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I have not been driving for a very long time, as I find myself in another country every month with my mobile lifestyle, jet-setting lifestyle. But when I have the chance, driving is still one of my most favorite activities. I always try to take the longer, scenic route. 

I’ve driven all types of cars from small to big, and family cars to sports cars, But at the end of the day, I always come back to a trusty old car from back in high school. I love that car and have enjoyed driving it on the street. One of the things I’ve found out over the years is that no matter how powerful your car is, you’re not going to have as much fun if you don’t have the right tires.


The right tire can make an average car drive a lot better, especially if you take the car to the track. You can shave seconds off your lap time by installing better tires, which is much cheaper than spending thousands on engine modifications, which also make the car unreliable. One of the tires I’ve been most impressed is Cooper Tires, I’ve had these tires on quite a few of the cars I have driven over the years and I absolutely love the amount of grip they provide and their prices are very competitive.


The tires I am discussing today are the Cooper Discoverer SRX tires for SUV and CUVs. These tires are specifically designed for these bigger vehicles and fit most of the SUV/CUVs on the road, and come in 30 sizes.  The Cooper SRX tires come with the exclusive “Wear Square”, which is a visual thread wear indicator placed on six points on the tire, indicating tire tread wear. The “Wear Square” starts life as a full square and as the tire is used, it becomes smaller and ends up as an exclamation mark, indicating it’s time to get new tires.

The tires come with a 65,000 mile warranty, perfect for the family on the run from soccer practice to school runs to kids’ after school plays. Cooper is also offering a 45 day satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with your Discover SRX tires, simply bring them back to the original dealer where you purchased them, within 45 days, and you can replace them with another set of Cooper tires, at no cost to you (installation and balancing included, free of charge).


Since spring is here, it’s the perfect time to put away your winter tires and enjoy the summer and driving on proper summer tires. Cooper Tires is helping you with your purchase by giving you a $70 prepaid Visa gift card as part of the  Cooper Tire Spring Event when you purchase a set of four select Cooper tires. Just locate the closet location through the Dealer Locator.

It doesn’t get better than that, beautiful weather, new tires, and a bit of extra money in your pocket.


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