What To Do When You’re Sick at Home and Bored: 20+ Engaging Activities To Banish Boredom

Hunkered down on the couch with a case of the sniffles, surrounded by a fortress of crumpled tissues? Oh boy, do I get that struggle. It feels like you’ve tried every trick in the book to shake off that pesky cold, only to realize that beating boredom is almost as tough as kicking those germs to the curb.

But fear not! I’ve rummaged through my own experiences—and scoured corners of the internet—to unearth a collection of sick-day activities so entertaining, they might just make you forget that scratchy throat and runny nose for a bit.

So buckle up and get ready; your antidote to tedium is right here waiting for you!

Key Takeaways

Dive into technology by watching favorite shows, playing online games, and listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

Keep busy with activities like reading books, starting a new hobby, doing puzzles or brain games, and working on craft projects.

Take care of yourself with essentials like using a heating pad, getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious foods.

Get creative by writing in a journal, painting or drawing, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Connect with others by calling friends or family, joining online communities, engaging in social media conversations.

Engaging with Technology

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So, you’re marooned on the couch with nothing but a stuffy nose and a case of the sniffles to keep you company—welcome to Club Infirm! Now’s the perfect time to dive headfirst into all that tech goodness you’ve been side-eyeing during healthier days.

Sure, as you sprawl out in blanket burrito-style, why not let your devices whisk you away on a digital adventure? Trust me, between binging that series everyone won’t shut up about and conquering virtual worlds, boredom will wave the white flag.

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Watch favorite shows

I’m plopped on the couch, tissues in one hand, remote in the other—sick as a dog. But hey, it’s the perfect time for that movie marathon I’ve been putting off. You know what I’m talking about—the “die-hard classics meet latest sci-fi flicks” kind of binge.

It’s not just killing time; it’s an epic journey through my all-time favorites.

With each episode and season finale, I forget about the sniffles and coughs. It’s like a mini-vacation where health tips and rest can wait until after just one more episode… or maybe two.

Dive into those shows you love or explore virtual reality worlds from your living room—it’s almost like being well again!

Play online games

Feeling rough and stuck in bed? No worries, mate – the online world’s got your back. Fire up that laptop or grab your tablet and dive into a game. Trust me, whether you’re into racing cars, building empires, or escaping zombies – there’s something out there for every guy.

Playing games is like a secret level up for your brain – it helps with stress and even eases some of those achy feelings.

Got an adventurous streak? Explore new games; they’re perfect for when you’re under the weather and craving some distraction. You might find yourself leading armies in battle at one moment, then solving mysteries in ancient ruins the next.

And hey, if you’ve ever thought about connecting with other gamers around the globe – now’s as good a time as any! Just remember to keep hydrated between quests; health firstheroics later.

And if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, don’t overlook the classic game of Solitaire. It’s a timeless single-player adventure that’s perfect for soothing your mind and passing the time with strategic ease. Online platforms have heightened the player’s experience by offering custom card decks, game modes, and backgrounds.

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

So you’re stuck at home sniffling, huh? I get it – the couch becomes your best friend and tissues are your sidekick. But let me tell you, diving into a good podcast or an audiobook can be like finding a hidden treasure! It’s not just about killing time; these gems can actually get you hooked, make you laugh, teach something new or whisk you away to another world while your body does its thing fighting off the bugs.

Ever tried listening to a thriller while wrapped up in blankets? Goosebumps on top of chills – quite the combo. Or maybe tune into some self-care tips that remind us dudes, we gotta look after ourselves too.

Point is, there’s no need for silence when you’ve got all these stories and voices ready to keep you company. Plus, who knows—you might stumble upon a hobby for younger men or older men tucked inside one of those podcasts.

So go ahead and press play; let those digital tales do their magic as you rest up.

Keeping Busy

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Alright, let’s not kid ourselves – being sick can feel like you’re serving a sentence in your own cozy prison cell. But hey, it’s the perfect excuse to dive into that pile of books whispering sweet nothing’s from the corner, or dust off that guitar and serenade your cat – because why not turn stir-crazy into productive-crazy?

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Read books

I’m stuck at home with the sniffles, and even my shadow looks bored. So I grab a book—any book—and dive right in. It’s like a one-way ticket to adventure town without leaving the couch.

