What to Wear on a Cruise to Alaska: Dress Smart & Stay Warm

Packing for an Alaska cruise puzzles many. Weather swings demand smart, warm attire. This article guides on essential clothes and gear to stay cozy, yet stylish at sea and ashore.

Keep reading for top tips.

Key Takeaways

Layer your clothes, starting with warm base layers like thermals or fleece, and add waterproof outerwear to stay dry in Alaska’s rainy weather.

Choose comfy shoes for walking and make sure you have water-resistant boots for outdoor adventures. Dress shoes are key for formal nights on the cruise.

Pack hats, gloves, and scarves to protect against cold winds, especially if your trip includes glacier tours or outdoor activities in cooler months.

For daytime wear, light breathable layers work best. Add long-sleeve shirts and sweaters under a jacket, as temperatures can change quickly.

Evening looks should include smart casual outfits or more formal attire for special events onboard. Don’t forget warm accessories to stay cozy at night.

Essential Clothing for an Alaskan Cruise

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Dressing right for an Alaskan cruise means layering up and staying dry. Think warm underclothes, rainproof jackets, comfy shoes, and gear to keep your head, hands, and neck cozy.

Base Layers for Warmth

Pack base layers for warmth. These should be thermals or fleece tights. They keep you warm under your clothes. Alaska can get very coldeven in summer months like May and June. Thick wool sweaters are good for September when it’s colder.

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Wool socks pull moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and warm. It’s a must to have several pairs for your trip. Next, think about waterproof outerwear to stay dry outside.

Waterproof Outerwear Essentials

Alaska’s weather is tricky. Unlike other cruise destinations, it rains often. A waterproof rain jacket keeps you dry and happy. Make sure your coat is also waterproof. This matters a lot in August when rain likes to surprise visitors.

Your top layer must stop water from getting you wet.

Bring different types: a trench coat for city walks, an anorak for adventures, and water-resistant pants always help. Rain jackets and ponchos are useful too; they easily fit over any outfit.

Don’t forget each piece of clothing should work against the rain but also be easy to move in during hikes or tours.

Next up, choose shoes wisely for these conditions…

Comfortable and Versatile Footwear

For your Alaskan cruise, choose shoes that work hard and play hard. Gortex Merrell hikers keep feet dry on slick trails and rainy docks, perfect for excursions or exploring ports like Ketchikan.

Sneakers offer comfort on deck and during casual outings, while dress shoes are a must for evening events aboard Koningsdam or any elegant dinner setting.

Pack waterproof boots or shoes for adventure days – think glacier tours or hikes through Tongass National Forest. Book flights early to secure the best rates for traveling to your cruise departure point. Dress smart with versatile footwear options: sneakers for daytime treks, casual shoes for onboard lounging, and dress shoes to elevate evening attire.

Next up? Keeping warm from head to toe with hats, gloves, and scarves is crucial.

Necessary Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

Pack hats that shield you from both sun and cold. Choose ones that cover your ears for full warmth on chilly days at sea or while exploring the glaciers. Gloves are a must, too — not just any gloves, but those that let you use your phone without taking them off.

These touch gloves are handy for snapping photos of wildlife without exposing fingers to the biting cold. For September trips, sturdy gloves become even more critical as temperatures drop.

Scarves add an extra layer of protection against the unpredictable Alaskan weather. They’re easy to put on or take off depending on how warm or cool you feel throughout the day. On cooler mornings and evenings, wrapping a scarf around your neck can make a significant difference in staying comfortable while sightseeing from the deck or stepping out for an excursion.

Daytime Attire Recommendations

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For daytime, layer light clothes that let skin breathe. Add waterproof pants and durable denim. Pick long-sleeve tops and simple shirts underneath warm sweaters or fleece jackets. Dive deeper for more tips on staying comfy and stylish!

