Who is Author Andrew Ferebee, and How He’s Changing the Lives of Men

Andrew Ferebee is an author and a men’s relationship coach. He narrates how he has suffered many challenges affecting men and how he made it through. Growing up, he was an ordinary guy with no unique advantages who faced numerous struggles with women. He tells how his girlfriend left him for another man. Andrew began a ten-year journey to discover what it means to be a strong, healthy, and attractive man. He interviewed over 400 leading life and relationship coaches. He also sought insight from many successful entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, artists, and others who created their version of success on their terms.

Ferebee notes that many men struggle with what it means to be a strong man in the modern world. The suicide rate is 3.5 times higher in men than women, and the divorce rate has remained around 50% for decades. Men struggle in relationships and marriages, falling into vices and addictions to mask their emotions and internal struggles. Most solutions available to men are too extreme, creating jerks, misogynists, or men who give up on women altogether and live a life of singlehood. The solutions sometimes are too weak, creating soft, vulnerable men who put women on a pedestal.

Andrew’s article, 10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Men’s Coach, highlights why men need help. In this and many other articles, he offers real solutions that help men in the modern world. The solutions aim to make men into strong, grounded men that women love and adore. Andrew has racked up a lot of accomplishments from his work, including ten million+ downloads on the podcast Knowledge For Men. The podcast is ranked among the top 150 podcasts on Spotify. Another notable achievement is that he sold 150 thousand+ books self-published on Amazon. His blog, knowledgeformen.com, has a million visits per year. Andrew also offers coaching programs and courses for men. He built his mission-driven company by doing what he loves while helping men in their lives and relationships.

Losing his father, girlfriend, and close friend unexpectedly all in a one-month period and dealing with a chronic illness was a significant setback for Andrew. However, he overcame these by learning the ‘Amor Fati’ concept and trusting that the challenges were a lesson to be learned for growth. He notes that he used the pain to fuel his growth, using the experiences as lessons to become stronger.

Through his hard work, Andrew is determined to write more books that challenge the status quo and offer men real solutions. He also wants to grow his client base and increase podcast growth to a million monthly downloads. His main goal is to significantly impact the lives of his clients with real-world results and not just talk about issues in a circle.

Andrew is making his name in the industry by positively impacting male lives. He offers you a chance to choose freedom, exercise it, and know what to do with it. After a certain point of success in one’s career it’s best to shift and prioritize health, lifestyle, and relationships which will yield greater levels of happiness and life satisfaction than any promotion or deal closed, is one of the major lessons you’ll learn from him.



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