You like mysteries? Cool, become a detective for the day. More into spaceships and aliens? Great, blast off to other worlds while you’re sipping on that chicken soup.

Hey, maybe you’ve got a dusty shelf with books you promised yourself you’d read ‘one day.’ Well, buddy, today’s that day. Cracking open those pages is like meeting new friends who never ask you to share your cookies or give foot massages (and remember – clutch on those cookies; they’re yours).

Forget about hobbies just for younger or older guys; reading doesn’t check your ID at the door!

Start a new hobby

So you’re sick at home and staring at the walls, huh? Well, here’s a thought: dive into something new! Ever watched some dude knitting a scarf on TV and chuckled? Guess what – it’s actually kind of fun.

Grab some yarn and needles; before you know it, you’ll be crafting like a pro. Who cares if hobbies are for younger men or older men – age is just a number!

Don’t laugh yet, but maybe those coloring books aren’t just for kids. They say “rest and relaxation” for a reason; add “coloring between the lines,” and you’ve got the perfect chill day nailed down.

And best of all, no one has to see your masterpiece—or misfires—but hey, maybe there’s an artist in you after all.

Do puzzles or brain games

I’m sick, and let’s face it, staring at the ceiling gets old fast. But hey, I’ve got a secret weapon – puzzles and brain games! They say these mind-benders are perfect for keeping your noggin busy while you’re cooped up at home.

So whether I’m piecing together a jigsaw or tackling Sudoku, I can feel my brain thanking me for not letting it turn to mush.

Now, there’s more to life than just screens and snacks—well, sometimes. Let’s grab those knitting needles or paintbrushes; working on a craft project is up next. It doesn’t matter if I end up with a lopsided scarf or a painting that looks like modern art gone wrong—it’s all about having fun and forgetting that pesky cold for a while.

Work on a craft project

So, I’m stuck at home feeling under the weather and man, boredom hits hard. But hey, crafting is a secret weapon against the common cold blues. It’s like therapy but with glitter and glue instead of doctor’s orders.

Starting a craft project isn’t just a way to pass time; it feels good to make something cool with my own two hands. Might be simple, like doodling superheroes on napkins or could dive deep into crocheting—yeah, dudes crochet too! And who knows? That scarf might turn out epic.

By working on these projects, I get this boss feeling of control when everything else seems to go haywire with sniffles and coughs. Plus, there’s that sweet victory moment when I finish making something awesome.

Self Care Essentials When Sick

What To Do When Youre Sick at Home and Bored 2

Ah, the sniffles and sneezes have got you pinned down to your fortress of solitude (that’s your couch), but hey, don’t just melt into the upholstery! While binge-watching might seem like a top-tier strategy, let’s not forget pampering numero uno – that’s you, buddy.

It’s time to whip out those sick day rituals that’ll make you feel like less of a zombie and more human again… Trust me, your body will thank you later.

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Use a heating pad

So you’re feeling under the weather and stuck at home. Grab a heating pad, would ya? It’s like a warm hug for your muscles when they’re throwing a pity party. Isn’t it brilliant how something so simple can make you feel loads better? I’m telling you, that cozy heat is no joke—it helps ease those ouchies and makes chilling on the couch doing nothing feel like less of a sick day downer.

Now, folks have been sending me tales about their own heating pad heroics. Seems these toasty little lifesavers are turning frowns upside down all over town! You just wrap yourself up in that warmth and—it’s magic—things start looking up.

Plus, if you were alone on a Friday night feeling rough around the edges before, add in this snug buddy and bam! Instant comfort without having to share your cocoa (or remote).

Get enough rest

Feeling that cozy warmth from a heating pad sure helps, but let’s not forget about catching those Zs. Your body is like a superhero fighting off the bad guys when you’re sick. Rest gives it superpowers to kick those germs to the curb.

Now, I get it – lying in bed all day can be as dull as watching paint dry. But hey, think of rest as your secret weapon for getting back to doing all the cool stuff you love faster.

Slam dunk some water, snuggle under the covers with your sleep mask on, and let your body do its thing. Trust me; healing up is worth hitting pause on everything else for a bit!

