Top Energy Saving Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Save Energy

Energy saving is one of today’s most important topics, with the positive effect that it can have in reducing the negative effects of climate change. Energy saving directly contributes to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels to provide energy for the different needs in our modern society. One of the most important ways in which you can save energy is by changing your habits. This can have an immediate effect on your energy consumption and can also realize an immediate financial saving. As the saying goes” A nickel saved is a nickel earned.” Changing habits will include small things like not leaving lights on or electronic devices in standby mode. By switching these devices off up to 10% of potential energy can be saved. There are a number of very helpful web sites and blogs with questionnaires to evaluate your habits. This will guide you on what changes are needed to save energy.

Saving energy also contributes to a financial saving, for you as a consumer and one of the best ways to ensure that you make use of the most cost-effective energy is to make use of a specialist company to assist you, to compare the different options available to ensure that you save money on your energy usage. You can switch energy easy online to start getting the financial benefit and also contribute to saving the environment.

Check your weekly energy consumption with regular energy insights from your service provider, this will make you aware of your current usage and can lead to remedial action to reduce your energy usage.

Insulate Your House and Reduce Leaks in Ducts

Save energy by insulating your house with efficient insulation and have somebody regularly check it out to establish if the efficiency of it and to make recommendations on improving it. Insulation reduces the energy needs of a house. It is calculated that upgrading the insulation in older buildings can decrease the energy required for cooling and heating with up to 20 % annually. One of the greatest benefits from effective insulation is that it immediately makes a difference in your energy consumption which in turns lead to monetary savings.

Many homes use of central heating and cooling to control the climate inside, which entails the use of a duct system. It is calculated that ducts that leak, and are not properly sealed and insulated in attics and basements can be up to 20% less efficient.

Replace Inefficient Appliances with ENERGY STAR® Models

Many people use dependable appliances which are still functioning very well but with one drawback, their very high energy consumption in comparison to the appliances making use of the latest technology in energy efficiency. Look out for the Energy Star logo on the product that you buy to ensure that you save on energy. Visit their web site to use their interactive calculators to guide you on the various products before you buy.

Change to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Research indicates that if every American citizen replaces one incandescent light bulb with an energy efficient light bulb, the energy cost per annum would reduce with up to $600 million. The carbon emission saving will be equal to that generated by 800,000 vehicles, and the lighting of 3,000,000 homes. Switching to energy efficient light bulbs will save you money and will help to combat climate change.



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