Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

While not every marriage ends with formal divorce proceedings, chances are you’re reading this guide because you’re not a part of this fortunate statistic. But, regardless if you’re getting a divorce for the first or third time, any divorce proceedings, contested or uncontested, take an emotional toll on you and your children.

Getting a divorce means a new beginning, regardless of who’s at fault. And your new beginning means getting everything you’re entitled to.

You’ve given up years of your life and sacrificed your career to make your marriage work, so give it a few minutes to understand how invaluable a divorce lawyer is. Through this emotional transition, the right divorce lawyer helps ensure you get the alimony, child support, and assets you deserve.

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer  

A divorce attorney operates under the umbrella of family law. Throughout the entire divorce process, both spouses hire a divorce attorney to represent them and protect their interests, like child custody.

Also, each state has unique divorce proceedings laws. So, hiring a family lawyer is essential to help you navigate the complexities of the divorce process. Also, a divorce attorney ensures that all the paperwork is filed correctly and on time.

And in a period where you don’t know who you can trust, a divorce lawyer is in your corner. And depending if you are still on good terms with your spouse, a divorce attorney can settle matters outside of court.

But if there aren’t any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, a contested divorce can take up to a year to resolve. Therefore, a critical step in divorce proceedings is serving your spouse with the proper divorce process papers. 

If you don’t have the emotional strength to serve them or your spouse is incommunicado, a divorce lawyer helps on your behalf.

A Divorce Lawyer Understands Asset Allocation

Some divorce proceedings might only need to resolve simple assets like homes and cars. But for more complex divorce proceedings like stocks, bonds, and child custody, you need a divorce lawyer.

Sometimes disputes might arise about who’s entitled to which asset. For this, you can refer to your divorce lawyer for clarification.

Also, a savvy divorce attorney knows that a spouse might be hiding assets. A reliable divorce attorney has the sophisticated channels to unearth hidden assets for your financial gain.  

A Divorce Lawyer for Child Custody

A family law court determines which parent is the best fit for child custody matters. A divorce lawyer is your right hand and your emotional rock during this sensitive matter.

Also, a level-headed divorce attorney advises you on the appropriate strategy for child custody. And if you win the custody dispute, your divorce attorney fights to get you the child support you deserve.

A Divorce Lawyer for Domestic Violence  

Unfortunately, millions of women annually suffer from domestic violence. If domestic violence is the reason for your divorce proceedings, a divorce attorney can help get the appropriate restraining orders.

Also, a divorce lawyer proves with evidence that the other spouse is at fault. This is a crucial step for procuring the assets you deserve.

More About a Divorce Lawyer  

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  1. Since my cousin has been considering divorcing her husband for personal reasons, I decided to look into resources that may be useful to her. It’s good that you mentioned how hiring a divorce lawyer can not only make the process less complicated for you but also make sure the paperwork is filed properly. I’ll be sure to let her know about this and suggest that she hire one so that everything goes smoothly. I’ll look into divorce lawyers who could help her with this.


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