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids is key, especially when you’re home with the sniffles. You know the drill – water is your best pal! But hey, let’s not forget about those warm drinks. A cup of hot tea can work wonders for a sore throat and keep you hydrated at the same time.

Trust me; your body will thank you for it.

And if plain water sounds boring, mix it up a bit. Throw in some lemon slices or make a quick herbal brew. Hydration keeps the engine running smooth and helps kick those nasty bugs to the curb.

Keep that water bottle handy and sip throughout the day – your health depends on it!

What to Eat When You’re Sick

What To Do When Youre Sick at Home and Bored 5

Well, well, what do we have here? A growling stomach and a thermometer that’s screaming betrayal? Fear not, my fellow sniffle warrior! When you’re under the weather and hunger strikes like an unexpected plot twist in a soap opera – you turn to your kitchen as your battlefield.

March forward to find grub that’s not just nutritious, but also wields the power to soothe—comfort food with a cape, if you will. We’re about to embark on a culinary quest for sick day sustenance without diving into the fridge abyss or reliving last week’s leftovers—promise!

Nutritious foods

Feeling like a truck hit you? Ugh, I know that feeling. You’re stuck at home, sneezing your dignity away, and trust me, chowing down on the right grub can make a world of difference.

Chicken noodle soup isn’t just your grandma’s old tale—it’s the real deal for fighting off that nasty cold. Warm and soothing, it feels like a hug from the inside.

Now let’s talk about other warm foods: oatmeal doesn’t just stick to your ribs; it warms them up too! Toast won’t bore you to tears when you spread some honey or jam on top. And don’t even get me started on scrambled eggs and saltine crackers—simple yet so comforting when your taste buds have taken a vacation.

Look at you becoming a snack-time hero while giving those germs the boot! Oh, and herbal teas are not just for fancy folks—with peppermint to kick nausea in the butt and ginger to settle your tummy warzone, it’s like having an arsenal in your mug.

Cheers to getting through one more sick day with style—and nutrients!

Comfort foods

Alright, so you’ve got your nutrients covered. Now let’s talk about the good stuff—the kind of food that makes everything feel a bit better. You know, the warm oatmeal that hugs your insides or the chicken broth that feels like a cozy blanket for your soul.

These are comfort foods; they’re like edible security blankets when sickness knocks you down.

Saltine crackers aren’t just for little kids—they can be straight-up lifesavers when your stomach is doing somersaults. And if you can manage it, a plate of scrambled eggs might just give you the energy to get off the couch—no promises, though! But hey, don’t forget about dark chocolate—it’s not only delicious but throwing a piece into some herbal tea? Genius move.

It’s all about those little joys and comforts while riding out this health blip on the radar.

Creative Ideas

What To Do When Youre Sick at Home and Bored 3

Ah, the sick days—when your nose is a faucet and energy at an all-time low. But hey, there’s a silver lining because now you’ve got the perfect excuse to channel that inner Picasso or Hemingway you’ve been ignoring.

Get those creative juices flowing; who knows what masterpiece might emerge between sneezes?.

Write in a journal

So I’m stuck at home feeling under the weather—hello, box of tissues and endless cups of tea. But guess what? It’s not all bad. I’ve got this journal staring at me, practically begging to be written in.

And boy, does it help to spill my guts on paper. No need for fancy words or perfect grammar here; just raw thoughts and maybe a chuckle or two about how that one movie always makes me cry.

Now, some guys might think writing isn’t their thing—too touchy-feely, perhaps? Nah, toss that thought out with the used tissues. It’s like having a conversation with myself without the weird looks from others.

Plus, people have said (nearly 300 of them) how scribbling down thoughts made their sick days better. Some even shared success stories right there in ink! So why not give it a whirl? Might find out something new about yourself—or at least have fun making up stories where you’re the superhero defeating the common cold with nothing but a spoon (and maybe some chicken soup).

Paint or draw

I’ve got markers, crayons, and maybe some dusty old paintbrushes somewhere. Who says coloring’s just for kids? Time to channel my inner Picasso and make some art. Not only does it pass the hours, but I’ll end up with something cool to show off or laugh at later.

It could be a scribble drawing or a full-fledged canvas painting – doesn’t matter, as long as I’m having fun.

