Use The New Year to Learn Something New and Interesting!

It’s gone by fast, but 2017 is now only a little more than a month away. Many of you out there are probably already thinking of possible New Year’s Resolutions. Some of the common ones are to lose a little weight and save more money- both sensible goals.

Another thing people often set their minds on is learning something new. But this often falls through since people don’t specify to themselves what they want to learn. With all kinds of cool internet resources for learning, it’s easy to pick up new and exciting skills. Here are some great ideas for new things to learn in the new year.

Learn An Instrument

If you love music, it’s time to learn to play your own! Some people think they aren’t naturally gifted enough to play an instrument. In reality, it just takes some hard work and practice. You’ll be surprised at what you can pick up in a short amount of time.

Perhaps you want to try playing the keyboard or get a drum kit. There are many online tutorials and resources to help you. For instance, you could use an online metronome for timing and look up how to play different chords and beats.

Playing an instrument is something that impresses everyone. If you work hard at it, you could even join a band or post your music online!

Learn A Language

It’s always helpful to learn a new language. After all, it might help you on your next vacation! Learning a language can also expand your career opportunities, so it’s a skill that can pay off.


There are many ways you can learn a new language. You might be able to find a local course or even take night classes. If you have a friend who speaks another language, you could ask them to tutor you. There are also sites like Duolingo and Memrise which help you learn new languages for free.

The best language to learn depends on how you plan to use it. Canadians can benefit from learning French since it’s the second most spoken language in the country. Languages like German and Mandarin are particularly valuable in the job market, so you might want to go with those instead.

Learn D.I.Y. Skills

Are you sick of taking a hit to the wallet whenever you need a repair? It’s time to learn some D.I.Y. skills. Knowing how to make little fixes around the home will save you both time and money. It’s a highly practical skill anyone can benefit from, so it’s well worth getting into.


You can find all kinds of tutorials online to help. is full of D.I.Y. guides, and you can also find many on YouTube. Be careful not to make any D.I.Y. mistakes, though! These can cost you a lot. Start off with small jobs before trying to take on anything complicated.

You can learn all kinds of D.I.Y. skills, from painting to fixing electronics. They’ll come in useful for you and your family. You could even offer to do work for friends.



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