Lightweight and Breathable Layers

For an Alaskan cruise, lightweight and breathable layers are key. Think chambray shirts—they’re versatile and keep you cool while still offering protection against the breeze. Combine them with a fleece vest or lightweight jacket.

These options ensure warmth without making you feel too hot when the sun pops out. T-shirts, both short and long-sleeved, work well under these layers. They fit easily under more substantial gear if it gets colder.

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Choosing clothes that adjust to both indoor and outdoor settings is smart. On deck, you might face cool air or a sudden warm spell as you move around the ship or explore ports. Inside, heating keeps things cozy but can be too much with heavy clothes on.

So, layering appropriately means you’re ready for anything—a quick change in weather won’t catch you off guard during your adventure.

Waterproof Pants and Durable Jeans

Shifting gears from layers, let’s talk waterproof pants and durable jeans. Waterproof pants are a smart pick for any Alaska cruise adventure. They keep you dry in rain or near waterfalls.

Plus, some designs zip off into shorts – perfect for changing weather. Jeans bring comfort and style to your trip. Choose durable ones that can handle walking on rugged paths or sitting by the fire.

Jeans pair well with tees for a casual look or a pullover for cooler evenings. They’re versatile enough for daytime explorations or relaxed dinners onboard. On deck, these pants protect against chilly breezes while keeping you looking sharp.

The right gear enhances your experience – from whale watching to glacier tours.

Long-Sleeve Shirts and T-Shirt Options

After choosing your pants, picking the right tops is just as crucial. Long-sleeve shirts are a must for layering. They keep you warm under a jacket and cool enough when indoors. For days filled with adventure or relaxation, mix these with quick-dry t-shirts that won’t stay damp in Alaska’s unpredictable weather.

T-shirts, both short and long-sleeved, offer versatility for indoor activities or warmer days outside.

For excursions or simply enjoying the deck views, casual tops are your go-to choices. These include various t-shirts designed to dry fast if you’re caught in a sudden rain shower during wildlife spotting or walking through towns.

Even on sunny days, it can be chilly out on the water—layering is key.

Layering long-sleeve shirts and quick-dry t-shirts ensures comfort for all Alaska cruise activities.

Sweaters and Fleece Jacket Choices

Sweaters are key for staying warm. Pick ones that fit well under a jacket but can also stand alone on milder days. Fleece jackets add another layer of warmth and are easy to move in, making them perfect for exploring on shore or staying cozy at sea.

Think about getting thin puffer jackets too; they’re light, pack small, and offer great insulation.

Warm sweaters offer versatility whether you’re inside enjoying the cruise ship’s amenities or outside admiring the scenery. They work with everything from casual jeans to smart casual dress pants for evenings out.

For those chilly nights or windy days on deck, pairing your sweater with a fleece jacket keeps the cold at bay without sacrificing style or comfort.

Evening Attire Recommendations

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For evening events, pick smart casual clothes like button-downs and slacks. On formal nights, a suit or an elegant gown fits the bill—don’t forget warm accessories to stay cozy.

Smart Casual Outfits for Evenings

Men should pick pants or jeans and pair them with a short-sleeve sport shirt for evenings on the ship. This combo is perfect for dining areas and social events where a relaxed yet polished look is needed.

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Make sure to leave flip-flops behind, opting instead for more refined footwear to complete your outfit.

Dress smartly but comfortably; elegance isn’t about discomfort.

Evening accessories can add warmth and style. Choose scarves or lightweight jackets that match your smart casual attire. These pieces keep you cozy in cooler evening air while elevating your look effortlessly, blending function with fashion seamlessly.

Chic Options for Formal Nights

For formal nights on your cruise to Alaska, dressing sharp is key. Men should opt for pants or designer jeans paired with a dress shirt or button-down. Adding a sports coat or blazer elevates the look, blending in perfectly with the elegant setting.

A black suit and dress shirt make an excellent choice too—no need for a tie here. This ensemble ensures you’re ready for any upscale dining or special event onboard.

