of the best reasons to have a sectional to share with your roommates, as well as the top features to look for.

Entertainment center

A large entertainment center with stereo equipment, video game consoles, cable boxes, DVD players, and other peripherals. A sectional centered around this entertainment center is the best way to enjoy it. Multiple people can sit directly in front of the television. Enjoy movie marathons or any other media you might enjoy with your pals.

Hidden storage

Single young people are always in a hurry to clean things up when a company is coming. Whether you are trying to impress your parents or a girl, hidden storage is a great way to help you reduce clutter. Ottomans and benches also have interior storage, but if you only have room for the sectional, they may not fit in the space.

Many sectionals have hidden interior storage, even if it is just a console in the center of the sectional between two seats. The storage might be large enough to store some of your video games and such, or it might only be big enough to accommodate remotes and other items needed while in front of the television.

Key features loved by bachelors

Some furniture is expected in a house shared by young single men based on stereotypes. But like most stereotypes, these often stand true. Bachelors love to have recliners, and some sectionals come with recliners on at least the end seat. This can be more practical than buying Barcaloungers.

Another feature that single guys love is built-in cup holders. This isn’t available on all sectionals, but you can find some couch sectionals on sale that offer this as an option. When you purchase modular sectionals, you can pick and choose which pieces work best for your purposes.

Make one side of the sectional a chaise

Especially if the main sectional seating is broken up with a console, storage, or cup holders, one side of the sectional should be a chaise. If you want to be able to curl up with your girlfriend for a stay-in movie date, a chaise on the sectional gives you a comfortable place to stretch out and cuddle. A chaise on one side is also helpful if you end up having overnight guests after an all-night party.



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