While sipping on chicken soup, why not try sketching that superhero I always wished I was? Or maybe give those adult coloring books a whirl; they say it’s like meditation, minus the silence part.

Doing this stuff reminds me of chill times and helps take my mind off being sick. After all, imagination’s one thing no bug can touch!

Try new recipes

So you’re sick, stuck at home, and your stomach is doing the rumble dance. Don’t just stick to chicken noodle soup; it’s time to flip through a cookbook or scour the internet for some new recipes.

Ever tried making sushi rolls or whipping up a spicy curry? Now’s your chance! Get creative in the kitchen with dishes from different cuisines. Sure, you might not nail it on the first try – but hey, laughter is good medicine too if it turns out funky.

Cooking can be like a mini adventure without leaving home. You get to play with flavors and maybe even surprise yourself with how good something turns out. Plus, who says hobbies for younger men can’t involve becoming a master chef? Older guys, too — no age limit in the kitchen! Strap on that apron (it’s part of dressing the part), and let’s shake up those sick day essentials with some tasty treats.

Hang on—before we get ahead of ourselves here…

Connecting with Others

What To Do When Youre Sick at Home and Bored 4

Alright, so you’re holed up at home with a case of the sniffles or something nastier—cue the boredom. But before you start chatting with your fern (no judgment, we’ve all been there), remember that your phone isn’t just for doom-scrolling through news about which celebrity got a new tattoo—it’s your ticket to human connection! Give Aunt Mabel a ring; she’s probably got stories that’ll make your head spin and take your mind off how crummy you feel.

Or dive into those online forums where folks are as passionate about underwater basket weaving as you secretly are… Trust me, engaging in some good ol’ chit-chat can be better medicine than grandma’s chicken soup (but don’t tell her I said that).

Keep on reading to find out more ways to stave off the sick-day blues!

Call friends or family

Sick at home and feeling like a bear in hibernation? It’s the perfect time to grab your phone and give someone a ring. You know, that device we often use to scroll endlessly through social media can actually make calls, too! I’m talking about an old-school chat with a buddy or catching up with your cousin who always has the most outrageous stories.

Taylor Rochestie and Zach Pontrello suggest Facetime or phone calls—they’re onto something. Hearing a familiar voice does wonders when you’re wrapped up in blankets, feeling crummy.

Lean into those talks; they don’t have to be just “Hey, how are you?” sessions. Share jokes, swap stories of hobbies for older men—or hey, even plan some indoor activities for adults for when you’re back on your feet.

Connecting this way is not just enjoyable; it reminds you there’s a world beyond your sickbed waiting for you to return with all new tales from the comfort of your couch fortress.

Join online communities

So, I’m lounging on the couch, tissues piling up, and realizing the only conversations I’ve had all day were with a TV remote. Time to shake things up! Online communities are like virtual hangouts where you can meet people who share your interests or who are also stuck at home feeling under the weather.

I hop onto my laptop and find a forum for guys into gaming. We talk strategies, favorite games, and best of all, no one can hear my sniffling through the keyboard. Or maybe there’s a subreddit filled with health tips for men; it’s comforting to exchange stories and advice without having to explain why you sound like Darth Vader.

Email groups? Sure thing—just make sure your e-mail doesn’t go out sounding too loopy from that cold medicine!

The main deal here is that being part of an online community makes me feel less isolated while I’m waiting for this bug to buzz off. And hey, nobody minds if I’m in my pajamas or forgot what combing hair feels like—it’s all about connecting from the comfort of quarantine central (aka my bed).

Engage in social media

Hopping from one online community to another, I end up on social media. Hey, it’s a fantastic way to kill time and not feel alone when you’re stuck at home feeling under the weather.

You scroll through pictures of folks traveling or eating something that looks like a chef kissed it. And sure, you can laugh at those memes your buddy keeps sharing – they almost make me forget about my runny nose.

Now let’s talk posting and chatting. I hit up friends with a quick message or share how epic my bed hair looks today. Maybe even tweet out something funny about this cold having more staying power than my last diet attempt – always gets some laughs! Interacting on social media turns the dull hours into “Hey, that was actually kind of fun” moments without having to leave your cozy sick fort.

