Building Inception – The Artwork of Victor Enrich

If you’ve ever seen billy bobs incredible movie Inception, chances are you also remember the stunning and often times disorienting structures that sprang forth from the minds of the various characters in the film. Seeing this set of impossible buildings by artist and photographer Victor Enrich reminds me of Inception quite a bit. None of these structures are very practical, but they certainly look awesome.

Victor Enrich is a Barcelona born photographer with a passion for architecture, and it shows in his collection of manipulated building photos. He used 3d graphics and melded them with his photography to create fantastical buildings that are almost indistinguishable from the original buildings that he based them on. Can you imagine having to navigate buildings like this? I think the employee turnover rate would be rather high, not because people quit, but because they simply plummet to their death.

Twisted Buildings by Victor Enrich

I can’t say why exactly, but these look a lot like sea creatures to me. Even the coloration of the building and the lighting of the scene lends itself well to an undersea aesthetic. I can vividly picture these buildings twisting and writing around as people walk past and, of course, as employees attempt to work. I would most certainly be vomiting everywhere.

The name of this particular piece is “Medusa”, but given the McDonald’s logo, I can’t help but see this as a giant carton of fries. Imagine living in a building that smells like fast food. I think even the scent of chicken nuggets and delicious French fries would wear off eventually.

Of all the photos in this collection, this one reminds me the most of Inception. I don’t know how Victor did it, but he even include the exposed brick of the two buildings flanking this crazy ass structure. Now that’s attention to detail.

Supposedly these are supposed to represent tongues, but I like to think of them as extremely fun slides. Forget about this elevator bullshit, slides are much faster and at least 3 times as much fun. As a side note, have you ever noticed that dog tongues look like raw bacon? Perhaps that’s the kind of tongues these are based on.

Here’s we’ve got a building that looks like a giant pistol. Perhaps it’s like the massive revolver in Samurai Pizza Cats that fires the cats through the air and to their destination? That would be a great way to cut down on the commute home after a long work day.

Perhaps this is a modern version of Jack’s beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk. He plants a building, and it grows and grows, blocking all his neighbors’ views of the beach and making them incredibly angry.

A bifurcated building? A sad thought indeed. Even the lighting looks a bit depressing, though incredibly interesting. I imagine light rainfall as the sun begins to set on this very sad and soon to be limp building.

Victor Enrich

If you’re interested in seeing more of Victor’s work, head over to his official website and browse around. Everything that he’s posted so far is architecturally inspired, and though I’ve included quite a few of his pieces here, this is only a fraction of his entire collection. I’m genuinely surprised that no one has hired him to create concept art for games and film, as most of his work is really damn interesting.



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  1. Medusa looks awesome, and the smell of fries? A big plus. Too bad it’s McDonald’s fries and not In n’ Out.

    Worst nightmare for Medusa residents: “Elevator broken. Use stairs”. Ha ha..Nooooo!!


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