Who Are The World’s Most Popular Interior Designers

A recent survey has revealed Nate Berkus as the most popular interior designer in the world. The research was conducted by graphic design experts Design Bundles, who found that Berkus is the subject of around 49,500 online searches every month. Berkus is an American designer that has reached large audiences through his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which is the highest-rated daytime talk show in American history.

The survey analysed the average online search volume for 100 interior designers, to find the number of Google searches that each designer receives per month.

Top ten most popular interior designers in the world

Two of the results featured a brand name rather than the name of the interior designer themselves.

Along with running a successful interior design company, Nate Berkus has also found fame on Nate & Jeremiah by Design, which he co-hosts with his husband, Jeremiah Brent. In addition to the high number of searches that Berkus has received, Brent is ranked as the third most popular interior designer, thanks to around 33,100 Google searches per month.

Berkus and Brent aren’t the only interior designers that have found fame on television shows. Bobby Berk, who is the second most searched for interior designer, has worked on the reality show Queer Eye since 2018. This American designer gives advice to members of the public, alongside four other lifestyle specialists collectively known as The Fab Five.

Berk started his own interior design company in 2006 and has since expanded his services to offer bespoke work for clients working in hospitality and commercial areas. Thanks to his expertise and presence on the small screen, Berk receives around 40,500 Google searches each month.

Alongside Berkus, Berk and Brent, the fourth most popular interior designer is another American – Kelly Wearstler. With an average of 27,100 online searches each month, Wearstler has around 6,000 fewer Google searches than Jeremiah Brent per month. However, around 12,300 internet users more a month google Wearstler’s name than the next design brand in the list, Jungalow. But this brand, owned by Justina Blakeney, is still googled around 14,800 times every month.

Kelly Wearstler and Justina Blakeney are two of the only women to be featured in the top ten most popular interior designers list. The third and final female name to feature on the list is Style by Emily Henderson, whose name has been googled around 4,400 every month. This is also the second brand name to feature in the survey, along with Jungalow.

Other popular interior designers that made the list include the likes of Luis LaPlace, Axel Vervoordt and Philippe Starck. Luis LaPlace is the sixth most popular designer, as well as the final name to have been googled over 10,000 times per month. Vervoordt has a slightly lower search volume with around 8,100 on average every month, whilst Starck is googled around 5,400 times.

Peter Marino, at the bottom of the table, gets around 49,500 fewer Google searches for his name than Nate Berkus each month. At 72-years old, Marino is one of the oldest interior designers to appear on the list.

Below is a table showing the most popular interior designers based on the approximate average number of searches that each name gains per month.

Interior Designer     Approximate average number of searches (per month)     
Nate Berkus  49,500  
Bobby Berk  40,500  
Jeremiah Brent  33,100  
Kelly Wearstler  27,100  
Jungalow  14,800  
LaPlace  12,100  
Axel Vervoordt  8,100  
Philippe Starck  5,400  
Style by Emily Henderson  4,400  
Peter Marino  3,600 

A spokesperson for Design Bundles, which commissioned the research, said: “When you look at search data, it’s fascinating to see who comes up as the USA’s most in-demand interior designers. While there are many iconic American favourites – Bobby Berk and Kelly Wearstler – the presence of designers such as Philippe Starck and Luis LaPlace shows the power of the European influence”. 

Top ten highest-earning interior designers on Instagram

Top ten highest earning interior designers on Instagram scaled

Bobby Berk has gained a large cult following thanks to his work on Queer Eye, as well as his television appearances on The Masked Singer and Lip Sync Battle. His self-titled interior design company features prominently on his Instagram account, which has 2.8 million followers. Berk is the most followed interior designer on the social media platform, as well as the highest earning. He can get paid an average of $7,505 per sponsored post on Instagram.

The second highest-earning interior designer on Instagram is Kelly Wearstler, who has a follower count of 1.6 million. This large following means that Wearstler can earn an average of $4,408 per sponsored post. Both the Jungalow and Style By Emily Henderson brands have a follower count of around 1.5 million. However, whilst Justina Blakeney and her company can earn an average of $4,177 per sponsored post, Emily Henderson and her brand earn only $3,760 on average.

Despite the number of online searches that Jeremiah Brent receives each month, he only has 774,000 followers on Instagram. This means that he earns an average of $3,080 per sponsored post. Brent’s husband, Nate Berkus, has 1.1 million followers and yet the survey revealed that he only earns an average of $3,004 per post on average. This is $76 less than his husband, despite the fact that he has 226,000 more followers!

The table below shows the number of Instagram followers that each interior designer has, as well as the amount that they can earn on average through sponsored posts.

Interior Designer No. of Instagram followers $ per sponsored post 
Bobby Berk 2.8m 7,505 
Kelly Wearstler 1.6m 4,408 
Jungalow 1.5 m 4,177 
Style By Emily Henderson 1.5 m 3,760 
Jeremiah Brent 774k 3,080 
Nate Berkus 1.1m 3,004 
Axel Vervoordt 408k 1,623 
Philippe Starck 273k 1,587 
Peter Marino 77k 411 
LaPlace 42.3k 285 

Axel Vervoodrdt earns the seventh-highest amount for his sponsored posts on Instagram. His 408,000 follower count means that Vervoordt can charge companies an average of $1,623 per sponsored post. The final interior designer on the list that earns over $1,000 per post is Philippe Starck. This French designer makes an estimated $1,587 for each sponsored post that he shares with his 273,000 followers on Instagram.

Whilst Peter Marino ranked last in terms of being the most googled interior designer, this American designer was able to bag ninth place as the most paid interior designer on Instagram. Marino gets paid an average of $411 per sponsored post, thanks to his following of 77,000 users on Instagram.

The lowest-paid interior designer of the top ten ranking is LaPlace. Despite the fact that LaPlace was the sixth most popular interior designer in terms of Google searches, LaPlace only has 42,300 followers on Instagram. This modest following can still earn Luis LaPlace an estimated $285 per sponsored post.



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