Dress the Part for Sick Days

What To Do When Youre Sick at Home and Bored 1

Now gents, when you’re marooned on Sniffles Island, don’t just lounge around in yesterday’s boxers. Sliding into your comfiest sweatpants and that ancient tee with more holes than Swiss cheese can be a game-changer—it’s like a hug from mom or that nod of approval from your barber after he salvaged what was left of your hair post-DIY haircut adventure.

Wear comfortable clothes

Okay, guys, let’s talk about what to wear when you’re feeling under the weather at home. Pajamas or loungewear are your best buddies here—think fuzzy socks and soft sweatpants. Imagine wrapping yourself in a blanket burrito-style; that’s the level of cozy we’re aiming for.

You want to feel like you’re getting a hug from your clothes.

Being sick is no time for tight jeans or those dress shirts that make you look sharp but feel like a straightjacket. Trust me, your body will thank you for giving it some extra space to chill out and get better.

Now, after making sure you’ve got the comfort part down… how about creating a spot so snug it makes every sick day feel just a tad less miserable?

Create a cozy environment

So you’re sick, lounging around in your favorite sweatpants—yep, the ones with the mystery stains and holes that tell a thousand stories. It’s time to make your space as comfy as a bear hug from grandma.

Pile those pillows high and yank that soft blanket off the back of the couch. You know, the one that feels like a cloud made sweet love to a bunch of cotton candy.

Now let’s set the mood. Dim those lights or string up some twinkly ones because who doesn’t like feeling like they’re chilling in their own personal fairy tale? And hey, plug in that dusty lava lamp—it’s not just for college dorms anymore! The glow soothes you faster than warm soup sliding down a sore throat.

Remember when your mom used to bring out her special “sick tray” filled with crackers and ginger ale? Channel that care but give it an upgrade; maybe it’s time to finally use those fancy mugs you got three birthdays ago or pour yourself a cold one straight into an ice-packed glass—if your stomach’s playing nice today, of course.

Let me paint this picture: You’re wrapped up all snug-like-a-bug-in-a-rug while outside is doing its best impression of Noah’s ark drowning in rainstorms—but inside? Inside is blissful peace… except for maybe when you have to shuffle to grab another tissue or refill on fluids ’cause staying hydrated is key!

cozy environment turns sickness into bearable downtime—a mini-vacation from life without even leaving home (not like you had plans anyway!).

Final Reminders

What To Do When Youre Sick at Home and Bored 8

Alright, you ragged band of couch commandos, let’s not forget the mission while we’re deep in the trenches of Tissue Paper Mountain. As you navigate this sniffly saga with all the grace of a NyQuil-induced fog, remember to take it easy – your body’s duking it out with germs, and trust me, nobody wants to wrestle a bear when they’re under the weather.

Listen to your body

Okay, being sick is no picnic, but it’s the body’s way of saying “Hey buddy, slow down and take care of me!” So I listen. If I’m feeling like a truck ran over me, that’s my cue to grab some Zs.

Sleep becomes my best friend when I’m under the weather. And let’s talk about food – when my throat is all scratchy and swallowing feels like sandpaper on skin, warm water with honey and lemon doesn’t just soothe; it’s practically a hug for my sore throat.

I also keep an eye out for what my body tells me – more sleep? You got it! A day without that intense workout? No problemo! It all boils down to not acting tough and ignoring what this human machine needs.

After all, pushing too hard could land us in worse shape — who wants that? Now, then, moving from self-care must-dos onto something a bit lighter – ever thought about what comfort foods might help you on the mend? Let’s chew on that next.

Don’t push yourself too hard

After tuning into how your body feels, it’s clear that taking it slow is the way to go. No need to be a hero and try running a marathon on your living room carpet. My buddy Zach Pontrello, who knows a bunch about looking after yourself, always says start with rest and slipping into a steamy bath when you’re feeling off.

Then, as you perk up a bit, ease into doing more stuff.

So maybe today’s not the day for building that backyard rocket ship you’ve been dreaming about – no sweat! Put down the tools and pick up something lighter, like sketching out your master plans or sorting through those old baseball cards.

You’ll get back in the game soon enough, but give yourself permission now to just chill and heal.

