Water Powered Alarm Clock

Clock that runs on water

Time is money or so they say. So it’s kind of important that you are never late for all those important meetings at work and such. To be on time, I have to rely on my alarm clock but what I really find annoying about my standard alarm clock is that it is not very reliable when the power goes out. Okay, the power rarely goes out around this part of the world but it has screwed over some person out there at some point in time, I’m sure of it.

The solution to the problem that I’ve never had to deal with is the Water Powered Alarm Clock. What makes it unique is that it runs on water. This gets bonus points for being environmentally friendly but then again, a lot of the electricity is made thanks to water. Hmmmm

Well, it’s still unique and you can brag about it to your buddies. The clock contains an internal electrolytic engine that is able to convert water’s electrons into an electrical current that is able to power the clock for up to 12 weeks. The clock’s reservoir is able to hold 28 oz of tap water. The clock also contains an internal memory chip that retains the clock’s time during a refill so there is no need to reset the time. The current retail price is $25 and available in blue or gray.

Clock that runs on water not electricity or batteries



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