What is Home Staging and How Does It Work?

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, you really should look into home staging! But what exactly is home staging, and how does it work? For starters, home staging is the process of making your property look as attractive as possible. This will pique the interest of potential buyers, and even inspire them to see the space as their own. It will also help to increase the property value of your home! Yes, home staging is essential if you want to get the highest possible price when selling your house. But how exactly do you do it? Well, for our top tips on how best to stage your home, just keep reading.

Staging Your Home: How To Do It

Essentially, the process of staging your home is comprised of making it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This can be achieved in several ways. The most effective, however, is to acquire new, modern and tasteful home decor to, for want of a better phrase, ‘spruce up’ your home! Admittedly, ‘sprucing up’ the space is the essence of home staging, and its purpose is to make the house look more visually appealing to buyers. 

Home staging items can commonly include popular household objects, as well as statement furniture items, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly – home fragrances. So for our tips on how to incorporate these items into your home staging project, read on:

Common Household Objects

Scattering the home with strategically-placed household objects will make the space feel used, lived-in, and homely. This creates the desired effect of causing prospective home buyers to picture themselves living in the space and carrying out their lives there. 

Of course, if you’re staging a home, you’ll want to procure these items at the lowest possible price. You don’t want to outlay too many additional costs when home staging – instead, you need to be as frugal as possible. For example, items such as wholesale pens and stationery can be sourced online at a fraction of the usual retail price. These can be tastefully and artistically placed in the home office space or on the kitchen counter for a realistic effect. Throw pillows and cushions, as well as colorful rugs and throw blankets, can also be procured in the same manner. Incorporating these items into your living room or lounge area is a fantastic way to make the space look as homely as possible. Lastly, indoor plants can give a usually cold or austere space a warmer and more inviting look. Choose plants that infuse a bright pop of green into the space. Importantly, the color green is known to evoke a sense of calm, serenity and security. This is ideal for tempting prospective home buyers looking to create their own sanctuary!

Statement Furniture

Of course, having on-trend, statement furniture can do wonders to modernize and lift an ordinarily drab and uninspiring property. Think colorful cabinets, decorative bookcases, and items that are functional, funky, and fun! Trendy furniture stores often stock cheap, cheerful, and innovative furniture items, such as oddly shaped storage blocks or mirrors, for a playful and cheeky tweak to an otherwise boring space. Better yet, these can often be acquired at a relatively low price – the ultimate goal when home staging. You’re here to sell your home at a profit, not overspend unnecessarily on a property you won’t be living in anymore! 

Scent and Fragrances

Home fragrances can enormously impact visitors’ overall impression of a place.

Indeed, when a space smells pleasant, it feels warm, welcoming, inviting, and indeed – homely!

You can choose from a variety of home fragrance options to diffuse a scent through your space. Fragrance diffusers and soy or wax melts are popular options. However, arguably the most effective fragrance tool up any home stager’s sleeve is to have freshly baked cookies just out of the oven placed strategically on the kitchen countertop. Of course, there’s nothing like the warming scent of fresh baking to make a house feel like a home! This trend is commonly known as The Chocolate Chip Cookie Effect. It is a surprisingly effective and commonly-used technique in the property real estate world.

Home staging is an essential part of preparing your property for the market. To sell your home, it of course makes sense that it should look its best! And by making your space look as visually appealing, aesthetically attractive, warm, homely and inviting as possible, potential buyers are more likely to envisage themselves living in it. That is the key to making people want to buy your house, and as such, maximising the value that you can sell your property at. So it follows: if you want to sell your property for the highest possible price, you need to be home staging it.



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