Beating Boredom When Sick

Well, there you have it, folks! Being sick is no fun, but with these tips, at least boredom won’t add to the sniffles. Remember to chuckle a bit as you try new things and give yourself some love.

Stay in your jammies, call up a friend for laughs, or get lost in a good book. Most of all, take it easy and heal up. Just like that soup you’re sipping on – warm and soothing – I hope these ideas make your sick day just a tad better!

FAQs About What To Do When You’re Sick at Home and Bored

What can I do to not be bored when I’m sick at home?

Oh, being sick and stuck at home can really drag on, but hey, there’s a bunch of stuff you can do! How about diving into that book you’ve been meaning to read? Or maybe binge-watch your favorite TV show (no one’s judging). And puzzles? They’re like the secret weapon against boredom. Trust me, before you know it, you’ll be feeling better and wondering where all that sick time went!

Can I learn something new while I’m home with the sniffles?

Absolutely! Grab your laptop and look up some fun tutorials—maybe try drawing or even playing an instrument? The internet’s packed with cool how-to videos waiting for you – just don’t forget to keep those tissues handy in case your nose wants attention too.

Should I bother my friends with texts when I’m just lying around feeling blah?

Well… They probably don’t mind hearing from you – everyone loves getting texts! Drop them a message or two if it cheers you up. Just remember, they might need a bit of time to respond (they could be out saving the world or just napping—who knows?). In any case, reaching out makes everything a bit brighter.

Is it okay to do absolutely nothing when I’m down with a cold?

You betcha! Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what the doctor ordered (though he didn’t email this advice—I swear). If your body says “rest,” then get cozy under those covers and let yourself chill. It doesn’t have privacy settings; listen to it without guilt!

