Top 5 Sports Apps for Fans

For avid sports fans, there is nothing more important than being able to keep up-to-date with all the latest from their favourite teams and sports. Fans will want to know all the rumours and news before anyone else and as soon as it breaks, whilst others will want to know what is happening when there is action being played out on the field with live notifications of goals/touchdowns/home runs etc, as they would with, for example, live streaming with the bet365 app.

There are, of course, a number of apps on the marketplace that allow fans to keep abreast with everything on their mobile and tablet devices, as they push out notifications immediately. However, which are the best five apps for sports fans available at the moment and are considered must-haves?

Here are our top five (in no particular order):


The frequently updated ESPN app brings users the latest and greatest sports news and information around the world. Whether you are looking for the latest scoring information, major news of various teams and leagues, or professional analysis, the ESPN app can meet your requirements. Users can easily customize the list of favourite teams, allowing the app to provide a personalised sports news experience for all franchisees and athletes you care about. Now you can also subscribe to the ESPN+ service, allowing you to stream movies, live performances, and games directly to your device, while also enjoying insider content from ESPN writers.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a way to view real-time online sports reports anytime, anywhere. As part of Fox’s offering, highlights including Major League Baseball, college football and basketball, and Thursday Night’s NFL games are all available instantly. You will also find video highlights and replays in the app. Please note that you need to log in with your cable provider to broadcast live sports on Fox Sports Go.

The Athletic

Stubborn sports fans who want centralised, unfettered coverage without being overwhelmed by ads can visit The Athletic; a subscription-based sports news website designed to provide long-term professional sports. Lengthy, in-depth report authors focus on more and more American and Canadian markets, whilst there is a British edition that focuses on sports such as Football (Soccer) and Cricket, to name a few. Athletics writers cover everything from large national leagues such as the NFL and NBA to local and university sports.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report app eschews the generalist practices of other sports news apps in exchange for a laser-like focus on your favourite team or team. Just select your favourites, Team Stream will get relevant real-time notifications from many sources on the Web. You will get scores, stories, pictures and videos about the selected clubs or sporting events. The app also provides the latest sports news from newspapers, blogs, websites and Bleacher Report.

Forza Football

If you want a one-stop football app to get sports news, match schedules and online communities, then Forza Football is the best choice. It provides you with the latest game updates for your favourite teams in safety on your Android or iOS devices and provides a forum for fan surveys and opinions. Users can choose their favourite team and upcoming games to receive notifications about goals and cards, as well as pre-match lineup, formation and other information. In addition to real-time scores, users can also participate in online polls about the performance of teams, managers and chairmen, whilst quizzes and news were introduced in 2020 during the global pandemic to keep users entertained.




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