Why Are Comments So Important for Social Media Users?

Social media is the latest step in the evolution of modern communication. Thanks to it, the world continues to get smaller in size and it increasingly becomes easier for people to build relationships of all kinds with those located in other parts of the world, with whom it would have been impossible to connect with in bygone days. Communication is a key function of social media and it is also a key part in helping its development. It is only through communication that ideas can be discussed, opinions can be shared and opportunities can be developed.

Social media is a hub for this kind of interaction as it has billions of users spread throughout the world who are willing to contribute. With this being the case, it is no wonder that social media continues to grow in terms of numbers at a brisk pace while it also continues to expand into new areas, reaching out and becoming part of new ventures and continuously leading the way with exciting ideas. What’s more, people are literally paying for people to communicate with each other, with it being possible to buy Instagram likes and comments if you desire even more chances to engage with other users. We will have more on that later on. For now, we will look at the importance of comments themselves and the role they play in communication on social media.

What are comments and where do they come from?

As we have mentioned, social media is all about getting in touch with other people and getting information about what they are all about. Comments are the easiest way to do so as they allow the user to leave a message for all the world to see. This comment is beneath the post in question that has captured the user’s attention. The message can be of any type; it is up to the user writing it to decide. It can be complimentary or critical, it can be a question or a statement. It all depends on the user who has felt the urge to send a message and what has piqued their interest about the particular content.

The main thing from the user receiving the message is to be aware that their content has illicited a reaction from another user, enough so that they have made the extra effort to write down a comment and send it to you. Because of this, it is important to take the time to respond to the comment and address the message it contains seriously and promptly. Not doing so may leave you with a reputation of being ignorant of other users’ concerns. On the other hand, by replying to comments, you will earn a reputation as someone who is happy to receive comments and as someone who is open to engaging with other users.

What purpose do they serve?

In the world of social media, the key to success comes down to interaction. This means that in order to become a big name, you need to have as many users as possible engaging with your profile and its content. Comments represent just one form of interaction but they are a very important form. This is mostly down to the fact that while comments may count as a form of interaction, they also tend to generate even more of it. The right comment can draw a lot attention to your account by means of additional views, likes and even more comments. With this in mind, comments are quite a powerful form of interaction. Comments can also be used to tag users and bring their attention to a particular post. The added engagement factor provided by comments makes them an essential feature.

How can you get them?

Like everyone else, you will now surely be curious as to how you can get more comments. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Using hashtags and locations

Hashtags are short one- or two-word phrases that help categorise posts and get them more attention. It is recommended that you use up to eleven hashtags per post as this gives you the chance to mix general and specific ones as a means of catching the attention of users who express an interest in content using those hashtags. These posts will also appear in the results for people who search for them. Similarly, locations can be used for posts that are aimed at a specific location or are related to a specific location, again helping the social network in question bring it to the attention of people who are there.

Running competitions

This is a simple way to get comments but it works a treat. Simply run a competition where users have to reply with a comment to enter. The comment may be in answer to a particular question or it just be a comment saying that the user in question wants to enter the competition. It is a sure-fire to get plenty of comments.

Paying for comments

When all else fails, this is the one method that is guaranteed to get your comments. There are numerous websites out there which provide social media users with the chance to pay for comments, as well as other features, as these can be added as the user in question wishes in order to raise the level of interaction with their profile.



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