Van Life and You

Over the last few years, the popularity of vandwelling has exploded. Vanlife is nothing new (The first traveling home can be traced back to the 1850s” – Darien Co), however, van living, RV’ing, and other vehicle-based living like overlanding has seen a recent revival that can be linked to several factors.

Some just want a simpler life, some want to travel and see the country, some have a desire to be closer to nature, and others have realized new employment structures that have opened up opportunities to work remotely. The growth of freelancing and remote work has made office work optional for millions of people and for some, the opportunity is too great to pass up.

Vanlife offers many advantages – but here are six of the the best ones:

Six Advantages of Van Living

  1. Ease of Travel: one of the key advantages of vanlife is the ease of travel. Because your mode of transportation is also your home, no matter where you go your home and possessions are always with you. This makes long-distance travel easier as you can take your time traveling, pausing to rest or enjoy a location for as long as you like.
  2. A Simpler Lifestyle: many people are looking to simplify their lives. With vanlife, members are forced to do so. Will less space, you only want to keep items that are useful and that you use regularly. It can be liberating to sell or throw out items that have been collecting dust in your closes allowing you to focus in on possessions that really matter to you. With a reprioritized environment, you’ll feel lighter and more motivated.
  3. Customization: vans are highly customizable allowing you to tailor your environment to your specific wants and needs. Additionally, the reduced cost of upkeep (in comparison to a home) means you can spend less money while having more fun. You can also make use of saved funds to invest for the future.
  4. Greener Energy: powering a van-based lifestyle allows greater access to green energy and can consume less energy overall than living in a home. This means you can power a lot of your daily needs using solar power and biofuel and reduce your overall waste. Plus, you have a smaller living area and aren’t wasting energy on heating or cooling.
  5. The Ability To Quickly Change Your Daily Life: sometimes in life, you just need to make a change to improve your mood and daily life. With traditional living, relocating is a complex process. With vandwelling, you don’t need to sell your home, you simply drive it to a new location. Regardless of whether you desire is to see new places or find warmer weather, all it takes is driving there.
  6. Easier Access To Nature: having a home on wheels allows you to have access to remote areas that are unspoiled and striking. From mountains, to the desert, a van can take you to some of the most striking places in the world. When you arrive, you don’t need a cabin or tent, anywhere you park is your home for the night.

Final Thoughts

Van living may seem like a pipe dream. but the truth is, it offers countless advantages that for many, is too good to pass up. If you have a sense of adventure and are willing to deal with the downsides, a van can take you to new places and provide you a life altering change for the better.



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