Pack a variety of dress shirts and sweaters. These items are versatile and stylish, easy to mix and match for different looks throughout your trip. Evenings can be cool; these layers not only add sophistication but also keep you warm as you enjoy the ship’s amenities post-sunset.

With these choices, you’ll handle formal nights with confidence and style, making lasting impressions without compromising on comfort.

Warm and Stylish Evening Accessories

For Alaska cruise evenings, pack stylish yet warm accessories. Include a light crochet cardigan to stay cozy. Bring evening shoes that are both comfortable and suitable for formal dinners.

Don’t forget an evening bag to carry your essentials like chargers and room keys.

Adding jewelry and hair accessories can enhance your look instantly. These items make even simple outfits stand out during formal nights or smart casual events onboard. Next, let’s talk about specialized gear for excursions to ensure you’re prepared for adventure in the Alaskan wilderness.

Specialized Gear for Excursions

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For your Alaska cruise adventures, don’t forget specialized gear. According to Alaska cruise expert James Hills of Cruise West Coast, you need thermal wear for cold glacier tours and reliable rain gear for sudden weather shifts.

Sturdy walking shoes are a must for exploring the rugged outdoors. Plus, pack binoculars to catch sight of distant wildlife and breathtaking views. Ready to dive in? Keep reading for more smart packing tips!

Thermal Wear for Glacier Tours

Glacier tours call for special gear, especially thermal underwear. The cold there bites deep. You’ll need thicker base layers beneath your clothes. Think about it – standing on a glacier, you want all the warmth you can get.

Pack thick wool sweaters too; they’re key for extra heat.

warm hat is not just an accessory, it’s a must-have for glacier viewing. It keeps your head and ears covered from the icy chill. Trust me, having been there, feeling warm lets you enjoy the majestic ice more.

The right thermal wear turns the coldest day into an adventure.

Next up: Reliable rain gear is crucial, as weather changes fast in Alaska.

Reliable Rain Gear for Weather Changes

Alaska’s weather can change fast. You need waterproof rain jackets and ponchos to stay dry. Waterproof anoraks with hoods work great too. Don’t forget a waterproof broad-brimmed hat for extra protection.

These items make sure you enjoy your excursions, no matter the rain.

Next, think about sturdy hiking boots for all your outdoor activities. They keep your feet safe and comfortable while exploring Alaska’s rugged terrain.

Sturdy Hiking Boots for Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities on an Alaskan cruise, sturdy hiking boots are a must. Gortex Merrell hikers stand out as the top choice. These shoes offer strong support for rough terrain and keep feet dry with their waterproof feature.

From glacier tours to forest hikes, they protect against wet conditions and slippery surfaces.

Rubber boots add extra safety in very wet areas. They ensure every step is secure, whether on muddy trails or near streams. I discovered how vital good boots are during my last trip.

Without them, exploring Alaska’s diverse landscapes would have been tough. For any man planning excursions, investing in these types of footwear guarantees comfort and stability amidst adventure.

Accessories to Enhance Your Cruise Experience

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Ready for that cruise to Alaska? Don’t forget the little things, like sunglasses and bug repellent, to make your trip even better. With binoculars in hand and a waterproof bag over your shoulder, you’re all set to enjoy every moment.

Daytime Protection with Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Sunglasses and sunscreen are key for staying safe under the sun. Choosing polarized sunglasses helps cut glare, making it easier to see during bright June days. I always pack a pair for my cruises.

Sunscreen shields your skin from harmful rays. It’s crucial to apply it every few hours.

A good sun hat adds another layer of protection. Together, these items keep you comfortable and guarded against the sun’s effects while enjoying views of glaciers or lounging on deck.

Pack these essentials in your day bag so you’re always ready.

Always wear sunscreen and shades to protect yourself in the Alaskan sun.

Binoculars for Viewing Wildlife and Scenery

Bring binoculars to spot wildlife and enjoy scenery on your Alaska cruise. They make viewing animals like eagles or bears easy from a distance. Also, binoculars help you see natural wonders such as the aurora borealis clearly.

