Top 8 Las Vegas Wedding Chapels To Tie the Knot With Your Beloved

Last year, more than 70,000 people got married in Las Vegas, Nevada— one of the most exciting places in the country.

Las Vegas is a hotspot for destination weddings. Whether you only want your partner by your side or your family and friends too, plenty of venues can accommodate your needs.

You must discover your options if you want a wedding in Las Vegas. Keep reading to learn about the best Las Vegas wedding chapels to make your dreams come true!

1. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is likely the most popular option on the strip.

This is a beautiful spot to tie the knot. The Spanish tiles, bell tower, and palms will set the mood and help unite your love. If you are planning a destination wedding, this is a great spot to consider since it can seat more than 100 people.

You have multiple options for themes, such as fairy tale, gothic, and even James Bond. They can also accommodate your needs if you want a more traditional ceremony. 

2. Chapel of the Bells

One of the closest chapels near the strip is the Chapel of the Bells.

The Chapel of the Bells is known for appearing in Hollywood films like Mars Attack and Honeymoon in Vegas. The beautiful gardens will put you in the mood for love and passion from the moment you arrive. Whatever religion you practice, you can get customized services from this chapel.

You can schedule a wedding through this venue and customize your package. If you need transportation to the Marriage License Bureau, they can ensure you arrive in style.

3. Graceland Chapel

The Graceland Chapel is just 5 miles away from the main strip in Las Vegas.

The Graceland Chapel has been around for over 50 years and has a great reputation in the city. Whether you want a traditional package or Elvis-themed Las Vegas marriage ceremony, they have you covered.

The best part about booking your wedding through this chapel is getting additional services. Memory items, limo rides, and photography services are included in most packages. Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, and Salma Hayek have even tied the knot at this beautiful little spot!

4. The Little Vegas Chapel

Another good option located on the strip is the Little Vegas Chapel.

The Little Vegas Chapel has affordable prices and a complex history. What was once a mob nightclub has become a place to get married and start a new life. Some people believe that the mob still haunts the property, so it’s the perfect spot if you want a spooky theme for your wedding.

If you must deal with divorce procedures before saying, “I do,” again, there are a few solutions. You can still tie the knot with your loved one and prevent your past from haunting you.

5. Chapel of the Flowers

Having your friends and family attend a Vegas wedding can be challenging, but this chapel hopes to help happy couples.

The Chapel of the Flowers is well-known for having a beautiful lot, building, and landscaping for photos. They provide video services so that all your loved ones can be there for you on your special day, no matter how short notice the event may be.

There are 4 different themed chapels to get married in, making the experience more personal when you’re away from home. This is a picturesque spot for nighttime weddings, especially if you secure the outdoor gazebo!

6. Wynn Las Vegas

If you have a luxurious wedding in mind, Wynn Las Vegas is a great venue to consider.

This venue is part of one of the highest-rated hotels in Vegas, which is impressive with the abundance of options. Even with a smaller budget, you can afford extravagant packages and ensure you have a spectacular wedding. You don’t have to be concerned about rushing into the wedding at this venue since so many services are included.

Depending on your guest list, there are several locations you can get married at. The Lilac Salon is perfect for an intimate wedding, while the Lavender salon can fit more than 100 people.

7. Little Church of the West

You will find the Little Church of the West not far from the strip.

Trees, twinkling lights, and nature surround the Little Church of the West. This church replicates another church founded in an old mining town. The Little Church of the West holds historical significance and has even been listed on the National Historical Society site.

This church is affordable, and the staff is happy to help with planning. You can host a happy and beautiful wedding here, just like some famous icons. Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie are two of the most well-known people who married at the Little Church of the West.

8. The Venetian Wedding Chapel

Another wedding venue that won’t disappoint is the Venetian.

The Venetian Wedding Chapel is meant for couples with a larger budget and the ability to plan. This won’t be the most suitable option if you’re getting married on short notice.

This wedding chapel is perfect for couples that want to surround themselves with elegant designs and delicious food. You’ll be guaranteed a romantic wedding if you book it through this hotel.

Grow Your Love at One of the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Regardless of your budget, you can find affordable Las Vegas wedding chapels perfect for you and your significant other.

Each venue offers a diverse selection of themes that you can choose from. You and your loved one can celebrate with an Elvis impersonator or have a fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Don’t be afraid to do something unique; you’re in the best place to try.

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