Being The Undisputed Man Of The House

With great man comes great power and responsibility. You’re the undisputed chief of the house and the ultimate family man. You do your own D.I.Y. and fit your own light bulbs and everything. So macho. But how do you keep up this manly image on the straight and narrow?

A tip for all those interested. Looking after your family is your main priority. Yes, you may go to the Red Lion on an occasional Friday evening with mates for a beer or two but you never stay out for too long. Always leave them wanting more. Admit it, you miss your wife whilst you’re away plus you want to get back in time to tuck your kids in and to read them a goodnight story. Dad benefits! And your holidays? Well that’s another thing. As well as being chief passport holder when you venture abroad, you take great delight in tugging the caravan along the motorway and all those tricky windy side roads when you travel nationally. As for those games of cards and monopoly when you’re all pitched up, you’re even man enough to concede defeat once in a while. Good one Dad!

The business side of things are important too. Who’s there with Mum to look at the family bills and assess how the money could be spent wiser? Yes. You. And if you’re man enough to admit when things aren’t going too well, who is the first person to pick up the phone and call coming soon for help? Yes. You. Mum couldn’t do all these things on her own. You are indeed the strong backbone of the family. Mortgage and bank payments? No sweat. Dad has it all covered with all necessary documents stored away date and priority wise in a reachable location.

Look outside at the garden. This is your work. Look how lush and green it is. All those plants blooming and blossoming in the mid morning sun. That wooden shed you brought up from rotting timber and is now a paradise for your plethora of tools and the occasional bottle of beer. Homemade fruit and vegetables appearing on the table every day. We stand up and salute you! You’ve worked so hard each day and are most definitely reaping all the rewards. All that weeding and pruning has done great things for your figure too. Mum will definitely appreciate the return of that six pack! Oh and who better to turn to for head chef of the annual BBQ than your old man? King of the bangers. Lord of the quarter pounders. Cooks steak like there’s no tomorrow. Gets your juices flowing like no other. God of the grill.

It’s not easy reaching this princely status but when you do, you don’t want to lose it. Keep your family close as well as your business details and you will generate a whole load of respect not just from those near but from those watching on. Well done Dad! Big manly pat on the back for you.



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