Choose travel binoculars for their convenience and quality.

Binoculars enhance your experience, letting you catch details missed by the naked eye. For glacier tours or just watching the coast slide by, they are perfect. Look at models that are water-resistant to handle changing weather.

Your Alaska trip won’t be complete without them in your gear bag.

Waterproof Bags for Essential Items

Waterproof bags keep your phone, wallet, and important papers dry during shore excursions. A cell phone dry bag is a must for protecting your device in unpredictable weather. These bags are not just useful; they’re essential for outdoor adventures on an Alaskan cruise.

You’ll find them perfect for days at sea or exploring the coast.

For every outing, choose rainproof bags to secure your essentials. They make sure nothing gets wet or damaged while you enjoy the stunning views and wildlife Alaska offers. With these bags, you’re ready for anything – from sudden rain showers to misty glacier tours.

Packing Tips for Different Cruise Months

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Packing for an Alaskan cruise changes with the seasons. What you pack in May will differ greatly from what you need in September, as weather shifts bring new adventures and require different gear.

Packing for a Cruise in May or June

For a cruise in May or June, you’ll need layers due to the 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit weather. Start with base layers for warmth. Add waterproof outerwear for those just-in-case moments.

Polarized sunglasses are a must for bright days, and don’t forget a sleep mask due to long daylight hours.

Bring breathable shirts and sweaters that fit under your rain gear. Choose comfortable pants—think durable jeans or waterproof options for wet shore excursions. Footwear should be versatile: sturdy boots for hikes and comfortable shoes for onboard relaxing.

Pack hats and gloves too; mornings can be chilly. Essential accessories include bug spray to ward off pests during outdoor adventures, binoculars for wildlife viewing, and a waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry no matter the weather.

Wardrobe Adjustments for July and August

July in Alaska brings warmer days, with temperatures from the low 50s to high 60s. You’ll need both short and long-sleeved T-shirts for this time. They allow you to layer up or down as the weather changes.

Throw in a windbreaker too; it keeps you warm without being too heavy.

Come August, expect more rain and cooler temperatures, hitting lows near 40 and highs only in the low 60s. Waterproof gear becomes essential—think rain jackets and waterproof pants.

Don’t forget sturdy hiking boots for outdoor activities; they keep your feet dry during those unexpected downpours. Next up, let’s look into what specialized gear you should pack for excursions beyond your cruise ship deck.

Preparing for Cooler Weather in September

September in Alaska means cooler days with highs only around the mid-50s and chilly nights dropping to the mid-30s. Pack thick wool sweaters for warmth. This month, chances of seeing wildlife go up, making it a great time for adventure.

Don’t forget waterproof outerwear because rain is common.

For those late-night glances at the northern lights, bring a heavy jacket or coat. You’ll need it when temperatures fall after dark. Wear sturdy boots too—they keep your feet warm and dry on deck and during excursions.

Hats, gloves, and scarves are must-haves; they protect against cold winds while you enjoy the beauty of the inside passage from the ship or ashore.

People Also Ask

What should I pack for daytime activities on an Alaskan cruise in September?

Pack layers, like sweatshirts and leggings or yoga pants. The weather can change quickly. Include sports clothing for active outings.

Is there a dress code for evenings?

Yes, cruises often have a dress code for dinner. Pack an evening dress or tuxedo for formal nights. Add some smart casual outfits for other evenings.

Can I wear beachwear on the ship?

While it’s cold outside, ships have indoor pools. Bring your bathing suit to enjoy these facilities.

What accessories are practical yet stylish for this trip?

Fanny packs or belt bags are great; they keep your hands free and secure your belongings while you explore.

Should I bring any special footwear?

Yes, sturdy walking shoes are essential for excursions on rough terrain, and warm socks will keep your feet cozy onboard and ashore.




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