Additional Things To Do When You’re Sick at Home and Bored
  1. Make homemade soup, broth, or tea to soothe your symptoms.
  2. Catch up on reading books, magazines, or news articles that have piled up.
  3. Start a new arts & craft project like knitting, sewing, painting or scrapbooking.
  4. Rearrange or deep clean part of your living space that needs some TLC.
  5. Write letters, emails, texts or make phone calls to connect with friends and family.
  6. Start a journal or daily diary to document your time while sick.
  7. Search online for new healthy recipes to try when you recover.
  8. Learn basic words and phrases in a foreign language using language-learning apps.
  9. Watch DIY, how-to, or educational videos to pick up new skills.
  10. Make playlists of your all-time favorite feel-good songs.
  11. Organize photos and videos on your computer or cloud storage.
  12. Brainstorm goals, dreams or a personal bucket list for the future.
  13. Research destinations for your next vacation once healthy.
  14. Catch up on finances: balance checkbook, pay bills online, review investments.
  15. Make greeting cards, signs or decorations for upcoming holidays/events.
  16. Do low-impact stretching or gentle yoga to stay lightly active.
  17. Build your family tree or organize ancestral photos into albums.
  18. Plan out menus for the week ahead to grocery shop for once recovered.
  19. Catch up on unplayed video games already in your collection.
  20. Backup files on external drives and clean up old computer documents.
  21. Research charities to consider donating items/money to.
  22. Hand write letters to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude.
  23. Sign up for an online course, tutorial videos or skill-building program.
  24. Catch up on missed TV shows and classic movies in your streaming queues.
  25. Make quizzky Spotify playlists for different moods and activities.
  26. Brainstorm small home improvement or DIY projects for when you recover.
  27. Virtually tour museums, zoos, aquariums and other points of interest online.
  28. Plan dream trips on sites like Pinterest with destinations, sites, restaurants.
  29. Catch up on new music by exploring online stations, playlists and podcasts.
  30. Research health topics related to your sickness for insight on recovering.
  31. Virtually try on new hairstyles using apps to plan an updated post-sick look.
  32. Make voice memos to get thoughts, feelings and creative ideas out of your head.
  33. Watch TED Talks, lectures or educational conferences on topics you’re interested in.
  34. Have an at-home spa day: face masks, foot soaks, self-massage and pampering.
  35. Learn magic tricks online to entertain family and friends when you’re better.
  36. Plan dream dinner parties with fun themes, menus, decorations and guest lists.
  37. Brainstorm random acts of kindness to carry out when you’re healthy again.
  38. Research dream jobs or career pivots to consider when recovered.
  39. Catch up on new book releases in favorite genres to add to your reading list.
  40. Make playlists of favorite motivational and inspiring podcast episodes.
  41. Practice meditation, deep breathing, and visualization for relaxation.
  42. Research healthy, immune-boosting recipes for the road to recovery.
  43. Make vision boards with meaningful words/images using online templates or magazines.
  44. Trace ancestry and build a family tree going back generations on sites like Ancestry.com.
  45. Plan healthy weekly meal prep ideas for when your appetite returns.
  46. Explore new healthy recipes on Pinterest and food blogs to try when recovered.
  47. Brainstorm dream goals and a life vision including values, priorities and bucket list wishes.
  48. Virtually tour dream homes and apartments planning future moves or renovations.
  49. Research dream destinations and make detailed travel plans for future trips.
  50. Learn calligraphy and hand lettering through online tutorials.
  51. Explore subjects that interest you through online courses and documentaries.
  52. Try new hairstyles using online tutorials and apps.
  53. Organize digital photos and make customized prints, cards, calendars or photo books.
  54. Make uplifting vision boards digitally or via paper magazines and images.
  55. Learn basic home repair skills by watching online DIY how-to videos.
  56. Try new makeup looks and techniques inspired by online beauty influencers.
  57. Brainstorm creative writing ideas – plots, characters, settings and more.
  58. Virtually tour dream homes getting ideas for future moves, renovations or decor.
  59. Research dream jobs and create vision boards around meaningful work.
  60. Learn origami by following online diagrams and video tutorials.
  61. Catch up on new music releases by exploring playlists, stations and podcasts.
  62. Organize spices, pantry items or kitchen cabinets and drawers while sitting.
  63. Virtually tour exotic destinations saving travel articles, images and videos.
  64. Make uplifting vision boards with words and images that inspire you.
  65. Trace family ancestry through genealogy websites and build a family tree.
  66. Catch up on finances: balance accounts, pay bills online, review investments.
  67. Plan dream events – parties, weddings, reunions etc. with menus, decor and more.
  68. Explore subjects that fascinate you by taking free online courses and classes.
  69. Tour museums and zoos virtually to see exhibits around the world.
  70. Make voice memos to record song ideas, creative thoughts and inspiration.
  71. Sign up for skill-building tutorials in art, music, writing etc. that interest you.
  72. Brainstorm random acts of kindness and community service for when you’re better.
  73. Virtually try on new makeup looks and hairstyles using apps.
  74. Research causes and charities to consider supporting in the future.
  75. Catch up on classic books and new releases through online libraries.
  76. Listen to podcast episodes on topics that fascinate, inspire and motivate you.
  77. Make uplifting vision boards digitally or via paper magazines and images.
  78. Watch TED Talks and lectures on new perspectives that interest you.
  79. Trace your ancestry through family trees and genealogy records online.
  80. Explore healthy recipes on food sites and blogs to try when recovered.
  81. Make playlists of favorite feel-good songs for motivation.
  82. Learn calligraphy and hand lettering via free online video tutorials.
  83. Research future career or life pivots that align with your passions.
  84. Organize digital photos and make customized prints, cards, calendars etc.
  85. Watch DIY tutorials to learn new home improvement and craft skills.
  86. Write encouraging notes to inspire yourself and others when you recover.
  87. Virtually tour exotic travel destinations for future trip planning.
  88. Catch up on unplayed story-driven video games already in your collection.
  89. Make voice memos to record new song lyrics, poem ideas etc. as they come.
  90. Sign up for online tutorials in photography, design, writing etc. to expand skills.
  91. Explore subjects that interest you through documentary films and online lectures.
  92. Research charities and causes to consider supporting in the future.
  93. Learn basic phrases in foreign languages using fun language-learning apps.
  94. Tour zoos, museums and points of interest virtually from your couch.
  95. Make uplifting vision boards with words/images that inspire you.
  96. Try new makeup looks and hairstyles inspired by online beauty influencers.
  97. Catch up on finances: balance accounts, pay bills, review investments online.
  98. Write encouraging letters or emails to others going through tough times.
  99. Explore healthy recipes online to try when your appetite fully returns.
  100. Make playlists of favorite feel-good songs to boost your mood.




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